Guess what? I don’t have that problem…

So that you can believe in this process…

Two and a half weeks ago I met with R who predicted I would meet with someone around May 11th or 12th; a female who would have information that would be useful to me. Last night I did have a meeting with two retired law enforcement individuals, (one being a female) who was able to shed further light and raise further questions on several issues involving Charley’s death. Yesterday I spoke with R again and during the conversation, mentioned my upcoming meeting. She became quiet for a second and then we laughed about the fact that two and a half weeks ago I had been emphatic that I did not have any meetings scheduled for mid May. And of course at that time, I didn’t. It was not until Monday of this week, that I scheduled it!

So you can believe in this process, I am going to share a few of the preliminary cautions I have received from R for this upcoming trip back to V. I need for you to understand that while most of the leg work is just good old fashioned research and observation, other sources play a vital role in helping me to continue in the right direction. Fresh eyes that rekindle interest in various facets that I become too familiar with are always helpful. Skill sets in areas of forensics beyond my station are another. Such as the two folks I spent time with last night.
Getting back to R and her input throughout this process; things she shares with me that I can share with you, I will. Other things will remain sacred till either they have been proven or the threat to proving them no longer exists. So below are a few tid bits I will share as encouragement for you to follow this further. In this fashion you can come to know that all information is not always hindsight—but foresight and that whatever can be garnered information wise in this case, I will always make myself available to accept- no matter where it comes from. In disgorging this information before it happens, it may help you see the tremendous weight that is carried by all those being aligned, both cosmically and terrestrially to help me in this case.

R had made mention of the following as significant to watch for:

“…There is further information that can be retrieved from the woman with the antique typewriter. I should return there and see what follows. She asks if I know where this is… I reply, I know.

She then instructs that I will cross paths with a male energy who has some information that may be useful to me—his name will start with a ‘J’. There is a ‘Je’ at the front of his name; possibly a Jeremy or a Jeremiah, Jerome.

In a previous session she has instructed that a young female energy will have information for me that will be important. Her name begins with an S or an SA, as in possibly someone named Sarah or Sara or Sally.

She asks do I recall seeing a building with a tall flag pole and flag in the front. I tell her yes. (possibly the HS or the courthouse) She tells me to go to location #19 in this building—it may be a cabinet or a display of some sort, that there is information for me there. Do I understand #19? Yes… I repeat; a station, a cabinet or file… something marked by the #19. I promise to look and add that to my list.

This next one is a bit perplexing.

There is a female energy which is the wife of, or the sister of someone. She is in the correct age group and is failing and has very limited time left. She will be in a care situation. Either a hospital or a hospice situation—she has information for me and will talk.

Another thing she told me is that on June 14th, there will be a huge shift in my investigation of this. I have marked it on my calendar in faith that whatever it is that presents, will be of great use to me.

R also said that the tape she alluded to in one of the last sessions is a major piece to this puzzle. The tape that Charley presented as handing to Sheriff F______ has incriminating information on it. It is not what you call run of the mill or atypical pornography… but something more lurid. I will not explain how lurid; but use your imagination. There is something on that tape that would be devastating if seen by others or found out about. She says that there was another rumor that needs to be pursued. Another rumor beyond Charley being involved with G; the other woman. That flirtation is minor and appears mostly arranged so that certain individuals could keep tabs on where Charley was and what he was doing. This mystery tape, and the key to the P.O. Box that was removed from Charley and/or Charley’s home by a female energy is integral to finding out why he was murdered…”

Reading the wife’s journal and the statement given by CK also gives reason to be looking at the parole office and prison arrangements. For instance; why would you call the prison warden that night if it was raining so hard? No dog can track in that kind of weather and the area is surrounded by the river and swampy topography. If the prison guards showed after 11:30 at night, then the heaviest rains were already upon them by then. And, when I spoke to one of the boy witnesses (now 64) he stated that he does not remember the dogs.

There are other odd inconsistencies that figure into this whole thing. G worked for the parole office and she and her boss used to meet folks for coffee at odd hours. Charley was one of those folks. But here’s the kicker. If Charley was there at the café and the boss was there alone- he would go call and tell G to come over. If she was there alone- she would call her boss to come join them. Now I might be a bit old fashioned but first of all… shouldn’t they both have been working? Second of all, if you were having an affair… why would your boss want to be a party to it and/or encourage it? And even odder is that the parole office and the prison warden used to oblige Charley into hiring parolees to do construction work on his houses. I understand that Charley’s intention may have been to be a mentor and give these guys a fresh start, but it felt more forced than that. And what guy would want criminals hanging out at his personal business—especially when his wife was there alone more than he? For me it would be a safety issue and Hazel voiced her concern more than once that she felt she was beginning to run a prison farm.

Still, the fingers point in the direction of collusion involving folks who had much to lose by Charley remaining alive and everything to gain by his death. Their circle is becoming smaller and smaller. One of the folks I interviewed during my research said, “I would love to have written a book about all this too, but I can’t.” When I asked why he replied, “Because I haven’t been to enough funerals yet!”

Guess what? I don’t have that problem…

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