There’s no place like home…


I promised that I would let you in on a few of the twists and turns in this case and so I shall. First you must understand that in order for some of these things to make sense, you must have followed along from the beginning. As you have learned thus far; Charley and whomever help guide me through this all tend to speak rather cryptically. It is a series of numbers and phrases. I never get complete sentences or images given to me- save for very rare circumstance. The #’s 19, 1510,1545…1439, 14…
In my eagerness to learn the shorthand, I have obsessed about this case and little else the last few months. When my daughter had her paranormal event; the stakes went way up for me and I began to campaign for resolution. In the previous blog, I spoke much about silence and it bodes well of what I am about to release to you.
When you watch a movie or read a book… you must learn to pay close attention to those things which appear within the first two pages or the first two scenes. Why? Because the ending is always encrypted there. Everything else becomes background, filler and/or explanation for the character’s actions. The homeless man the lead character passes by in the street on his way to meet his mistress may later become the only eye witness to a crime of passion. A church bell that tolls just as the lovers kiss- marks the time the two were last seen together and may become the time line to prove someone’s guilt or innocence. Like I always say- the devil is in the details! It is much the same when speaking with the dead. Everything that is of great importance to them comes through within the first few minutes- the vomiting of information. Telling you what is most importance first. So let us return to our first reading with Charley and try to weigh the nuggets of information upon the scale of importance.

Some key points from that session are;
…two energies
…the female energy “G”
…the younger male energy- law enforcement
…at the front tire
…energy to the left side of the head
…one lures- one taunts
…kicking and screaming, but he doesn’t even know me
…red truck
…sitting up, being dropped
…younger energy relocates
…no recognition of second wound-chin
…throws things around the car
… in front of the car…G- the manipulator
… 1439 blue oak

And so on. The curious note is that when all these things are gathered; weighed and measured for their worth, 5 words become the final flag- the beacon of light that no cover-up of lies can dim. You see, the twists and the turns that wound me round and round and kept me forever moving forward eventually brought me back. It is much like wisteria vine. Tiny tendrils twist and curl and climb upon the backs of other stronger rigid vines and then suddenly- one day you have a canopy that covers you. Go back dear readers. Read the first session again in its entirety. If you have read in between the lines then you know; and if you know- then you know I now know.
And if you don’t… then you must go back. You must follow the yellow brick road again, brick by brick, clue by clue–for they will eventually lead you to the place of your heart’s desire.
Remember Dorothy.
There’s no place like home… there’s no place like home.

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