And the list of clues goes on…


We are now in the month of September and I am reminded that there are many dates of great significance in my life in this month. September 1st for example is my wedding anniversary. Various other landmarks fall within this month and then there are two dates towards the end of this month that are even more significant for the following reasons; one is Charley’s birth date and the other because, if my intuition is right… one is the date of (the female energy known as) Rox’s death.

You know how I always say the good Lord places people in our paths at the exact hour of our necessity. Well, I have had such a necessity and last week a person was placed in my path. And that person then led me to another person. Yesterday I contacted that person. That person in turn has many others they will contact and so as the train of information gets longer, I hope the necessity for it will get shorter and I will find the answer to my query. Who was Rox?

Aside from my lingering doubts about my research, I know now that going back to school was the right thing. The courses I am taking and the things I am learning will be of great benefit to my craft. Guardrails constructed that needed to be and patience learned that had to be if I am to do this right. Grateful also to my colleagues at CCIRI who continue to field educate me as I continue to file my formal reposts. September is also a month of change, though quite frankly I am up to here with change. My world of late should come equipped with revolving doors and never mind the yellow and red lights on the traffic pole- everything is a go- everything green.

This month I have already written my chapter for a potential CCIRI text and honored to have been asked. I have stayed on top of my homework and classes, met with a writers group and tried desperately to keep Charley in the mix and at the forefront of my intentions. While the rush of information has lost its bloom for the time being, I can only assume that this is the calm before another storm… or that this is Charley’s way of letting me catch my breath and making certain that my mastery catches up with my materials. This is such a fascinating experience and R was right; this book will be life-altering, it already has. I’m 52 and restricting my entire life around my writing and my education in Criminology; both formal and on the job.

With that in mind I will look again at what information I have and remain open. Something somewhere is still hidden. I will have to let it unfold as I can no longer dog every trail with the same tunnel-visioned energy as the summer.

“the man who drove the fire truck…a man with a fishing boat who may have seen things… heard things… twirling lights… a call number and surrounded by lakes…a necklace with a V… long blonde hair… two rose and a little white poodle… hands around her throat and the 4 who wear flannel…broken pieces of a chandelier and the little girl who fell down a ravine at the age of nine…”

And the list of clues goes on…

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