Talk to me Rox- talk to me…


I warned it would exceptionally difficult to maintain the kind of breakneck schedule I held over the summer as far as research achievements goes and it bothers me that I cannot continue to reproduce such efforts in this season. When I search for the face of Charley on my desk now, it seems obliterated by textbooks and conference topic notes and revisions of scripts for work. So to you dear friend, I apologize as I never meant for my life to get in the way of my living. On the other hand, it is exactly what Charley would have wanted—for me to not continue to pursue his death, at the expense of my life. So to you I say thank you, with the caveat that I would like to give you a birthday present at the end of the month. But in order for me to do this, I still need your help. I have put out feelers everywhere and now must sit and wait for the feather to drop. The message… that will tell me what I wish to know about Rox. I am single minded when it comes to this.

Either give me her name or her mother’s name or dispel her myth completely as I have no more energy to afford her this month. Just as you ventured out from the muddy bulwarks of your prison Charley, I ask that of the young female who lies entombed in the same.

Talk to me Rox- talk to me…
I promise to listen, if only you will speak.

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