What I don’t know yet, Grim…


Before the rain makes its exit and the street lamps surrender to the day I wanted to make a connection and review some of the older notes of this case. Having been tutored in the shorthand of the dead now for 10 months through this case, I am beginning to radically discover more information embedded within each message.

I still struggle with a few, but know that the deficiency is mine- not R’s. They do not give erroneous information for the sake of detour. The clues quite simply are currently beyond my scope of discovery without further segue. But I continue to try and make headway in murky waters.

“…They continue to talk about the broken chandelier- the pieces that continue to fall off it- they are somehow tied to the girl- be aware. Possibly the same woman holding onto these pieces- she too is tied to the girl…”

“… There is a female who has injured her foot… talk to the woman with the bad foot- she has much to say- feels tied to Valdosta…”

“…She feels like she is being intimidated- he is laying into her- they lived close- same block or same street- close. He is yelling at her- she is cringing- he is wearing boots- she does not want to lie- wants no part of it- he is screaming- she is Hazel’s friend- he insists- they must protect the brotherhood…the boots are muddy… muddy…”

When given the call number of a specific law enforcement agent, the response was this:

“…Lakes… several lakes surrounding this number and… disco lights… NO- not disco… Swirling lights- police lights… swirling… swirling… he is there- at the lakes. He is there.. . she is there…”

I know who you are… and I know why you were there.
What I don’t know yet, Grim… is how many girls… how many times?

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