Make peace with your maker Grim…


At exactly 1:11 P.M. today I received confirmation that my investigation is on target. Not just on target, but according to Charley-
I hit the Bull’s-eye!

Now onto plugging holes and watching Grim and his fellow cronies… let me see how to put this? Normally I try not to be vulgar or use swear words arbitrarily, but as a direct quote I guess it would be alright. Sooooo….as Hazel used to say… “Grim should be about to shit a squealing worm”!!!

Stay tuned. I am not done.
By the way Grim- don’t you just love Google Earth? It’s a wonderful thing. You just click and bingo… a satellite zooms you right in! You can see houses and roads… swamps and pools… why I bet you could Google yourself right down to the bones under that water.
I told you from the beginning. I made a promise to Charley:
No stone left unturned… no victim left without help… no criminal left to run loose.

Make peace with your maker Grim…your days are numbered! And to think I sat across a table from you… from several of you. Now who’s afraid?

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