And that’s not all Charley told me…

So who was in charge of the railway back then? Who was the one who coordinated with law enforcement to get millions of gallons of hooch to travel across the South, traveling northwest out of Valdosta?

And what of the lockbox? Lockbox #________ that holds the precious papers? I will continue to search for that, but there is so much more to search for before I get there. Like the black ace of spades and the seven of spades which still hold significance… or, the name of the hotel/motel where Jessica lived and her last name so she can be identified. Previously I had received information that brought me closer to where she is buried. At first the #7 made no sense at all, but now…I believe I have narrowed it down to a small concentrated area. Still needing confirmation however; I decided to reach out to Charley. Remember I promised that I had a very important meeting last Friday. In that meeting I received further information that confirms my suspicions about her location and also her last name. Confirmation coming from Charley who through R, directed me to seek a slip of paper still inside his wallet. Having reviewed documents, credit cards and various other wallet paraphernalia… I could not think of anything I had seen in it before that would provide such an epiphany- but Charley has never proposed without delivering. I could not locate the wallet at the time, but promised R that I would look as soon as I could reach it. An hour after our conversation, I went to my office and finding Charley’s wallet began my search. The leather was old and crusted and so with absolute attention to its fragile condition I took extra care in opening. R had told me, Charley was instructing to go to the last piece of paper in his wallet. I should disregard anything that was plastic or laminated. I educated her that Charley’s wallet had two sides and a bill area once fully extended. She told me to trust my own instincts- that Charley would guide me and that I would recognize what he wanted to show me as soon as I saw it.

It is because I trust him so implicitly that I can trust his trust in me. The leather creaked as I opened it. Once splayed, I chose to let Charley guide me. I slid the contents from the left side out onto the plastic bag I keep his wallet in. Carefully I began to deal from the bottom of the deck, so to speak. The first was a plastic card from Shell that had the calendar on it. Recalling R’s instructions that neither plastic nor laminate would contain what it is I needed… I pulled the next thing from the bottom. As crazy as it seems… I had no idea what it was that was to be answered by this action. I had given so many questions to Charley that I had no idea what clue I was even working on at that point- but it didn’t matter. R had said that I would know “it” when I saw “it”. The red cardboard had been handled so many times; it felt like flannel under touch. Faded and folded I read carefully what was printed on one side. It was a State Farm Insurance card. You know the kind you fold and keep in your wallet? I looked at the card disappointed. What was Charley trying to tell me?

He had clearly instructed it would be the last thing in his wallet- infact he had been precise, stating it would be the last paper document in his wallet. No t knowing what to do, I rolled the folded card over and over in my hand contemplating my next move. Maybe it was in the other pocket? Maybe I had chosen wrong? Maybe my connection to Charley was not as strong as what I had felt it to be… In the moment I resolved that the error must have been mine, and that I had somehow not understood…I set the red card down on top of the Shell card and contemplated  pulling out one more thing just to be sure. As I laid the card down, I realized I had flipped it wrong side up. Wanting to keep everything in its exact order, I began to turn it over. Just as I did, I saw what was printed on the tiny lines before me- my heart leapt within my chest.

There it was… black ink on red cardstock:
State Farm Insurance Agent:_____________________________.

The last name of this agent confirmed the last name of the first victim: Jessica S____________.

And that’s not all Charley told me…

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