Here’s a riddle for you!

I do apologize for the breach in continuity. I have been under deadlines of budgetary matters of late and also doing several book signings on the first novel, The Danburg Diary and happy to do so- but it has kept me from my lap top far longer than supposed.

With the holidays, there are stalls and delays that are built into schedules and so I am pacing myself. It is alright though- this slowing of some issues, while others gain momentum. It requires one to slow and for what has transpired in the month of November… the slower pace will allow me to absorb and process much information that requires greater scrutiny before I commit it to ink.

I can tell you that I am in pursuit of information that may broaden the scope of this research into areas I was not prepared to go into until the next book… but as you well know by now, I am often more vehicle than navigator in this adventure. And so… my duty is to but follow the information and not become rigid with personal agendas.

I will comment that I had an odd reply to a recent blog of mine. The address definitely makes partial reference to Valdosta, though the individual did not seem intent on identifying themselves. I take those then with baited measure and move forward. It is difficult, this type of chronology. I bear no ill will to the Valdosta of present. Nor even to the bulk of Valdosta in the past. Those who participated- even if only peripherally in Charley’s death, bear the brunt of my angst. Those still alive who were involved, will bear the brunt of something else in due course and so even in that I am more tempered now in my projections.

The rail car business has become a new focus of intrigue for me, even though Charley assures that the motive for his murder was solely due to information on Jessica and Roxanne. The MOT must then be a rekindled spotlight for my attentions. I have found the papers concerning his death. Curious note in the cause of death section. One would assume that a heart attack would be registered as a cardiac arrest. Instead in its place was substituted a phrase inclusive of the word, “Quarantinable”.

Now if I died of a heart attack and severe beating… would my death certificate read such? Hmmmmmm… Me thinks somebody did not want either family or unvested public officials to view the body before it could be doctored up a tad first! Thus then we can make plausible segue to- Coroner corruption and colusion?? How very odd and yet…how very predictable with this case.

Here’s a riddle for you!
What lives in Tifton…dies in Valdosta hotel room and gets buried in Augusta?


“The trail will lead to … MOT”

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