I have spent the day rereading Hazel’s journal…


I have spent the day rereading Hazel’s journal. There is so much information there yet for me to mine. Names and dates… people who appeared and what they said or did not say about that night and the months of events that led up to it. It is more who played the heavier roles in Hazel’s life after and what happened because, in spite or to these individuals after Charley’s murder that tells the story better than the events leading up to it.

But let’s go back for a moment to the Chief of Police of Moultrie one month before Charley was murdered. Hazel said Charley had told her about the article in the Moultrie paper- about the Police Chief laying newspaper out all over the floor, then sitting in a rocker and then supposedly shot himself in the head. Charley told Hazel if something like that ever happened to him, rest assured it was not suicide and that she should have it investigated.

Let’s look again at a conversation she had with one of Charley’s superiors who talked about the bag with things Charley had purchased from the local pawn shop- the Morris Pawn Shop. A conversation in which this supervisor stated that they had never found the bag of goods that he had purchased on the 6th of October. How do I know what Charley purchased on October 6th, 1966 just 3 days before he was murdered??? Because the receipt was still in his wallet 44 years after and it continues to be a source of concern. This supervisor told Hazel if they ever found it- something in that bag was his and he wanted it back! When she asked what item it was- he refused to tell her… but I think I know. Because this same item has been an issue of contention for 4 decades. It was a focal point in one of the trials. This item must be very important, because Charley has talked about this receipt a lot lately- given clues as to what might have been circled on it or transferred by imprint onto it that I should check for under strong light. Something in that receipt has more information than surface meaning.

Both his immediate and area supervisors were from Moultrie. Route 44 is in Moultrie… His partner had an apartment in Moultrie before he moved to Valdosta- an apartment that housed, undercover agents, wild parties and illegal gambling. There is some connection between Charley’s death, this bag from Morris Pawn Shop, the supervisor and this Route 44 that runs through there that has Charley still bothered 44 years after. My charge is to divine what that is.

As December 17th brought some recognizable and yet a multitude of not so recognizable information…I would ask that you be patient. December 21st also is supposed to be a day of significance and while I still trust Charley… my lack of marginal divinity on the 17th has left me wanting. I have never experienced lack of faith in this matter before, but I have been shaken in several core matters as of late and so question more my intuitivism- than the possible information that may have by-passed me and streamed either to others involved… or information more implied than actual, that I somehow missed.

Take Maxwell for instance. The name was right there and I missed it till I approached the information from another way.

There are many thing presented in the journal that do not add up properly. Why would a key prison official be so unsettled by this? Was the last inmate assigned to the Covington construction project Carlos? Our mystery prison worker who was incarcerated for murder who kept tabs on Charley’s whereabouts that last two weeks of his leave? And who was the other person in the courthouse, besides _______ at the time who was so fond of G, when others may have shunned her? Was he perhaps connected to this somehow? There is a receipt with his name in Charley’s wallet also. Is this important?

Then there is the itemized bill from an attorney… the names are endless, but very helpful!

There is a connection to Atlanta at the time…a political figure which flew to Valdosta from Atlanta the day after Charley was murdered? Who might that have been and why? That question… I believe I already know the answer to. Perhaps a good family friend of yours Grim? Or… maybe the go to guy for the local law? Hmmmmmm… So, who is this other attorney tied to Jessica? One whose name I already know perhaps? One who had a history of unfaithfulness to his wife? One who was close to one of the men there that night when Charley was killed? One who 44 years later said he knew the truth and warned me not to dig deeper? Saw the evidence… but who kept that secret?

It would fit, you know. That’s what happens when you lay down with dogs Jessica my dear… you get fleas! Too bad one dog got upset about it enough to want you dead. Thus… the bloody shovel and the body left decaying in the heat. But since she had told Charley and then went missing… it got a little scary for all involved. What did he know? Who had he told?

I have many questions still and as this is the season of good cheer and some feedback from others rather necessary, I am not optimistic that all will be answered before the remainder of the holiday rush has passed. And so my friends… silence for a time may be the better answer. Hindsight is 20/20 and I have read and seen much this day that tells me some of the peripheral clues I may have glossed over before, may not have been so peripheral at all.

December 21st is known as the shortest day of the year- the Winter Solstice. But for those who commit murder and then sweat each day after fearing others will find out the reality of their sins- it will also be the longest night of the year. How appropriate that the lunar eclipse will be full that day? Perhaps then real light will be able to shine on this case, unobstructed by all things that have been allowed thus far to distract from the truth.

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