Here’s another riddle:


Today is the 21st of December. Charley implied today would be significant and while there has been rain, there have been no lightening strikes. At least not literally, but then the significance may just be something more subtle. Like… maybe something I conjectured today that might turn out in the end to be more fact than fiction.

But before we leap that far ahead, my dear children… I need for Grim to riddle me this? Why would he- the Grim Reaper- hand a piece of paper with Jessica’s last name on it to another man who reads it, then folds it and tucks it inside his pocket? A man who worked in law enforcement- a man who had a history of beating women and boozing it up? A man who should not have had any reason to be with Grim… other than for nefarious reasons? A man who was there throughout the entire investigation process of Charley’s murder? A man near Route 44?

A man who would have driven a car that resembled the description of a law enforcement car that night at the gun exchange between G, the red-headed go to man and the shooter? A car who had a sticker on the back that read UST41? Hmmmmmm….

A man who has a history of beating woman gets Jessica’s last name from Grim. Shortly thereafter, Jessica is beaten to death and the matter of her pregnancy no longer an issue. Why is there an association between Jessica and the attorney???

Here’s another riddle:
What did the Governor of Georgia in 1966 and the female victim Jessica have in common?

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