Here’s another clue:

As I begin to craft my outline of this case and of this book… I am teased and tempted by various perspectives. True, this will have to be published as historical fiction- mostly to protect the guilty- because we all know the fictional part of this story is what they have chronicled as its truth. I shall become a literary genius by coining what I am about to do as a new format, calling it- REVERSE GENRE!

Catchy… eh?
Regardless, as I have stated before…. those in the know from the big V, already know who the real players, the agencies will ferret out their information and identities as well… but for the rest of you it will simply be a mind numbing novel of epic deceit and debauchery with more twists and turns than your DNA. How do I know that? Because in this case, as the classic aphorism states most apropos…

“Truth IS stranger than fiction.”

Now… my other quandary is how to couch this for indeed, I intend to continue in this line of work as I now see it as my chosen path. When I am finished writing for Charley, I will move on to other victims whose voice has been silenced by death. Just go to the web site and look at the next course of action in my next venture entitled; THE DEAD LINE by TA Powell (Copyright2010). This is a book already under outline about a series of individuals victimized by one particular agent of the Dixie Mafia; or Cornbread Mafia as it was sometimes locally referred to. These people too have a right to have their stories told and it will shock you what some of them have to say. As always, I will continue to work with R, as we seem to have a most uncanny connection and function cohesively as conduit for the victims’ voice. This should prove to be a most daunting exercise in investigative reporting. As with the Moore’s Ford Bridge case, another unsolved murder was brought to my attention by a person of considerable admiration. It is an odd sort of murder; though not necessarily the act of murder itself. It is the surrounding storyline that intrigues me greatly and has been on my docket of interest for two years. This is the murder of a man who studied a specific type of termite, indigenous to the New Orleans area: the Formosan Termite. The intrigue there? What makes such an insect of curiosity for me? These termites are drawn to eat only live wood- not dead wood, leaving the whole of New Orleans great architecture and lumbering mansions in peril as silent prey. Even more captivating…this man’s academic life’s work became a matter of awkward fame for him and a key I believe to reasons for his murder. Want to know the title for this one? It will be titled for its namesake- the Formosan Termite, who bears the moniker of: THE HOMEWRECKER by TA Powell (Copyright 2010).

So you see my dear readers, I am quite awash with projects that exceed the hours available in my day. Couple that with my budding return to academia and I shall be lacking of leisure time for decades to come… but good for you in that you will see that I am not a one work wonder. For now though, suffice it to say that Charley keeps me on a tight leash and each day I wait with baited breath for what else he has to show me.

Here’s another clue:
What political event happened in New Hampshire in 1966?

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