“Is anybody else getting hot in here?”


How did we get to be in another month and so quickly? Ah yes… time does not stand still, nor does my momentum to pursue justice for Charley- pursuant to this latest bit of information whilst I was relocating. I received an interesting message the other day about Grim. Still trying to purge oneself of past sins, eh Grim Reaper? We know what must be done and the remedy is soon upon you. I cannot tarry long as much work and ciphering is still before me before the papers must be laid out for review; but dear readers watch and listen carefully these next few months. The pendulum of justice begins to sway just slightly- telling me that the process is underway. I propose to you that by the anniversary of my dearest friend’s (Charley) death this year… you and I will be in a whole different space of understanding and Grim? Well… you might just be in a whole different space period.

There is a nervous tick about you these days, is there not dear Grim? A nagging sensation that you have forgot to take care of something in your master plan? That the lives you had snuffed have found a way to give themselves a new voice? A variable you could not have seen before? A process that you have never considered before? How could this be? How could they know??

How is it possible that small bits of information are somehow oozing from the graves of those you so carefully manipulated into death; crawling to the surface like tiny worms motivated to reach the surface by too much rain? Who is speaking out against you now and how can this be done? Did you not calculate their murders down to the minutest details and take care of all the peripherals- those little folks who whispered of the many disappearences?

Could it be the MOT? Could it be him speaking the words you silenced from him in life? Or, perhaps the battered Jessica and her unborn child, who are now ready to let her family know the truth? Or perhaps, our dear blonde headed vixen Roxanne who may want her parents to finally know where her bones can be found? Or maybe some of your accomplices? Guilt from beyond the grave, maybe? Could it be your minions have finally rolled in their graves and turned on you?

Karma is a bitch, Grim and redemption damn near impossible.

Finding it uncomfortable to sit in the church pews with the flames of Hell licking at your feet?

“Is anybody else getting hot in here?” you mutter under your breath- shifting nervously in your seat. Outside the walls of the church a low rumble begins. Can you hear the hooves of your mighty steed pounding the red clay in the distance, Grim?

This time he comes for you!

Pray… pray… pray as you might, there can be no forgiveness for what you have done. You must pay the price you prescribed for others.
Rumble… rumble… rumble… closer and closer they come. Can you not feel the earth shake beneath you?

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