Tomorrow is Tuesday. Deadlines… deadlines…

Saturday would have been my father’s Birthday and I cannot tell you how poignant the day evolved for me on the heels of the loss just days before of one of my father’s pets- Rocket J. Squirrel. Yes, I said squirrel. A tiny little fellow that had fallen from his nest, bare bottomed and blind… my father had been doing yard work and noticed the tiny hairless ball squirming in the dirt next to a fire ant hill and was moved to scoop him up and brush him off. When the hairless ball survived the first night, my father was exhilarated. When he survived the next, my father was joyous. When he survived the next, my father was panicked that he was now both mother and father to a creature he could hold within his fist.
On Thursday, March 10th I received noticed that Rocket J. had passed quietly the night before, tucked lovingly inside one of my father’s handkerchiefs. It is yet one more passing to be observed. One more loss of things attached to my father that must be weathered.
I say all this as a reminder to those of you who read this blog religiously and those who stop by occasionally hoping for trysts and intrigue.

Charley Covington was somebody’s father and somebody’s husband. While the tale he has led me on so far is one of unconscionable debauchery and waste, it is still the story of this man’s death. Not his life, mind you… but his death and the perverse reasoning behind it. I am certain you have all but figured this thing out now- minus the names of the key players. But could you have seen this coming so long ago? I know I couldn’t. I remember in the beginning how focused I was on finding the shooter. Then on the first victim, who turned out to be the second victim in the “4 in flannel” boy’s club! Then, of course the MOT. Who could forget the appearance of the MOT? While I am still reeling, waiting for the MOT to make his second appearance… the clock continues to click away till Tuesday. What’s this you say, Grim? The MOT? Coming back from the dead???? Hmmmm… isn’t that always the way it happens? Just when you think it’s safe to go out into the community again…those corpses just won’t keep their yaps shut. They chatter up a storm and then the storm hits home! And… BAM!*?*!?*O!!
That old devil moon plucks something from the grave and you are back at square one again. Only this time… how do you kill someone who is already dead?
Good question, eh Grim? Good question! Want to know the answer?
You can’t! That’s why I am here!
Tomorrow is Tuesday. Deadlines… deadlines…
Who will be talking next???

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