Higher and higher the pendulum climbs…

And so the pendulum has finally made its way across the center mark and begun its great ascent- hurling its bulky mass past the center benchmark and into the great beyond. Its mission, you ask? To divine what can be from the other side, reset the clock, and then begin its return to me- hopefully with tenable results and confirmation of clues.
I now understand the infinite significance of sacred timing… of fidelity to cause and of universal synchronicity. I am not an ignorant human; still, I find I shudder at the magnitude of such epiphanies and revel in the patina of truth and wisdom left in their wake. The premise is so deliberate- its infrastructure and consequence so brilliant, yet it is the simplicity of its equation that brings greater comfort than the academic gloss it could boast.
You have no idea what I am talking about my dear reader… do you? And yet… you will string along with me out of blind faith until I am either brave enough, or foolish enough to tell you more.

Know this then, dear Grim.

The clock continues to tick and whilst those in the cosmos maneuver scenarios, align intentions and retool my thinking, I can confess to you this much…

There is now another with gift that humbles my stature and opens my eyes. Another that tells me new things- confirms old things and waits with equally baited breath at what the future holds for those who have toyed with universal karma and the lives of those unable to protect themselves.
Two now see the water’s edge… and the ripples of justice, that tickle the grassy shoreline that surrenders to the swampy wading darkness that once swallowed the long blonde hair that floated just below its surface.
Two now who smell the smoke and confirm the entertainment of the lurid…grapple with the fascination of faded film…tremble with the threat of discovery.
Higher and higher the pendulum climbs. Louder and louder the clock ticks … ticks… ticks.

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