It could be…

Today has several of my favorite numbers involved; 5, 7 and 11… so how could it not be a good day? After a stressful, but comical beginning to my day I find I must look closely at reasons why I feel somewhat stalled. Working within the light sometimes blinds me to the future path. Odd you say? Yes… after all, one would think that working within the light would illuminate the pathway and it does. But today… today something is stopping me.
I imagine there is no real obstruction other than myself, but I have learned that when that happens- even that is a signal of something else. Some internal mechanism that puts the brakes on… there is a reason why. I am clearly just at a loss as to what and why it is there, so I wait. And that’s the kicker. I don’t even know what it is I am waiting for, but surely it is a sign that I must begin.

And so today, my dear readers I will wait for that sign. I have worked with this long enough to know that when I am stalled—it is never without great cause. Something is afoot in the cosmos and I am just not in the right perspective to see what it is.
Breathe… breathe… I tell myself. Something big is coming. Breathe… breathe.
It could be information.
It could be confirmation.
It could be…

A confession.

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