If I ask a question…

Throughout this very long process, one thing has held true…if I ask a question… I get an answer. Not always right away and not always the one I think I will get, but just the same… an answer.
It is most remarkable where this journey has morphed. Questions I never thought to ask presented answers first and had to be worked backwards. Words that were once irrelevant, now take on grander meanings and point the way to other words and numbers that held allure, without segue till now.
Words or numbers like:
17th by the lake
the fort
the trailer
long legs
sit and kiss
swimming pool
Russian roulette

This is the Thesaurus of this case; words and numbers that substitute for other words, places, people, numbers and meanings, because to tell the truth would say too much.
I have been given a new direction to ponder, but Charley tells me that pathway is inadvertent; unintentional, peripheral to the path I am on… and so I wait. It may not be the most popular path, or the most easily explained, but Charley will lead where I am meant to follow. It has been so since the start and so I imagine it will be throughout the remainder of this case. It is called faith. Faith that Charley is doing his best to give me every opportunity to discover what happened to him and why. I began this journey over 2 years ago now and though in truth I began it for Julie, I now feel it must be finished for her father. In the beginning there was no direction given, no guardrail to guide. Those once silent now begin to say, “…go this way or that”, unmindful of the roads that have already been travelled on their behalf.
To them I wish to say the following:
Whatever can be deciphered… will.
Whatever justice can be served… will.
Whatever cost must be paid…must.
I did not choose this, as much as it chose me and so while I service this mission, I try to keep true to that which brought me here in the first place.
For you, Julie…
For you, Charley… and those who suffered with you.

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