“Who became a Lt. later?”

So last night I watched the debate for the Presidential Primary in New Hampshire and it reminded me of something???
Hmmmm…. what could that be?
Oh, I remember now. Another Presidential Primary debate held back in 1966. A Presidential Primary that became more of a clandestine affair that somehow involved loose diamonds and purchased influence.
Do your homework children!
Who would have been there from here in 1966? Who would have also been part of the Coffee Pot Conspiracy to cover up the murder of Charles Gordon Covington? Want to know? Do some digging of your own!
Think my dear readers…. Think!
Why would they show me loose diamonds and one red ruby in the hands of G and tie that to the Presidential Primary? Think about the other connections to G from the very beginning. Go back to the first few blogs- reread the first session with R and then extrapolate from there.
Remember… one of the clues was the set of letters-LT. But what if LT was really more like…Lt? That would mean something completely different! Now, think back and also remember that one of the very next lines in that session asked:
“Who became a Lt. later?”
Could it be the man with the scar on his left hand? The man who was possibly involved with Jessica? The man whose name gets two thumbs up from Charley?
Don’t you just love the political process? So much information, from so little minds!

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