On the first day…

Serious research begins for the novel, The Coffee Pot Conspiracy- see http://www.brownstoneliteraryworks.com and check out teaser.
I have already spent days, weeks…months on trial outlines and first couple of chapters to get into the heads of those I need to channel. I have read copious amounts of print articles that amazingly contradict themselves at every turn. How is this possible? In 1966 Valdosta wasn’t that big and I imagine that if a cat s___ purple in the morning,it would be in print by 5 and on the nightly news by 11. So how come one tiny burg can’t get its facts straight about a major murder/suicide, huh? Yeah… that’s the kicker. They say this man had an affair; alleged or not and that in a fit of desperation he decide to kill himself. But everything he did up until that night doesn’t jive with the scenario the local law put forth. The papers give half truths and half information. One says, shot through chin upwards with bullet lodging in the nasal cavity and then an additional shot behind the right ear. Then another three says it was the chin and the left ear… but then remarkably two articles I read gave me something more to sink my teeth into. But out of all the press this guy received from local,GBI and FBI investigators…I found it odd that only two articles said anything about an unnamed Federal agent stating the fact that bruising to the back of the head was found. Naturally there were no fingerprints and the gun was found under him at the scene of the crime. The reporter stated officials suggested that the bruising may have been due to a fall after the shots were fired. What I want to now is how this guy managed to shoot through his chin, hold onto his gun and then execute another shot from behind himself! How did he fall on the back of his head, if they found him face down in the rain! Here’s another kicker- they say no blood at the scene due to rain, but blood still remains trapped betweent the pages of celophane that rpotects the photos in his wallet. That was in his hind pocket! And here’s another little tid bit of inconsistancy that keeps me up at night. This fella supposedly fired both shots in his efforts to commit suicide. But if you are a marksman, military background, ATF (although in those days they called them AT&T agents-Alcohol, Tobacco and Tax agents for the Treasury Department)… how come he can’t seem to get the shot right at a distance of 3-4 inches??? Let’s see…I’ll shoot myself through the chin because I am indecisive about really killing myself. I will fall backwards and strike my head hard enough to leave bruising, then get up and try again! There… I am such a professional at this that I can inflict massive pain to myself, then relocate my gun and fire into the backside of my right ear to make things right??? Hmmm…. I think not. But… I do not want to jump to conclusions, so I am waiting to see what my digging into the cyber space info can garner me. I have contacted the GBI to get as much info on the case from 1966 as I can. FBI is next and I have rattled chains all over the internet in Valdosta to get somebody to start chattering about the mystery surrounding this case. Got some real dirt on one of the the local sheriffs involved in the investigation. Seems this good ole boy had a thing for skimming off the top of illegal gambling operations. Let’s call it payroll for turning a blind eye. Wonder how well his eyesight improved at 3-4 inches from Charlie’s head???/

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog and see what hits I get on my queries.. work calls!

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