As the world continues to turn…

June 10, 2019


As the world continues to turn and the past gets ever behind us, some things should not be forgotten or left to the annals of simple history.

The lives of victims matters.

The families and friends they have left behind matters.

Justice matters.

Do not forget…do not let justice become just a distant intention.


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Is this spirit introducing a new case?

October 24, 2018
Once again while working towards another book, something else has been dropped in my lap and I am beginning to wonder…
Is this spirit introducing a new case?
This is what I heard and was shown in the early morning hours before I awoke. Uncertain, I recorded the following at 4:23 AM, 10/24/2018.
“Mud caked shoe laces laid across the top of the shoes like soil-laden worms, crawling from under the wet earth in the early morning mist.”
Audio and visual images repeated several times at 4:43 AM.
The words were pretty, descriptive. Almost too pretty, even for fiction. But as you know, spirit and I do not do fiction…we do true crime.
They do victims.
I do killers.
They do clues.
I do research.
They do their best to get my attention.
This morning…it worked.
Perhaps this has something to do with an email I received the other day. An email on my computer with a file full of crime scene photos I have yet to review. The connection feels deliberate somehow. One minute I’m dreaming about an argument with a crazy redhead, whose throwing things about my office and the next … they show me running down a hill after a tractor trailer tipped on its side, with a set of bunk beds laying in the middle of the road that are not mine, and yet I feel a connection to them. Next, they show me a man standing by another smaller pick-up truck at the edge of the medium, looking on—looking suspicious.
He feels guilty of something to me. Somehow tied to the redhead, tied to the bunk beds… to children… to a pair of shoes and then… nothing.
While trying to figure out if that scenario was more creation of late-night sushi than actual substance, I was interrupted with the message above.
Though the words were both flowery and few, I somehow know there will be more. More words…more images. Less flowery, less suspect, less easily dismissed as a poor midnight menu regurgitation.
And even though the message about the shoe laces feels less connected to the dream, it feels very connected to the file.
Stay tuned…


T. A. Powell



September 21, 2018




Sometimes in between the quiet, we are asked to stop, look, listen and evaluate where we are and where we think we are heading. This past summer my boat has barley left its dock, the beach only occasionally visited and yet within the timeframes allotted in between work and obligations…I have accomplished so many tasks that have haunted me for the last two years, that I can now smile and sit with drink in hand and take stock of the major movements in my life.

Yesterday in between the quiet, I heard the dogs bark and so I chanced to leave my academics for a moment and take in a  deep breath or two looking out over the deck and saw a small pod of women standing on paddleboards and others in kayaks, moving slowly across the glassy waters of the lake and somewhere inside, they struck me as matronly swans– gliding through the later years of their lives with great appreciation and with the small breeze of appreciation and lack of regret at their backs to do so…

Standing on the deck; stationary and stalled in my advance…I begged to internally join them, but the best I could do for myself, was to smile, take a photo with my phone and promise myself that on a day…soon…I too, would glide across those waters with the wind at my back without regret and smile at the glorious view ahead of me.

I need this…

I want this…

I have earned this.

This is the reason why I have moved to this place…why I have finally made my fingerprints permanent upon it. Why the doors and the walls now celebrate who I am, not who they were once owned by. This is my sanctuary; my place of refuge and contemplation.

The seasons are changing…

Life is changing…

I am changing…


The wind is picking up, the leaves freed from the rigors of service as shade and I am eager to be on my way too, to wherever the wind and the future is wanting to carry me. Join me in this new adventure…I invite you.


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Columbus Stocking Strangler continued…

August 31, 2018

The case of the Columbus Stocking Strangler, and his execution now several months spent, no longer finds itself in the headlines of the Columbus Ledger Enquirer…it no longer breaches the lips of those in the know, or those who never cared…it remains but a footnote in the annals of criminal history and social ignorance.

With many books and articles having been written either by locals or those with a superficial understanding of the totality of the case, take a moment and ask yourself what have their bombastic prognostications has brought you?

The truth?

Do you have any more clarity about the case… the evidence or the motivations by those hell bent to see Carlton dead? Not even Carlton got what he had hoped for or understood how his death was already sealed with the lips of those who knew the truth and refused to share it.

So, what do you have after all the years and all the lies about this case?

Nothing…the man is dead and yet the secrets surrounding his decades long fight to stay alive and the reasons why, still hidden from view. Was he innocent or guilty?

I propose that he was both; guilty by association and innocent of actual hands on participation. Unfortunately, guilt by association is still guilt and that’s what the officials counted on. But are they not guilty by association as well?

Let’s think…

Because that is the real question you must now ask yourself.


Because while Carlton had an association with Lee Bayard-one of the real killers of the Columbus matrons…so, did the father of the DA who had Carlton executed…and so did a local historian, several members of the high court, including other lawyers, multiple business owners, school superintendents, certain detectives and a plethora of high-dollar rollers in both Atlanta and Columbus’s social circles.

The truth is, Columbus was an incestuous hub of perverted underground depravity and but one of the hunting grounds for a series of killers who coordinated with one another and with those who needed their participation in such activities to remain free from discovery. Your DA, recently highlighted for extraordinary efforts to solve so many cases, should have read something more akin to her ability to hide and manipulate exculpatory evidence and place key players in positions where they could more easily continue the charade of justice being parsed out in search of higher ambitions and freedom from detection.

And yet the same old questions will haunt them every step of the way.

So, why didn’t they test the bite mold evidence in the Gary case? It would have been so easy. A forensics expert witness (Odontologist) in Atlanta had already committed to doing so, until he refused to lie for the Prosecution.

And why didn’t they accept and openly admit the gross difference between their crime scene shoe-mold of size 8-1/2 -9, and the actual foot of the deceased… a size 13-1/2? That’s a 4-5 shoe size of discrepancy! The proportional differences between an average man of 5′-8/9″ and a much taller man of 6′-2/3″!

And why didn’t they do a better job of dispelling the hundreds of questions surrounding the disparity of their suppositions vs the original witness statements, which clearly made no mention of Carlton Gary, but did of a local landscaper, Lee Bayard who was seen in and/or around the immediate areas of several victim crime scenes just before the crimes were committed?

So, why were these individuals allowed to enter counter-intuitive information into courts about other cases as precedent and patterned behavior, but then refuse to follow that patterned behavior to the other cases who mirrored the exact patterns and deviated patterns of the Columbus kills? And when Carlton’s involvement in those cases was successfully discredited by other courts and ensuing evidence… why did Columbus practitioners of the law disregard their conclusions and keep them secret?

Why? Because it would show that the Columbus kills were but a series of stepping stones both from other cases—to other cases by more than one killer. Cases their ‘caged killer’ in Carlton, could not have committed while incarcerated.

And what about the DNA? The magical DNA that supposedly appeared on evidence in Columbus and in Atlanta in a completely unrelated case…and then disappeared when testing was available for a potential match to the killer or his dismissal?

Now here’s the thing. You think this case stands alone? It does not. Columbus officials and some other individuals’ want you to think that because then, they can claim they have served you well and given all the information available on this case… that you, the citizens of the city, are now safe.

But are you?

Ignorance is not bliss…it’s simply ignorance.

How many other cases from that time frame in and around Columbus are all connected to one another by a mysterious thread of mutual exploitation that aligns these killers and a handful of your compromised officials to one another?

So, what do you really know about the infamous 1970’s murders of Wynnton? The facts, as presented through the limited and bias lens of your local rag? The unwitting bravado of back-hall whisperers, who have always suspected there was so much more to the web of deceit and death that bound some members of your courts and local law together and share in the innocent blood shed of those who died?

What if I told you that there are things about Carlton Gary that even I could not have explained before his death, but now understand in the wake of his demise? That there is more information — new information and evidence that explains his connections to the killers and to others, who were involved with more cases in Georgia and beyond?

Do not be lulled into a false sense of closure by those who want to close the pages of their books on this case and claim that they have gathered all the facts, that can be gathered. Myopia and chaotic dystopian mindsets serve no one well, without facts and evidentiary segues to clarify. That’s why blinders are called blinders. They keep those who wish to be blind of the truth safe and ignorant of the extended fingerlings of corruption that surround them. Those who wish you to see this as a one-hit wonder are the very people who display either their ignorance of this murderous mosaic…or they are purposely trying to close the book to further investigations.

LORDS of the HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR, is a hefty read that takes you from the cultic influences of your killers–openly displayed in your Historic District… to other cities, symbols and serial killings committed beyond your manicured lawns. It is an intellectual challenge, but when you see how the evidence discovered is cross-referenced with other corroborated anomalies, witness statements and vetted evidence…you will be glad you didn’t put it down.

This book is not a dear diary edition of a 1970’s summer’s distraction…or a bathroom novel whose superficial information flushes from your mind, as easily as your last night’s dinner. It is a serious compilation of critical physical evidence secured by the author through multiple sources and forensic methods, meant to serve both reader and law enforcement alike in understanding the complexity of this highly motivated and sophisticated cabal of killers and the cases they can be connected to.

Find out how intimate details of crime scene reports, and ME notations are corroborated by an unlikely individual found half a country away; who as part of this murderous partnership, subliminally disguised his intimate knowledge of these and other murders –including actual physical evidence of each crime scene, blatantly displayed within his art. Understand their connections and that your local law and the FBI not only know of this cabal of people but has corroborated the fraudulent declaration of death by one of the two remaining living members.

And so why do these men still walk the streets without fear of arrest and condemnation? In reading this epic dossier, you will learn just how high the allegiances go… beyond local, state and national organizations, you will see the tethers that bind them to one another and a perverted secrecy which has been defended by death.

It is said real research requires real staying power and with recent communications secured through other potential victims, we have been encouraged and professionally supported by the voracity of the evidence documented within this tome.

Review the obvious, consider your own questions first… and then reach for the book that addresses them all.

Find out what is meant by an American Poet Lauriat’s line, ” …her Kings, fools, poets and lunatics…” and how even as his intellectual lemmings surmised a more legitimate segue, he was calling out the monikers of these killers; a cabal that even he ostensibly claimed to be part of in one of his final works.


*Available now at and on Kindle

The novel that contains information that recent Netflix, History Channel and Discovery Channel documentaries unwittingly support and validates.

Netflix: Dr. Frank Olson’s, Wormwood

History Channel: Hunt for the Zodiac

Discovery Channel: American Ripper; H.H. Holmes


(*The next novel in the TRUE CRIME series, THE DEAD LINE: TRUE CONFESSIONS OF A DIXIE MAFIA ASSASSIN, is under outline and carries the story of the Columbus kills into new chapters of research, with a new perspective that has been demanded by newfound evidence recently discovered.)

Three months later…

June 12, 2018


Looking towards the 13th

Those who have read my latest book understand the draw.

With the passing of Carlton Gary, one might think that my latest book has lost one of its wheels and yet, it is because of his state sanctioned death that this book now becomes more important than ever.  Why? Because Carlton was connected to something back in the day that now has grown from its more primitive beginnings, to something so sophisticated and so expansive that it frightens folks to their very core.

Columbus was and is not the quiet little burg its tree-lined streets and boulevards wants you to believe. Of course, understanding that water seeks its own level, you will each see in this town exactly what you are meant to see. Those of you in the know see so much more and sad as it may be, you cannot un-know what you already know…nor can you un-see what have already seen.

The corruption did not die with your so called convicted killer; but ironically can now be highlighter even further, because he is no longer in danger.

For weeks I have contemplated Gary’s case and the others his case was connected too and the fact that after 30+ years, he went to the slaughter like a lamb—leaves us some tremendous clues behind to contemplate.


After so much time and so much exculpatory hidden and manipulated by the Prosecution to detour and dissuade a final appeal…the many lies they think they buried within that justice system there, now scream even louder the obvious obstruction of justice!

So with so much exculpatory evidence still contested, why did his execution still take place?

Now, most of you will volley in return, ‘Because he was guilty’!

But was he…Really?

Then why doesn’t the evidence match that conclusion? And why did the Prosecution do their best to try and bury that information? Gary delayed and/or dead was necessary to keep the lid on things. Things this book has already let out of the bag about your local landscaper and your historian. And, since his death was shoved through by the relative of a man who was in business with them while the murders where taking place… well… you figure that one out. Trouble is, they count on you being lulled into a false sense of security and Columbus… I hate to say it, but you pretty much delivered. Now, they are counting on your forgetfulness, which is another thing you do so well. But if I am wrong…and I will apologize if I am…there must be another reason.

Why did this court official ride this case like a two dollar whore all the way to the bank, if not to protect themselves and their own? How many wrongful convictions does Columbus have now? So, if that’s not the reason… the only other option is, that Carlton may have been involved just enough on the peripherals to know more than he should have. He died because he knew too much and folks were getting nervous. The book was selling and that made them jumpy.

We know he sold cocaine to major players in Columbus and to law officials’ in Atlanta like, good ole E. Bell, Tommy W. and the son of the largest Chevy dealer in the state, because that’s what he told us and the Feds…but what else were they all involved in? If you read the book, you will know. You will also know why the few that are left, are still being sheltered and why Carlton had to die to protect them all.

The thing is… the dead aren’t interested in the lies of the living…they just want the truth to come out and eventually it will, if enough of you care!


This week has been sad…with Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain leaving this earthly plane and reminding us of certain eerie connections to these cases and others in the book. Kate Spade died with a red scarf around her neck, just like Columbus victim, Coca-Cola’s family member, Kathleen Woodruff. And Anthony Bourdain? His girlfriend was rumored to have been one of Weinstein’s earlier victims…sexual abuse. So, do you see where I am going?

This underground cabal of sex trafficker’s, red scarfs used as tools of death and so-called suicides sounds so much like the Columbus murders…Superintendents that supposedly committed suicide with garden hoses…red scarfs that strangle folks…and tunnels under your city that move more than human waste and water—they move actual humans in sex trafficking rings. There’s so much that cannot be unknown or unseen in your little town and the murder of Carlton Gary will only bring them further into focus—as opposed to what those in the “know” wanted. Don’t believe me? Just ask what your counselor’s father did for a living…who he did it to and how was he connected to the landscaper, back in the day?


Starting to outline my next book a few weeks ago, I realized I’d practically worn out the older chair I’d used for over 20 years. Eager to find another chair to match the rest of the furniture in my office. I went on a search. Fortunately I found an ad online which held what I thought would be a perfect fit. This last weekend I made the drive and bought a leather chair for my office. The seller told me it had been meant for a reading nook. I told them I meant it for a writing nook and we struck up an interesting conversation about what they read and what I write. The funny thing is, the seller was not shocked by my content… in fact, they knew about everything I wrote about.

They knew about the military hierarchy’s obsession with sex rings and pedophilia…the Atlanta murders and the Californian history of the Zodiac and his intimate ties to a specific military base in sunny California…a man named Anton LaVey, the Temple of Set, Lt. Michael Aquino and the darker history of the Presidio. They even knew about the CIA’s underbelly precursor programs to the mind-numbing, MK ULTRA programs; Artichoke and Naomi…which were more about mass manipulation, sex slavery, assassination techniques and schizophrenia inducing experiments.

This chair has now become more important to me than you can know…it is a symbol of confirmation… of more to come!

By the way ‘ole boy, I hear the beach is nice these days and the eggs Benedict… really spectacular!

That’s a message for someone special.

Now we both know!



Stay tuned…

Friday the 13th… the Columbus Stocking Strangler, 29 days out.

April 13, 2018



Aphorist Henry S. Haskins wrote, “Thoughts left unsaid are never wasted.”

Henry Haskins may have been right about thoughts going unshared as not being wasted, but I can promise you that vital unshared evidence…especially exculpatory evidence in DEATH ROW and LIFE cases will not be tolerated!

LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR, tells you all about the evidence that went unshared… the secrets that went unsaid… the men suspected, their motives and methods suppressed and hidden from the public in the Columbus Stocking Strangler case. But that’s not the only Columbus case that demands a new review. Let’s take another look at the Michael Curry family massacre case, the Mary Sue Ogletree case. Then let’s see the connective tissues of evidence left behind by your local killer(s), as they metastasized throughout the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children cases, the Oakland County Child killings and both the infamous Boston Strangling’s and the Zodiac kills.

Ever heard of the 1945 Chicago Lipstick Murders…or the Hollywood hauntingly gruesome Black Dahlia slaying? They too have things left hidden…things unsaid, and evidence left undiscovered. That is, until now. There are unsolved cold cases in Denver; 4 young women who died at their hands, baring similar signatures. Two cases in the Florida Keys; victims tortured with their hearts removed and brutal rituals of Isis kept cyclically according to the stars, performed at quarries and gravel pits.

Dedications to Isis and the Zodiacal calendar…the ancient Egyptians, Book of the Dead, the godfather of evil…Aleister Crowley.

The book, LORDS OF THE HARVEST reveals it all and many other serial killings too. This book is not like any other book you have ever read. It takes you there, gives you the names and the dates…the details only the killers and the victims would know. There are 700 pages of facts, evidence and proven agendas, underpinned by actual eye witness testimony, Medical Examiner reports and court transcripts that ties the epic research accumulated, to the actual victims, with a bibliography that shows you every reference and documented piece of information and puts most other true crime follies to shame.

There is a difference between fact and fiction for a reason…no one really dies in fiction. It takes a real investigation and tangible evidence to piece these puzzles together. Don’t be fooled by the minute man main stream tabloid television that accepts half-baked solutions to these histrionic murders.  There is a reason why these murders have gone free for so long…their plan was not so much brilliant, as exploitive of the inefficiencies of law enforcement, the myopic interests of their investigators and the lack of crosspollinated information sharing between precincts.

It is rare to find that one yarn, that if tugged hard enough and long enough…will incrementally undo the tapestry of lies of the homicidal artists who constructed it. But it is possible, if you know which threads to pull.

There is one key that unlocks the secrets to them all. Discover what was found at every crime scene that ties these murders to the previously undetected signatures of the killers. This is not mere speculation for titillation’s sake… this is hard core evidence that provides actionable pathways for law enforcement agencies to follow, Prosecution and Defense teams’ reasons to salivate and victim’s families, a renewed eagerness for justice.

Stop reading the crap they want you to believe…read the facts they want you to forget.

Happy Friday the 13th to all you true crime and cabalistic cultist devotees like; Columbus’s own not-so-dead landscaper, Lee Bayard… San Francisco’s own resident poet laureate and collage artist, Duncan and Collins…and let’s not forget the fourth man, who evened out this unholy trio…the man who now knows, that I know their every move!

Say goodbye to the temple…the squares and the angel of silence…your ancestral folly.

Enjoy the day Columbus but keep a watchful eye. Your time for truth is coming soon.

One more radio show interview down, several hundred more to go…



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The Columbus Stocking Strangler…25 days out

April 8, 2018



You know, Benjamin Franklin once wrote:

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about…”

So, I did.

It has been 24 days since Carlton Gary took his last breath and left this world and all the people who wanted him gone; nay, needed him gone, so they could continue to cover up their original part in the evidence manipulation and pseudo investigations, have all sighed a collective sigh of relief. But I have news for them…enjoy the fresh air while you can, because the stench of corruption continues to rise from your pile of unadulterated bull and it has permeated the air that surrounds your halls of justice. Your execution has silenced one voice, but it wasn’t the last voice. Take heart Columbus, though he filled those final hours with hope and grace, as he a waited his fate…Carlton Gary filled the hundreds before them with information and it’s all in the book; except for a few recent tidbits, I’ve saved for trusted law enforcement, my attorney and the opening of the next book. Information that others will not be able to hide behind, using their legal cordons, as protective caveats.

In most cases, I prefer not to meet face to face with felons to remain objective and open to opposing suppositions, but something about the incredible discrepancies in this case made it almost necessary. Over several years and 4,000 hours of hardcore, extensive investigating much has been learned. From my first introduction to the case till now,  enough information has been garnered to produce a 740-page documentation full of political and private agendas, along with credible and actionable physical and circumstantial evidence, that will give you a case of Mala-toes (curled toes)… just like your DA suggested Carlton must have had, in order to stuff and curl his whopping size 13-1/2 – 14 sized feet, into those little 8-1/2 – 9 sized Puma tennis shoes, to match the shoe mold evidence they proffered secured his guilt.

Just because Carlton is no longer here to defend himself and the case has been closed…that just gives me more room to wiggle about amongst your past. You see, a great many pillars of society in your little burg of Columbus have a great deal more to hide than just state sanctioned murder now. If Bayard feels threatened, will he release suggestive photos, films…or recount anecdotal stories of white officials in his home, who had a penchant for porn, whipping little black boys, who were drugged and restrained to basement walls?


Will he finally talk about the children being held against their will and tortured or even frozen to death in your local ice houses, as those in charge of your cities made their drug deals between kingpin buyers in Columbus, Las Vegas, New York and Atlanta? Folks and officials that could not afford to have their distribution networks interrupted.

So, here’s where the rubber meets the road kiddies…

Now, I’m not saying that Carlton was a choir boy. Hell, even Carlton never told anybody he was a choir boy and openly confessed to felonious activities; drug dealing and burglary. He even told me who were some of his highest paying buyers, who shouldn’t breathe too easy yet either. But for a man who was supposed to be such a brutal killer, he never once displayed any sort of demeanor that suggested anything other than being an overconfident ladies man and a player; a purveyor of goods from those who could get it, to those who could afford to buy it.

Do you know that back in the day, it was suggested that they bring in a lie detector and a technician from outside Atlanta to use on some folks like Carlton, and Wayne Williams, just to see what the results were? And do you know that your Police Chief, in charge at the time, was all over that, until the technician said he would first have to use it on several of the Columbus cops themselves, to establish a baseline of truth?

Can you guess what happened next?

Well, you don’t have to. Why? Because the technician told me that as soon as the proposition that he use the Columbus police as a control group (truth tellers) was put forth…the Chief hung up. Guess he was smart enough to know there wasn’t enough truth to go around in his department to establish anything other than a solid line of bull, that lead from one end of City Hall to the other and from there, straight to the State Capital.

And again, did you know that although everybody keeps talking about the Puma shoe mold evidence (including me) …there were several other instances where the bare feet of the killer were captured in imprints in dirt and sand too? Did they tell you about them? Nope…why? Because they were only size 8-1/2 – 9 and it’s hard to fake a 13-14 size foot, as an 8-1/2 – 9 in the sand, flat footed with toes unfurled, huh?  And, remember those papers found from one of the original investigators; the ones left it in an attic I mentioned before? Multiple witnesses identified Lee Bayard and his car(s) more often than any other name on their “official” suspect list? So why wasn’t he added to it? Especially after they ‘confirmed’ in 2016 and 2017 they knew he was still alive? These are just some of the sampled pieces of exculpatory evidence the Prosecution didn’t want you to know about.

As stated before, the DA’s father had been in business with Bayard (Columbus Concert Series) and had a personal relationship with him. Now in real law, that would require the DA to recuse herself from any case Mr. Landscaper had been a suspect in. Gosh, that would mean that the Mary Sue Ogletree case and the Michael Curry case, along with the Strangler’ cases should have been off limits to her…even the Jim Burn’s or Braxton Nail case. But, only in Columbus where your law education is funded by another of Bayard’s buddies, can you get away with playing hide and seek with the truth. And that goes for the Public Defender in the Curry case as well, who used to party hearty at the Bayard estate, back in the day.

But take heart…

The book, LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR is just that; an investigative dossier that contains the information law enforcement and public alike need to make the judgement for themselves. Judgements about Carlton Gary’s case and those we are now able to connect to it; including all the documented connective tissues of information and evidence that your District Attorney and the Prosecution conveniently left out.

So, Columbus, if you are really interested in what the phrase: “Down in the jungle room” really meant to some of these folks who swallowed their morals, along with a lot of other unsavory things to save their own, grab your laptops and hit up and buy the book. You have no idea what else took place behind the clapboarded walls of your pretty boulevards and gingerbread trimmed houses.  It will be a real trip down memory lane. Especially since some of you own houses where other folks once resided. Some, where parts of other victims still reside!

Want to know what involved purple capes out under the power lines in Harris County and who wore them? Want to know how a local Columbus ice house, A YMCA and a Greyhound Bus station figures into the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children cases…not to mention the underground playground for your killers?

Buy the book…

There is so much you don’t know about this case…the Katharina Wright case, the Michael Curry case, the Jim Burn’s and Braxton Nail cases, along with the Mary Sue Ogletree case. And that doesn’t even include the other cases in Richland and Atlanta, Georgia and other murders now connected to them in states beyond.

If no justice in this case can be found before death…then let it be found after.

The real merit in the U. S. court system is, even after a person has been executed, we have the right to make sure it wasn’t a wrongful conviction. Murder…even sanctioned by the state, has no statute of expiration. You have the right to ask questions of the people who made these decisions for you—the people who withheld information from you! The victims were murdered and to satisfy your sense of justice, another man was murdered.

The real killer is still roaming free.

I know it… they know it…he knows it and now, so do you.

The families of the victims deserved more than just another murder…they deserved the truth.

Find it inside the pages of this book…



(Jacket teaser)



Dear Reader,

While it is not my intention to begin this book with a riddle for levity’s sake, it is my intention to ask you to use your intellect from page one. You see, some murders are prompted by basic emotions that render a killer’s motivation most obvious. Other murders are committed out of a need to serve a higher purpose, such as personal or ideological loyalty, and/or religious martyrdom. But the Columbus Stocking Strangler murders will never rise to the elegance of such, no matter how much the perpetrators of these atrocities might insist. These graphic slayings of seven elderly white women were executed for a series of reasons that for over almost four decades have gone undecipherable and, in the end, were simply part of a much larger puzzle that until now has remained hidden.

So, let us continue with the riddle…

What is another word for Thesaurus?

Thought provoking, isn’t it?

For how do you describe something that in essence exists only to describe everything else, but not itself? I think you would agree with me then, that sometimes there simply isn’t a better word or group of words to describe a thing other than the words that originally describes it the best. Thus, you have the reason why the title for this book could be nothing other than: LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR.

This investigative memoir begins with my introduction to the murders in Columbus, Georgia in 1977, where the word harvest took on another meaning and the tools that were used to harvest these ‘matured’ victims will not only shock you—but lead you to other horrors, once shrouded in mystery and considered as stand-alone or disconnected serial murders… until my discovery of the key that unlocks them all.

The Chicago Lipstick Murders

The Black Dahlia

The Boston Stranglings

The Zodiac Murders

The Sonoma Stranglings

Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered Children

The Orange County Michigan Murders

The abduction of Johnny Gosch and many more…


T.A. Powell is a spiritually motivated investigative forensics author who works with both active and retired law enforcement, along with another psychic medium detective to help those who have crossed over to solve their own murders. Next novel, THE DEAD LINE: TRUE CONFESSIONS OF A DIXIE MAFIA ASSASSIN by T.A. Powell in the works. All novels available through in paperback and Kindle format too.





Carlton Gary was executed…

March 16, 2018


Carlton Gary was executed last night, by those who wanted the truth buried with him.

Let’s revisit the definition of murder, shall we?


Because even the state  can be accused of such.





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The deadline for the DEFENSE…

March 15, 2018


Today is a sad day for justice in the state of Georgia…or should I say, lack of justice.

The execution of Carlton Gary is scheduled for today, later this evening, and though many have fought to get the nation and the state and local courts to listen to the truth about this case…exculpatory evidence has been withheld and many have turned their backs on Lady Liberty.

Your officials in Columbus after 7:00 PM tonight should be required to the answer the question: WHY?

Today we see, that unless a last hour miracle occurs and Carlton is granted  a stay of execution…Lady Liberty and the blind justice she stands for , is nothing more than an old statue watching the waves of time roll over what used to be a nation of laws and equal justice under that law.

If Carlton Gary is executed on this day…Lady Liberty has not only been blindfolded by the corruption of small town ego’s and good ole boy, Southern justice– but gagged as well, by those who did their best to bury the truth of their connections to the real killers.  God help those who misguided the public about the inconsistencies in this case.

The evidence does not match the convicted:





This case has no positive evidence match to critical exculpatory physical evidence… so, how do you execute a man?

If it were you in charge, would you be so bold and quick to demand his execution without another through look at ALL the evidence? Could you confidently sign off on such a travesty?

If I were the Woodruff family… I would be asking some questions about who really killed Coca-Cola family member, Kathleen Woodruff.

You convict a man of murdering 3 women; but the one you claim you have a DNA match for is never re-tested for confirmation of results…you later claim your DNA sample is tainted when it shows up in another case in Atlanta…and you still use such inconsistencies as the lunch pin on your conviction? Then, you have physical evidence; shoe and bite-mold evidence taken directly from the victims’ remains and the actual crime scenes that doesn’t match and you ignore that too?

A man who on the original suspect list, who they claimed died in 2010 in another state is positively identified by 2 separate people as alive anywhere between 1 month, to a few years after his supped death… the Atlanta FBI knows about this through 2 formal reports… the local law openly admits this and yet, this suspect has never been brought in to be questioned or tested as a DNA match to these killings?

Columbus; there are too many questions and inconsistencies in this case to close it out with an execution.

Why not allow these discrepancies in the exculpatory evidence to be reviewed, outside of Muscogee County? The original suspect and the DA’s father were in business together; shouldn’t they have disclosed as much to the courts and recused themselves for conflict of interest?

You should be asking yourself these questions, too. The Columbus Ledger finally did and I thank you.



They asked the same questions…

The answers to those questions and more can be found here:



For Carlton…




Invitation to the FBI…

March 5, 2018


Yesterday I quietly celebrated the birthday of my middle child.

In less than 14 days, Columbus will celebrate the death of a man they believe to be the Columbus Strangler, Carlton Gary, and the state will have committed murder on behalf of a crooked DA…a homicidal landscaper whom she protected, a geriatric benefactor, a deranged poet and his artistic sidekick and chronicler.

What shocks me the most, is the local paper that reprints the brutal slaying of these glorious 7—no wait, 8 women, if you include Mary Sue Ogletree; whom we believe the landscaper also murdered. These glorious victims, whom time has forgotten, whose lives are not served by the death of an innocent man were women who deserve the FBI to do their job right. It is as if the cheesy author of this constant bile in your local rag and his incessant regurgitation of the Wynnton murders actually believes he is doing you a service, by recounting the victims and their brutal deaths.  What he is doing in fact, is blinding you with the horrors of these crimes, while those in the know, shuffle the cards and laugh at you, the reader… so compassionate and concerned that your city be protected from men like Carlton Gary, when it is those in the back rooms and the black and purple robes, whom you must worry about.

You see…your DA’s father, God rest his soul, was both friends and in business with the real killer … the landscaper. Her geriatric benefactor, part of his posse. One would have thought that with the landscaper’s name popping up all over the recently found pages and pages of original witness statements in this case and the like, the DA would have returned this man’s name to the SUSPECT LIST from whence it was surreptitiously once removed and recused herself. But seriously…if you knew what we knew, that was never gonna happen anyway. Too many secrets to keep covered up. This way she can erase her father’s connections to these folks, one case at a time… and that is why when they execute Carlton Gary on March 15th, 2018…she will be celebrating. Oh, not because she has done the noble thing of ridding the community of a vicious killer.


Rather, she has erased one more link between her family and his murderous trail.

Columbus…such a pretty little town of fountains and lies.

You bow your heads in church in Sundays, hug your children and grannies at night and wish them all well, while one of the four still walks among you—laughing. His counterpart, the Butcher of Broadway? Well, he’s laughing too, from a shitty-assed recliner in San Diego where he now lives very comfortably under another name, watching his two little dogs play in the sand of a local beach…watching the waning sunlight over the California hills.

Oh, do you know where he lives, you ask?

Everybody knows where he lives…your DA, the law in your town…even the FBI, who has been given every opportunity and invitation to pick him up. But its better this way, you see. Now, they can begin to let you forget the others they have has wrongfully convicted. You see…this murder of black crow likes to play the long game. With Carlton Gary murdered by the state, their hands are clean…but are they? Not really and the book will tell you why.

Michael Curry sits rotting in a prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and Michael Finn sits miles from him in another prison, doing much the same…pawns, waiting and rotting away in their game of justice… Southern style!

Kareem Lane finally got free for the murder of Jim Burns. Too bad you all forgot about Braxton Nail, in the chaos that caused. That wasn’t suicide, dear friends…he was just another victim your little black crow conveniently forgot to count.

Follow the evidence Columbus…not the bouncing ball of bull______ your local paper feeds you. Watch the shiny bauble of horror over here, while we tinker with the facts and let the real killers go. That’s the way to play the game.


DNA evidence….NO MATCH




Why has the truth about this exculpatory evidence been withheld from the public? Why doesn’t your paper tell you the truth?

Forget that Carlton Gary was a two-bit thief and drug dealer- he’s in prison serving time for that too. But DEATH… that’s different. That’s forever and that’s exactly what the Muscogee County machine is county on.

The next time you drive down Broadway and you look at the lacey gingerbread trim on a certain mammoth Victorian, that boasts “Jack the Ripper” gas lanterns, a green house in the back yard and a cottage to boost…just know that no amount of new paint and pretty wallpaper can hide the bloody truth of the man who once lived there and the pieces of his victims that lie buried beneath its landscaping. Be certain you look long and hard into the gazing balls of his garden and maybe, just maybe that is where you’ll find the faces of his real victims looking back at you—asking why you didn’t bother to ask the hard questions?

And each time you drive down those pretty boulevards…know that he once waltzed down them too, all decked out in a fur coat of his dead mother, while he swayed to and fro…singing his favorite tunes by Marianne Faithful…brandishing a butcher knife.

Want to know why Coca Cola’s Kathleen Woodruff was selected? What certain piece of physical evidence at her crime scene ties her to all the others and tells the real tale of these four mercenaries of death?

Why Fern Jackson was murdered, when she was murdered and why that date was so special?

Want to know why all these women were targets and how they all fit together?

Why they were all hit on the left side of the head, what items staged at their crime scenes told you all you needed to know?

Or how about, why the little octagon house had to be sold and its hidden temple lost to history?

Why a certain someone continues to fly to California in a frantic flurry?

Why all of you need to see your town for what it really is and what its history is begging to tell you? You won’t get this from your newspaper and when you read the book, you’ll understand why.

Columbus…the book, “LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR” will explain why all these victims were chosen…how the landscaper plotted his kills, how the poet contributed, and the how the artist chronicled their deaths in charcoal and ink and the geriatric thespian watched and worried he might one day be connected.

Want to know where you can find the catgut marking evidence from their tennis rackets on the left side of the face of your eldest victim? The physical evidence of those markings, your police department didn’t want you to know about…the markings on her face and her back?

Go ahead…ask your police and paper about that evidence! Did they tell you how she was waiting for the killer to show that day, because she had an appointment with him for landscaping and a little interior decorating on the side?  How she was annoyed because he was late, and he was never late, but that day he had a game of tennis with his poet friend visiting from California and so was running late?

You want to know why the police didn’t want you to know about the tennis racket markings to her body? Because 2 white men playing tennis in the afternoon, just down the street would not attract attention in the neighborhood where she lived and died… but a black man over 6’ tall, walking through the park, swinging a tennis racket in broad daylight, in Wyntonn in the 1970’s? Why, that would have sent women and babies screaming–closing shutters and locking doors. The sensible would have scrambled to get to their liquor cabinets and would have had everyone drinking cocktails an hour early that day!

So, you want to know how all these men are connected and how they shared their crimes with one another and then cryptically with the world?

Read a little poetry from the poet…R. E. D. …Robert E. Duncan! Or go tot his life partner and artist lover…Jess Collins.

Go to page 27 of “Jess O! Tricky Cad & Other Jessoterica”. Checkout this man’s comic strip frame at the bottom right, called …  “A Little Business”. Or, how about the old woman on page 26 with the bad eye looks a lot like our Columbus victim?  That’s right below the cartoon with the man with the letter ‘K’ for a face, taking photos of his compound from the window of a plane? Anybody we know who felt compelled to film his home and call it a “Kompound”?

Or, how about page 28, where the artist and life partner of the poet, depicts the killer placing pillows over his elderly female victims’ faces to muffle their screams? Sound familiar to your papers reverie about some of your victims? How about Boston’s too?

And what about the roses? Ahhhhh… the lovely pink roses!

Your landscaper preferred the “Sunset Rose” variety… want to know why? It a cultist secret—one only their cabal would understand!

Want to know what page you’ll find a body part of one of his victims buried under one of those rosy pink beauties in Columbus? Let’s turn the pages to page number 19 of our comic book. That’s where we see a woman whose forearm has been sawed off…the same way a photo in a Facebook posting shows the same red-headed woman missing her right forearm…let’s look again at a rose in a photo, the killer himself identified as being from his former home… the home on Broadway Street; “Part of Carly is here… under a Sunset Rose”!

And who is Carly Green? Read the book! She’s just one of maybe over 93 victims, forever memorialized in the poet’s lyrics, the artists comics strips and the landscaper’s nursery gardens at 13th Street and 13th Avenue…according to your killer, who can’t quite keep from posting his nonsense all over Facebook, under another name. You see… he needs an alias, because they all told you he died in 2010, but that’s just a rouse. Even your local law and the FBI know he’s alive. Insurance fraud alone should be enough to bring him in for questioning…don’t you think?

There is so much you don’t know about your town and the man who raked your leaves and or the men who raised your theatre…and these are just a few of the clues your cops conveniently missed to keep it all under wraps…and with the death of Carlton Gary, they are that much closer to the promise land!

So, this is an invitation to you my dear readers, the FBI, the GBI and all those who live or know someone in Columbus. Read the book… get the facts and clean out the filth in your justice system. You think Washington has problems? You need to look closer to home…Columbus, Atlanta…so much is being kept from your eyes!

You have 14 days to get it right… before another dot, among the hundreds of dots that connect these killers to this case and more, get erased.

If the FBI and your local law won’t do their jobs…maybe you the public can do it for them!

It’s not rocket science… its evidence!

Follow it and the truth shall set men free.

Invitation to the FBI…follow the evidence!

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