Carlton Gary was executed…

March 16, 2018


Carlton Gary was executed last night, by those who wanted the truth buried with him.

Let’s revisit the definition of murder, shall we?


Because even the state  can be accused of such.





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The deadline for the DEFENSE…

March 15, 2018


Today is a sad day for justice in the state of Georgia…or should I say, lack of justice.

The execution of Carlton Gary is scheduled for today, later this evening, and though many have fought to get the nation and the state and local courts to listen to the truth about this case…exculpatory evidence has been withheld and many have turned their backs on Lady Liberty.

Your officials in Columbus after 7:00 PM tonight should be required to the answer the question: WHY?

Today we see, that unless a last hour miracle occurs and Carlton is granted  a stay of execution…Lady Liberty and the blind justice she stands for , is nothing more than an old statue watching the waves of time roll over what used to be a nation of laws and equal justice under that law.

If Carlton Gary is executed on this day…Lady Liberty has not only been blindfolded by the corruption of small town ego’s and good ole boy, Southern justice– but gagged as well, by those who did their best to bury the truth of their connections to the real killers.  God help those who misguided the public about the inconsistencies in this case.

The evidence does not match the convicted:





This case has no positive evidence match to critical exculpatory physical evidence… so, how do you execute a man?

If it were you in charge, would you be so bold and quick to demand his execution without another through look at ALL the evidence? Could you confidently sign off on such a travesty?

If I were the Woodruff family… I would be asking some questions about who really killed Coca-Cola family member, Kathleen Woodruff.

You convict a man of murdering 3 women; but the one you claim you have a DNA match for is never re-tested for confirmation of results…you later claim your DNA sample is tainted when it shows up in another case in Atlanta…and you still use such inconsistencies as the lunch pin on your conviction? Then, you have physical evidence; shoe and bite-mold evidence taken directly from the victims’ remains and the actual crime scenes that doesn’t match and you ignore that too?

A man who on the original suspect list, who they claimed died in 2010 in another state is positively identified by 2 separate people as alive anywhere between 1 month, to a few years after his supped death… the Atlanta FBI knows about this through 2 formal reports… the local law openly admits this and yet, this suspect has never been brought in to be questioned or tested as a DNA match to these killings?

Columbus; there are too many questions and inconsistencies in this case to close it out with an execution.

Why not allow these discrepancies in the exculpatory evidence to be reviewed, outside of Muscogee County? The original suspect and the DA’s father were in business together; shouldn’t they have disclosed as much to the courts and recused themselves for conflict of interest?

You should be asking yourself these questions, too. The Columbus Ledger finally did and I thank you.



They asked the same questions…

The answers to those questions and more can be found here:



For Carlton…




Invitation to the FBI…

March 5, 2018


Yesterday I quietly celebrated the birthday of my middle child.

In less than 14 days, Columbus will celebrate the death of a man they believe to be the Columbus Strangler, Carlton Gary, and the state will have committed murder on behalf of a crooked DA…a homicidal landscaper whom she protected, a geriatric benefactor, a deranged poet and his artistic sidekick and chronicler.

What shocks me the most, is the local paper that reprints the brutal slaying of these glorious 7—no wait, 8 women, if you include Mary Sue Ogletree; whom we believe the landscaper also murdered. These glorious victims, whom time has forgotten, whose lives are not served by the death of an innocent man were women who deserve the FBI to do their job right. It is as if the cheesy author of this constant bile in your local rag and his incessant regurgitation of the Wynnton murders actually believes he is doing you a service, by recounting the victims and their brutal deaths.  What he is doing in fact, is blinding you with the horrors of these crimes, while those in the know, shuffle the cards and laugh at you, the reader… so compassionate and concerned that your city be protected from men like Carlton Gary, when it is those in the back rooms and the black and purple robes, whom you must worry about.

You see…your DA’s father, God rest his soul, was both friends and in business with the real killer … the landscaper. Her geriatric benefactor, part of his posse. One would have thought that with the landscaper’s name popping up all over the recently found pages and pages of original witness statements in this case and the like, the DA would have returned this man’s name to the SUSPECT LIST from whence it was surreptitiously once removed and recused herself. But seriously…if you knew what we knew, that was never gonna happen anyway. Too many secrets to keep covered up. This way she can erase her father’s connections to these folks, one case at a time… and that is why when they execute Carlton Gary on March 15th, 2018…she will be celebrating. Oh, not because she has done the noble thing of ridding the community of a vicious killer.


Rather, she has erased one more link between her family and his murderous trail.

Columbus…such a pretty little town of fountains and lies.

You bow your heads in church in Sundays, hug your children and grannies at night and wish them all well, while one of the four still walks among you—laughing. His counterpart, the Butcher of Broadway? Well, he’s laughing too, from a shitty-assed recliner in San Diego where he now lives very comfortably under another name, watching his two little dogs play in the sand of a local beach…watching the waning sunlight over the California hills.

Oh, do you know where he lives, you ask?

Everybody knows where he lives…your DA, the law in your town…even the FBI, who has been given every opportunity and invitation to pick him up. But its better this way, you see. Now, they can begin to let you forget the others they have has wrongfully convicted. You see…this murder of black crow likes to play the long game. With Carlton Gary murdered by the state, their hands are clean…but are they? Not really and the book will tell you why.

Michael Curry sits rotting in a prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and Michael Finn sits miles from him in another prison, doing much the same…pawns, waiting and rotting away in their game of justice… Southern style!

Kareem Lane finally got free for the murder of Jim Burns. Too bad you all forgot about Braxton Nail, in the chaos that caused. That wasn’t suicide, dear friends…he was just another victim your little black crow conveniently forgot to count.

Follow the evidence Columbus…not the bouncing ball of bull______ your local paper feeds you. Watch the shiny bauble of horror over here, while we tinker with the facts and let the real killers go. That’s the way to play the game.


DNA evidence….NO MATCH




Why has the truth about this exculpatory evidence been withheld from the public? Why doesn’t your paper tell you the truth?

Forget that Carlton Gary was a two-bit thief and drug dealer- he’s in prison serving time for that too. But DEATH… that’s different. That’s forever and that’s exactly what the Muscogee County machine is county on.

The next time you drive down Broadway and you look at the lacey gingerbread trim on a certain mammoth Victorian, that boasts “Jack the Ripper” gas lanterns, a green house in the back yard and a cottage to boost…just know that no amount of new paint and pretty wallpaper can hide the bloody truth of the man who once lived there and the pieces of his victims that lie buried beneath its landscaping. Be certain you look long and hard into the gazing balls of his garden and maybe, just maybe that is where you’ll find the faces of his real victims looking back at you—asking why you didn’t bother to ask the hard questions?

And each time you drive down those pretty boulevards…know that he once waltzed down them too, all decked out in a fur coat of his dead mother, while he swayed to and fro…singing his favorite tunes by Marianne Faithful…brandishing a butcher knife.

Want to know why Coca Cola’s Kathleen Woodruff was selected? What certain piece of physical evidence at her crime scene ties her to all the others and tells the real tale of these four mercenaries of death?

Why Fern Jackson was murdered, when she was murdered and why that date was so special?

Want to know why all these women were targets and how they all fit together?

Why they were all hit on the left side of the head, what items staged at their crime scenes told you all you needed to know?

Or how about, why the little octagon house had to be sold and its hidden temple lost to history?

Why a certain someone continues to fly to California in a frantic flurry?

Why all of you need to see your town for what it really is and what its history is begging to tell you? You won’t get this from your newspaper and when you read the book, you’ll understand why.

Columbus…the book, “LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR” will explain why all these victims were chosen…how the landscaper plotted his kills, how the poet contributed, and the how the artist chronicled their deaths in charcoal and ink and the geriatric thespian watched and worried he might one day be connected.

Want to know where you can find the catgut marking evidence from their tennis rackets on the left side of the face of your eldest victim? The physical evidence of those markings, your police department didn’t want you to know about…the markings on her face and her back?

Go ahead…ask your police and paper about that evidence! Did they tell you how she was waiting for the killer to show that day, because she had an appointment with him for landscaping and a little interior decorating on the side?  How she was annoyed because he was late, and he was never late, but that day he had a game of tennis with his poet friend visiting from California and so was running late?

You want to know why the police didn’t want you to know about the tennis racket markings to her body? Because 2 white men playing tennis in the afternoon, just down the street would not attract attention in the neighborhood where she lived and died… but a black man over 6’ tall, walking through the park, swinging a tennis racket in broad daylight, in Wyntonn in the 1970’s? Why, that would have sent women and babies screaming–closing shutters and locking doors. The sensible would have scrambled to get to their liquor cabinets and would have had everyone drinking cocktails an hour early that day!

So, you want to know how all these men are connected and how they shared their crimes with one another and then cryptically with the world?

Read a little poetry from the poet…R. E. D. …Robert E. Duncan! Or go tot his life partner and artist lover…Jess Collins.

Go to page 27 of “Jess O! Tricky Cad & Other Jessoterica”. Checkout this man’s comic strip frame at the bottom right, called …  “A Little Business”. Or, how about the old woman on page 26 with the bad eye looks a lot like our Columbus victim?  That’s right below the cartoon with the man with the letter ‘K’ for a face, taking photos of his compound from the window of a plane? Anybody we know who felt compelled to film his home and call it a “Kompound”?

Or, how about page 28, where the artist and life partner of the poet, depicts the killer placing pillows over his elderly female victims’ faces to muffle their screams? Sound familiar to your papers reverie about some of your victims? How about Boston’s too?

And what about the roses? Ahhhhh… the lovely pink roses!

Your landscaper preferred the “Sunset Rose” variety… want to know why? It a cultist secret—one only their cabal would understand!

Want to know what page you’ll find a body part of one of his victims buried under one of those rosy pink beauties in Columbus? Let’s turn the pages to page number 19 of our comic book. That’s where we see a woman whose forearm has been sawed off…the same way a photo in a Facebook posting shows the same red-headed woman missing her right forearm…let’s look again at a rose in a photo, the killer himself identified as being from his former home… the home on Broadway Street; “Part of Carly is here… under a Sunset Rose”!

And who is Carly Green? Read the book! She’s just one of maybe over 93 victims, forever memorialized in the poet’s lyrics, the artists comics strips and the landscaper’s nursery gardens at 13th Street and 13th Avenue…according to your killer, who can’t quite keep from posting his nonsense all over Facebook, under another name. You see… he needs an alias, because they all told you he died in 2010, but that’s just a rouse. Even your local law and the FBI know he’s alive. Insurance fraud alone should be enough to bring him in for questioning…don’t you think?

There is so much you don’t know about your town and the man who raked your leaves and or the men who raised your theatre…and these are just a few of the clues your cops conveniently missed to keep it all under wraps…and with the death of Carlton Gary, they are that much closer to the promise land!

So, this is an invitation to you my dear readers, the FBI, the GBI and all those who live or know someone in Columbus. Read the book… get the facts and clean out the filth in your justice system. You think Washington has problems? You need to look closer to home…Columbus, Atlanta…so much is being kept from your eyes!

You have 14 days to get it right… before another dot, among the hundreds of dots that connect these killers to this case and more, get erased.

If the FBI and your local law won’t do their jobs…maybe you the public can do it for them!

It’s not rocket science… its evidence!

Follow it and the truth shall set men free.

Invitation to the FBI…follow the evidence!

What if I were to tell you…

February 13, 2018



The 13th…how fitting!

What if I were to tell you that a team of women have finally solved the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children, the Boston Strangling’s, the Zodiac Kills, the Oakland County Child Killings and that they are all connected to the 1970’s Columbus, Georgia Stocking Strangling’s… but that the man sitting on DEATH ROW, who is about to be executed, is not the man who did these killings?

What if I told you the DNA, bite-mold and shoe-mold evidence from the actual crime scenes, don’t even match the man sitting on Death Row?


Columbus, Georgia will have much to answer for, if this execution goes through untested. Like, how do you convict a man on evidence that has no proper Chain of Custody attached to it? Evidence that doesn’t exist and then does; just like in the Johnny Gates case? Evidence hidden in basement floors, DA case files and cabinets–hoping enough people will forget it ever existed! Like pieces of cloth with DNA…bite- molds that prove the killer is not the man on Death Row… knives that do not match the wounds in other cases and shoes that can’t possibly fit?

How many wrongful convictions do we have to suffer through before the public sees the agenda?? Let’s think…

Question #1: How do you not call a man a suspect, when his name and the description of his personal being and vehicle is all over original witness statements kept from, but finally revealed by accidental discovery to the DEFENSE team over 2 years ago, now?

Question #2: And how do you collect miracle fingerprints that appear and disappear at will, 8 years apart from the actual from the crime?

Question #3: But even more curious…how do you not recuse yourself as a Prosecutor or DA, when the man in all these witness statements accidentally discovered/found 2 years ago, was legally and publicly registered as having been in business with your father and the Columbus Concert Series?

Try to find that link now, Columbus! That sucker has been buried as deep as the truth!!

Curious….no? So, how do you have evidence that doesn’t match the crime scenes, but fits the once alleged POI and the FBI’s original profile, but apparently doesn’t fit into someone’s personal agenda? That should be a huge problem…shouldn’t it? And how is it that this same man, who should have been a prime suspect, matches all the physical descriptions of a man seen in the immediate area of several other murder cases in Columbus and even in the Atlanta files… and yet, gets completely ignored??

How is that Columbus?

This man also fits the physical descriptions of several other serial killings in other states and time frames, too. A man whose travel agendas, military associations, relationships to a local octagon house and an eternal obsession with sycophantic historical figures, such as Herman Mudgett (AKA–H. H. Holmes, Jack the Ripper), Aleister Crowley and his OTO and Thelemite discipleship, still follows celestially inspired timelines and locations, has powerful friends and huge secrets to hide. He’s a man who died, but didn’t! A man who fits witness statements, MO’s, and practices the rituals and rites (RED) of a collective cultist theosophy among his small, but deadly foursome.

Two of the original foursome have actually died…two are still alive. But right now I am only concerned with 1 of the 2 left… the one who they claimed died in 2010 in Florida-but didn’t! This is a man who now sits in another state, driving a different car, and living in a different space…secure that their collective secrets will soon die with the state sanctioned murder of this last African American scapegoat…Carlton Gary. (The others are serving life; Michael Finn and Michael Curry and yes… even Wayne Williams.)

Oh, I know they all say Carlton did it. They’ve all been saying that for over 30+ years. But just saying a thing and having it be true… are 2 different things and those different things…the things that make the chasm between truth and fiction so, very impossible to cross are called… EVIDENCE!

In Columbus Stocking Strangler case we have this:

DNA evidence…NO MATCH




So, if you are going to claim this man guilty and your truth is based on real evidence…then you have to prove it! Thus far, they have not. What they have presented is hearsay and innuendo and short-term memory loss for those originally involved in the investigation. But, wobbling your head and mumbling as you wring your hands, “I don’t recall” is not a defense Mr. Smith… it’s an excuse!

Show us how the BOTTOM teeth of Carlton Gary are a perfect match to the wounds on two breasts of the Columbus victims!  Show us how his size 14 feet can be stuffed into size 8-1/2- size 9 shoes! Prove that Carlton is or is not a secretor to fit the profile of the killer and most of all… lets’ test some DNA, kids! You can use mitochondrial from the landscaper’s cousin in Florida, if you’re too lazy to travel out to the sunny state of California to pick him up. But remember, he’s so close to Mexico… he might just become the slippery “lovable old coot” he professes to be!

So, let’s recap…

A man who was or should have been a serious POI in the following cases: the Mary Sue Ogletree case, the Curry Family massacre, the Katharina Wright or Johnny Gate’s case… Suddenly dies in 2010 and hmmm…Columbus officials casually forget everything they should remember! And yet, on March 15th, 2018–unless you, the public, can stand up and ask some serious questions of your local law and its court, or call your state representatives to ask that the Prosecution PROVE their untested suppositions… a man named Carlton Gary will surely die. And years from now when your collective conscious catches up with the hard born facts and follows real evidence and not half-truths and misguided rumors; it will be too late. But hey, that was the end game all along, right? Run out the clock!

Let those on DEATH ROW die… let those serving LIFE be forgotten.

Remember, it’s about getting to the truth, so if they have the positive matches to the DNA, bite-mold, shoe-mold and secretor evidence… let them prove it to the SUPREME COURT! Thus far, a lot of hand waving and hand holding for “witnesses” like Mr. Smith, has been unimpressive. I sat in that Columbus hearing over 2 years ago and found it a joke! My miniature Dachshund makes more sense when barking his objections, then the Prosecution did that day barking theirs! Malatoes…really???

Thus far we know this:

NO matching DNA to the 3 women Carlton is convicted of killing.

A man who wears size 14 shoes, is NOT capable of folding half his feet and toes in half, to fit into a size 8-1/2- 9, Puma Tennis shoe and bounce from house to house, or air conditioner to ladder like a butterfly. And if this man was so pretty, that he was a model for a men’s clothing line, he probably had a pretty smile too…so, if you are so convinced he is the same man who left multiple and torturous bite marks on the geriatric breasts of the victims you claim he strangled to death… then why are you not willing to test his teeth against the bite-mold from those breasts to prove your point? (And don’t use the tired objection; ‘He had dental work done in prison’ routine. Because he didn’t have it done on the bottom of his mouth and that’s what the bite-mold should match or not match!) Ask a forensics expert! Oh wait… you had one and then cancelled him at the last minute, because he wouldn’t potentially comply with your request to alter an outcome to match your prosecutorial needs.

Hmmm…but we can still call him. He’s still in Atlanta!

Now, we lay folks might not be dentists, but like I said…we know models have pretty smiles, right? Lots of white, pretty, straight teeth—but the teeth that bit and gnawed at those poor geriatric women’s breasts, were not straight and pretty. Those teeth belonged to a man with a very thin and pointed chin, with a crowded lower presentation. That’s right… a crowded lower set of teeth, just like the landscaper they say died 2 weeks, before they were about to announce the original results of a DNA test, related to the Columbus murders.

How convenient!

Yet, here we sit how many decades later…waiting for the bite-mold to be matched, the shoes to be worn and the truth to be told.  So why won’t the Prosecution allow an expert (Odonatologist) to see and match the original bite-mold to the prisoner’s bottom teeth and clear this thing up once and for all?

Gotta ask yourself why on that one, Columbus because she wants to be a judge!

So, how does all this connect to Atlanta and the Missing and Murdered Children? Because the man who killed in Columbus, killed in Atlanta too. The case files and the ME Reports tell much of the forensics story …along with information from eye witnesses, original witness statements, FBI files and Atlanta PD files, the killer(s) themselves and information gleaned from, “The List” by Chet Detlinger and the web site compilations of Kersten Toebben at ( that help tell the rest of the story.

To date we believe we can connect him to a minimum of 13 and up to as many as 23 of the children; special photos in the book provide previously hidden evidence. This killer was also identified via a photo, by an African American man, now in his 40’s, as the same white male, approximately 5′ 8″ tall, with blonde hair, stocky build and a Southern accent who tried to abduct him, his little brother and several of his friends… not once, but multiple times throughout the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children hey-days. This man was also a positive match to a photo of the same Columbus landscaper from a similar timeframe, authorities claimed died in 2010 in Florida. And I believe this is the same man I have been tracking in another state for over 2 years, under an alias.

So, what if I told you the real killer did not die in 2010, as publicly claimed and that both local law in Columbus and FBI know that to be true and professed, as much not only to the man now waiting on DEATH ROW, but openly to another person who has chased this killer for over 30 years? So if everybody now thinks he’s still alive, a viable suspect and potentially committed at the very least, insurance fraud…why don’t we pick him up? How about the FBI gets in touch with his family, then the insurance company and then get a DNA test done directly, while his insurance company sorts out their potential charges for him? And what if I told you, this same alleged killer and his cars have all been positively identified through photos, by other surviving victims? Surprised?

One would think the Columbus newspaper would be all over this story, but it doesn’t serve the narrative being spewed across its pages. Or how about this story? The Judge and the DA got this information in a letter decades ago and did nothing…the letter is on file.

Our POI was positively identified through a photo as the same man who appeared several times, trying to pry his way into the skylight on top of the roof of a woman whose family he axed to death; one full month after he supposedly died in another state. What’s that you say? Dead men can climb onto air conditioners and then up gutters? (Sounds like a familiar pattern in the Stocking Strangling kills, doesn’t it? Air conditioners… gutters…windows…) Yep…and there are photos of his damage. Gotta love that one too!

And what about some of the other Strangler victims? The one who had tennis string marks on her left face and back, from being beaten? The one with the bad eyes, who also matched perfectly a character in a comic strip rendering by the killer’s artist friend from San Francisco. She had an appointment scheduled for that day. An appointment with someone who had recommended a certain landscaper/interior decorator to hang curtains or swap out carpet for her. Did anybody check her calendar or desk agenda for his name?? He was late to the appointment that day, you know. Why? Because he had been playing tennis with a friend, just down the hill from her house!

And what about the images the artist drew of an upside down white rabbit sitting in her lap, just below the cat-gut strings of that tennis racket that was used to bash in her face, by his poet friend? The poet who liked the color RED, because it spelled out his name and because he was a guinea pig for the original 1950’s CIA/Army Chemical Corp/MK ULTRA experimental drug program? How clever that the poet’s trigger or code word from his handlers was also the initials of his name?

Intriguing, no?

That’s where they hid their crimes; in their art, their poetry, their landscaping, and their foolish history. But their history goes back decades and so do their relationships with one another. The poet, the artist, the landscaper and the historian. Some met in Columbus early on…some through the military later on…some through San Francisco and their preferences in art and sex. Some even went through phases together…like MK ULTRA.

You think #11 –the young, tortured girl with mind control powers on “Stranger Things”; a series on Netflix is kidding? Grow up kiddos; that stuff was for real. Check out the Netflix documentary on Dr. Frank Olson!! The CIA and the Army Chemical Corp had some serious detours from national safety in the 1950’s and 60’s. Mind control, experimental drugs and torture training…. Alleged biological warfare experiments. Yes… it’s true, right Eric? Your dad was taken out, but these boys used their training to take others out. Our poet (RED) really did know the real, MK ULTRA, “Pappa” you hear #11 in “Stranger Things” talk about. Our poet killer even wrote a personal note of goodbye to him on a book of his…want to see the subliminal message on the cover photo??

Want to know who else the landscaper and the poet hung out with? A chemist and a thespian.

How do we know? Because we find the same references in a poet’s poetry, a nuclear chemist’s comic strips and the hidden codes that calls out a local historian and his landscaping buddy in each murder. That is of course, if you can understand how to read their clever shorthand. For example…The artist dumps info into his ‘altered’ comic book strips, showing the Columbus killer crawling from under the manhole covers in streets near his victims’’ homes, only to pop out again near his Victorian behemoth! Or even at his place of business! While cops were swirling their lights above, he dipped into the sewers and tunnels below the city to escape the chase on the surface?  Just like his heroes of yore (the KGC), who created tunnels from their banks and businesses to their safe houses and cabalistic lodges.

Creative, don’t you think??? A little American History for you there—practices of Freemasonry and John Wilkes Booth! John Wilkes Booth…a very lively legacy that ought to be a huge clue for Columbus folk! And we also have another somebody from Columbus who shared his enthusiasm for history and certain geometric shapes like the octagon. Both were very much into the cabalistic lifestyle, the Zodiac and the Booth legacy. Gonna catch another plane to Cali, now ‘ole buddy? Gonna fly out there and tell them that somebody figured it all out?

But enough for now. Let’s get back to more immediate business and Carlton Gary!

If the bite mold was hidden for over 10 years from the original DEFENSE team, and STILL has never even been allowed to be compared by an expert Odonatologist, the DNA doesn’t match and the shoe thing is a total joke… how do you kill a man without ever proving any of your suppositions; especially when nothing even matches? I say, bring in the Odonatologist and the convict, (Gary) together in front of God and everyone else in court and get the results on tape. If I’m wrong—you have nothing to lose and can go ahead with the execution.

But if I’m right…

Then you are duty bound to bring in the original suspect, (the landscaper) or get the mitochondrial from his cousin in Florida for DNA and go to town. So, if the convict’s DNA doesn’t match the women he is accused of killing, nor has the convict been legally identified or cleared as positive or negative match to the secretor or non-secretor evidence in the case…it’s just one more in a long list of wrongful convictions out of that DA’s office. Who are we kidding here? How do you plow that much bull through the keyholes of justice and still sleep at night? What kind of Kangaroo court now exists in the upper halls of the Muscogee County courthouse that denies exculpatory evidence to be submitted? And…Why is the Superior State Court of Georgia not rocking back in horror on its heels? They got these memos! Better yet… why isn’t the NAACP or the Supreme Court demanding the lower courts do something about this?

Bottom line…all we are asking is to prove his guilt with the evidence that matters!

DNA…BITE-MOLD…SHOE-MOLD AND SECRETOR/NON-SECRETOR! And if you can’t, then you have some serious explaining to do.


Remember, evidence doesn’t lie… people do. And if you are going to judge this case on the evidence alone–then this book must be read and this man must be exonerated and set free!  But it’s not just about Columbus or even Atlanta, although they are close to the heart…there is more, so much more than meets the eye!!  And every victim deserves to have their voice heard.

We have less than a month to bring the true Columbus Stocking Strangler killer to justice.

Find the answers to the murders and mysteries of the Columbus and Atlanta M & M child victims in:  LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR

Available on Amazon

About to drop a bomb of information…

January 28, 2018


About to drop a bomb of information…

First, let me say I have nothing against entrepreneurial energies and efforts. At some point, we all are entrepreneurial in some endeavor. What I do have a problem with however, is entertainment masking itself as something more than what it is: Folks filling the podcast airways with misleading misinformation—exploiting, not exploring—pandering and pontificating to the unedified masses, without regard to the consequence of proliferating confusion and chaotic nonsense, all for profit and commercial status.

What am I saying?

I’m saying there is no substitute for actual research and in depth investigative work. Interviewing Cousin Vinny about Aunt Henrietta’s fourth cousin thrice removed, who once sat in a restaurant near a man, who said he once talked with a bus driver who thought they took a bus ticket from somebody who looked like a guy they heard might have killed a cat when he was 10…isn’t the same thing as getting the information straight from the dead cat!

So, what am I asking?

Go to a reputable source and even then…evaluate and vet the findings!

I’m inviting you to ask questions! I want you to get to the truth, question my findings and research methods, and question the physical evidence contained in my book: LORDS OF THE HARVEST; A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR

Here is the teaser for this book…

“Dear Reader,
While it is not my intention to begin this book with a riddle for levity’s sake, it is my intention to ask you to use your intellect from page one. You see, some murders are prompted by basic emotions that render a killer’s motivation most obvious. Other murders are committed out of a need to serve a higher purpose, such as personal or ideological loyalty, and/or religious martyrdom. But the Columbus Stocking Strangler murders will never rise to the elegance of such, no matter how much the perpetrators of these atrocities might insist. These graphic slayings of seven elderly white women were executed for a series of reasons that for over almost four decades have gone undecipherable and in the end, were simply part of a much larger puzzle that until now has remained hidden. So, let us continue with the riddle…
What is another word for Thesaurus? Thought provoking, isn’t it?
For how do you describe something that in essence exists only to describe everything else, but not itself? I think you would agree with me then, that sometimes there simply isn’t a better word or group of words to describe a thing other than the words that originally describes it the best. Thus, you have the reason why the title for this book could be nothing other than: LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR.
This investigative memoir begins with my introduction to the murders in Columbus, Georgia in 1977, where the word harvest took on another meaning and the tools that were used to harvest these ‘matured’ victims will not only shock you—but lead you to other horrors, once shrouded in mystery and considered as stand-alone or disconnected serial murders… until my discovery of the key that unlocks them all.
The Chicago Lipstick Murders
The Black Dahlia
The Boston Stranglings
The Zodiac Murders
The Sonoma Stranglings
Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered Children
The Orange County Michigan Murders and many more…”

(Copyright 2016) Amazon


A man in Georgia is about to be executed for one of these cases. I believe he is innocent. Want to know why? Because the evidence does not match the crime or the suggested killer they convicted!

Want to know more? Like, who convicted him? Why they had to do it? Who the real killers really are…where they live/lived… how they pulled off this legendary legacy of generational serial killings, that crawled across this nation into your backyards and balconies?

Want to know how they went undetected for so long and who helped them fly under the radar of suspicion?

Want to know what local and federal folks may have been involved in serious cover-ups to keep their crimes hidden? To hide their own debauched activities and actions?

Want to know how they are all connected to one another; because the ties that bind them are also the metaphorical ties they used to commit their crimes?

Want to know what clues were left behind at each crime scene that cops didn’t understand? Want to know what ones they did understand, but hid from the general public anyway?

Want to know how the killers thought…how they targeted their kills and where they took the victims to die?

Want to know the forensics detected in each murder? The victimology and the symbolisms behind the way they killed and the victims they chose? Why they selected the places where they killed, the tools and rituals used to exact their rituals and theosophies?

Want to know how they met… how they came together, then stayed apart and how they communicated across the miles and years?

If you want to understand a killer; you must first understand his life, his work, his interests…his hobbies and his habits.  Where he hunted, why he hunted, who he hunted? You need to understand who and what in their past tripped the first trigger…set the pendulum in motion.

What was their motive, their methods, their patterns and deviations?

When did they first kill? How did they hide it and then cope with the aftermath? What were/are their souvenirs and where do they hide them? How did they evolve their skills, as they evolved their goals and directives? Who inspired them? Who did they try to emulate?

What roles did others play in adding to their psychosis…cultivating their instincts and creating a sense of superiority…contributing to their fantasies?

When did this go from uncontrolled urge, to spree killing, to necessity and earned colective right?

What methods and manners were used to confuse and confound the public?

How did the victims fall into their traps?

Why were they targeted and why did so many fall prey to their allure?

What were the killers’ private thoughts… their anguished joys? Their trials… triumphs?

How did they get so many to follow them to their ultimate demise?

How did they joy in their tortures? Who taught and inspired their methods and manners?

How did they deal with their desperate need to be recognized, while still hiding their deeds?

How did their ego’s both bait and betray them?

You want the answers to these questions and more????

Stay tuned…’cuz you can’t get this kind of info from a 30-minute, commercial laden microphone kissing cannon ball. You gotta go to the right sources. Medical Examiner reports, court transcripts, witness testimonies, police files and forensic evidence reports. You gotta go to the right sources…the dead. Don’t get caught in the CSI effect of thinking 15 minutes of commercials and 45 minutes of chatter solves a murder and world hunger at the same time. It doesn’t.

You can’t become a surgeon, without going to medical school!

If you wanted to make a really good gourmet pizza…you’d ask a chef.

If you wanted to paint a dramatic picture… you’d ask an actual artist.

If you wanted to catch a killer…you don’t ask a disc jockey!

You get the gist!


Got a question?

Buy the book or ask me here.

I’ll listen first and then, I’ll explain. We can argue and discuss. Either way, you’re going to get the straight answers and evidence you need to back up the facts!

Mysteries solved here!

Dig the ditches for 2018…

January 7, 2018


At the end of the year, we lost someone special in our lives and since then, the days have felt heavy and hard. But today is the first 7 in the year of 2018 and since that is my number… I needed to stop carrying the shadow of grief and take stock of where I have been, where I am today and where I am going in the future.

That being said…let us begin!

As we leave 2017 and enter 2018, I am amazed at how much emotional luggage is still trying to tag-a-long in between the clusters of confetti of the New Year; but before I take another step, I’m going to do myself a favor. I’m going to turn around, recognize what the emotional luggage is about and then grab a broom, sweep it away–slam the door closed and wipe my hands. It has no place or power in this year and I recommend grabbing a metaphorical broom and doing the same for yourself, before another 24 hours goes by.

If it is a job that no longer fulfils or fits who you think you are or want to become…resolve to find another way to make a living to feed your body and soul.

If it is a lifestyle, which no longer suits who you are or who you wish to become…find another location, habitat or hobby that inspires you and reflects the true you.

If it is a person who no longer fulfils or fits your life…bless them for their part in your evolution and let them go, so that you can both reinvent yourselves.

If it is who you are on the outside or inside that makes you uneasy…envision a new you and then devise a process by which you can encourage the positivity you seek to become your reality and then, project that positivity through joyful affirmations and genuine forgiveness.

If it is something we thought, we could accomplish and didn’t…first define whether the goal was any of the following:

  1. Realistic
  2. Achievable
  3. Time appropriate for all parties involved.
  4. Or, whether we had we thought through the process well enough– planning for alternative outcomes, other than whatever we prayed the universe would do—with or without any internal effort or investment?

If we can answer truthfully that the effort was worthy, achievable, time appropriate and that we had soulfully worked together towards a successful outcome…then perhaps, success has been delayed for some other reason. Perhaps for a distinct timing we have yet to understand…divine timing…God’s timing. Perhaps in our myopic vision, we cannot see that certain people or positions are not yet in place, or ready and prepared to handle the successful outcome the universe has prepared for them. Perhaps even you are not ready for the success it may bring you, because you have naively caged this success in a box, too small for what it needs to blossom. Perhaps we have prevented spirit and the universe to take the lead and are too frightened to simply follow in awe and openness, allowing spirit to reset the process and move things forward.

So, even though most of us just finsihed celebrating the holidays…we need to recognize how much work they were and may need to take a vacation. Maybe both physically and mentally we need to walk away from the intensity of our desires and wishes and refocus on something differrent than last year’s obsessions. We need to readjust our intentions and believe that the universe has our highest good in mind and let things go, because when we are sufficiently distracted and able to emotionally let control of the outcome…we are finally free to see a thing for what it is… people for who they are… the help and time they offered, as the gifts they always were. Here is where we can appreciate the bird’s-eye view of spirit; where we can morre easily recognize the pressures we have unfairly placed upon ourselves and one another, in order to achieve some preconceived outcome we determined. Not God…but us. We focussed inward on our lack–not outward on our wealth of opportunity and authenticity.

In other words; amidst the drought of our dreams, we prayed for rain, but forgot to dig the ditches to control the overflow such a bountiful rainfall could provide. ‘Dig the ditches baby, and the rain will come!’ Talk the talk–walk the walk and build the dams to hold and redirect the overflow of rain the sky will provide, when you are finally prepared and not just frozen in chaotic anticipation.

We forget that though we are part of the God spark—we are not God and so, as humans are constantly concentrating on our perceived limited ability to affect and alter all the infinite obstacles or opportunities, we think are the only options left available for our solutions. Somehow over the course of 2017, we forget to trust and when we forget to trust, we reduce ourselves to frustration and misdirected anger. We emotionally beated ourselves up and then turned our anger outwards towards others—blaming them for our lack, or perceived lack.

If you’ve done that this past year, that’s why you need to look back at 2017 with a clear eye—return the emotional baggage and need for outside validation to the closet of the past from whence it came and sweep away any hurtful words or thoughts it begot, before you burn those precious bridges you are going to one day wish still stand strong, when huge leaps of faith will be required of you. So, face the future with courage and get out there and dig the ditches for the rain of success you know the universe is holding for you! The year 2018 has 5 eclipses this year and your destiny is calling! The supermoon has passed and cleared the way for real change.

True, the universe is not always going to give you what you want, but it will always give you what you need so, use this time wisely. Walk slowly away from the door of the past and then stand still for moment to take in the new view. The New Year waits for you to fill it with new things, new visions, new experiences and desires so, take the time to carefully consider how you want to fill this new space…this new chapter in your life and who you intend to bring with you on this journey. Figuure that out, then grab your tools and get to work!


Dig the ditches first so, you can channel the rains of success to where it best suits the seeds of your efforts. Too much success/rain on tiny seeds without proper preparations drowns them and prevents their growth. Channeling rains through planned and prepared ditches and conduits, allows the rain to slowly soak in and nourish as it falls, promoting healthy and steady growth. That leads to a bountiful crop and a successful harvest!

The year of 2017 has been a roller coaster of adventures with some very high notes, some very frustrating notes—some awkward and exciting beginnings and some sadly anticipated and unavoidable endings. And even though endings are not always pleasant, they are necessary to make room for the new, so be kind in your departures and do right by others as you walk away. Set them free with kindness and good intentions to find their own new path and in turn—you will be led to yours. Too many people get lost in the obligations of long or indifferent goodbyes and relive emotional or imaginary ties,  refusing to let things die a natural death—so be clear and kind in your wake.


So, here we are, saying goodbye to another year—closing one door and looking for the fresh crack in the opposing window to start anew. Change is not only necessary and inevitable, but well deserved this month so, breathe in the fresh air and fill your lungs with heady possibility. We have earned the right to change things in our lives; people, places, projects, perspectives and perceptions. Let us begin to redefine who we wish to be in this coming year and grab the proper tools and partners who will help us dig the ditches and prepare for success.

Things that attracted us last year, may no longer be appealing to us this year—don’t apologize—move on! People who inspired us, did so and then faded away from where and when the inspiration was needed and that is a good thing. Be grateful and let them go! Get out there…stand in the new light… breathe in the fresh air and open your eyes to the new and the different. 2017 was a 10 year—10 being the alpha and the omega—the beginning and the end… Or maybe, just the beginning of the end. More than anything else, it is done, gone and good riddance! Bless it for what it was; an evolutionary process. Take what was good, commit it to memory and best practices and toss out the rest!

Hello, 2018…an 11 year! A master number…a new life path! Let this year be the year you take care of you and yours…but remember, take care of you first. We serve others best, when first we are whole. As for me? No apologies or apprehensions anymore. Life is too damn short and I’ve decided, I’m going rogue. This is my 60th year and now is my time to do, to be, to explore and to carve and follow my own path simultaneously. Those coming along for the ride, should hold on tight and enjoy the wind in your hair and the tug on our sails…those trying to hold back such an adventure …hop off the boat now and take your luggage of negativity with you!

The book, LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR is fianlly complete. It stands without apology, as an apocryphal testament to my best intentions…each article of research contributed by others, each interview chronicled along the way, each piece of evidence discovered, each plausible set of deductions made, and/or corroborations vetted, has added to its value as a substantive document—a critical receptacle for evidence that law enforcement or amatuer alike, can freely access. This book is for them and the victims they’re still working for. This book has also been updated through December 2017 to include the latest nuggets of investigative information, quantifiably necessary to help provide additional guidance to all agenciees involved –each detail codified, properly cited and supported by additional expert confirmation.

Though a bit late in the year for a final submission, this should be the final update. For me, it’s time to move on and dig new ditches. The truth is now becoming more and more clear to those who are willing to do the homework, that these 4 men navigated these serial killings for over 4 decades without discovery, because the justice system held such gaping holes, the evidence and the obvious connections to them easily fell through the cracks. Jurisdictions and agencies held back information then, as they do now, and it is this lack of reciprocity and crosspollinated respect that cultivates such an endless and damning proprietory need to claim ownership of information and outcome that keeps these killers free from the national disregard they deserve.

These men and these cases are not only connected, but can and should be processed now as a collective. Unfortunately, this also brings certain governmental programs into a very unflattering historical light. Nonetheless, the shadows of governmental protection; be they federal, state and/or local should not be allowed to persist and those whose manipulations of facts and evidence can be vetted, should be found guilty of the crimes committed and prosecuted accordingly. As always, each independent expert confirmation of specific details in the book; especially those compiled in November and December of 2017 about the connective elements of MK ULTRA and the signature links between the patterned evidence and MO’s between the Chicago, Boston and California cases, brought further support to the propositions of book and added to the validity of the collective effort to shine new light on these cases, as well as those already highlighted in Colorado, Maine, Michigan and Georgia.

As stated from the beginning; evidence always leads us to the truth and only those who consume the book in its totality, will truly benefit from it’s contents. In other words; there is a reason the book is as large and detailed as it is. It isn’t a comic book…it’s a real book, that contains information on over 100 cases and in order to do that properly-that requires a commitment of  intellectual resources by both author and reader, alike. It’s also a memoir, which makes you privy to my life and the victims I have connected with. It is not for everybody and I’m good with that, because its not meant to be for everybody. It’s meant for the victims and the heroes still trying to find them and/or solve their cases.

The people who understand why this book was written and for whom this book was written, will be the ones who understand what has been done this day and see the merit  of its existence. The mosaic of murder that has plagued this nation for generations, could not have been condensed and simplified for the Twitter-verse crowd, who process only soundbite sub-labels. The readers who understand this is for the victims and for law enforcement, have already begun their own journey of discovery and investigation into these cases and will be able to digest the evidence without taking insult or umbrage with the literary affect of its delivery. These readers will appreciate the hours of research, the moments of doubt and discovery and be able to trace the connective tissues of the killers’ sociopathic ideology and be able to apply their mantra’s to their methods and by token, their attraction to the victimology of each case.

I trust that 2018 will eventually find other investigators learning about this book and reading it for the information they need. Perhaps avid readers will hear about its findings and purchase it for the thrill of the ride, or true crime readers for the unvarnished approach to spherical thinking and real-time/grass root investigations. To those who understand that the dead have a vested interest in their own closure…I applaud your openness to my process and the willingness to contemplate that the veil is not meant to be the final word. For others who take umbrage with what they do not understand…concentrate on the end product of direct and patterened evidence presented, and may 2018 find you blessed.

For me?

Like I said in the beginning…it’s the first 7 of the year. In angel numbers, 7 means I’m on the right path and the outcome will excede my wildest expectations. Those of you who know me, already know how much I expect of myself and the universe at large, so I’ve gotta get ready! Rumor has it, its gonna rain tomorrow  and I want to get a head start on digging my ditches today!!

Claim your success in 2018!




The end game…

December 18, 2017


One would think being close to the end of another year that we might stop in our tracks for a moment and take stock of where we have been, who we have met and what we have accomplished…but that is not always the endgame for some. For some, the chaos that began their year, ends their year and for that I am saddened.

When looking at today’s entry date, we see that the day date number 18 is displayed. In numerology, the number 18 is broken down to 1 + 8 = 9.


The letter 9 stands for the ending of a cycle…the completion of a chapter in one’s life…a time to turn the page and to allow the universe to help you clear out the old, to make room for the next chapter of your life; rather fitting for this time of year and the season we are about to enter…winter. The season where it is perceived that parts of nature must die a small death in order to fulfill the promise of a rebirth in spring.

Is this unkind?

Is this an evil and unnecessary act?

No…it is life and the natural cycle of things to begin anew, to process what has been and to discard the rest–taking with you only the best and leaving behind the waste.

What I am getting to, is the fact that at some point in every cycle-every chapter of life, people change, circumstances change, causes and resolutions change…things end by a natural death or we somehow step in and sabatage things ourselves out of frustrations or an inability to gracefully walk away and accept the season of tiny deaths.

All of life is about change.

The question is: Will we be the active agents of our collective change or will we wallow and allow ourselves the illusion of being victimized by inevitable change?

True courgae and strength allow for flow– it takes us down river and goes with the current, not fighting against it. When we fight the flow, we actually neither win or loose the battle. By swimming upstream against the flow, we fight and claw for every inch… still, for every inch forward gained, we eventually fall several inches back. We simply battle to tread water and struggle to remain afloat…the status quo becomes our constant…we remain stuck…stilted…stagnant and frustrated.

Fear of loss also prevents change and forestalls future opportunities for joy.

But change isn’t always violent and abrupt; sometimes it is a gradual erosion. Perhaps we do not wish to leave harm in our wake and so out of feigned kindness or blind ignornace, we linger just a little bit longer in situations or relationships than we should, hoping to dull the pain of eventual departure. Or, maybe we see the path ahead so clearly, that we graciously allow the other individual or circumstance to find their own break-away point.

It’s better we think, if we have not caused the release ourselves…better to blame the river.

This case…this book and these victims have accompanied my every thought and effort for over 4 years and while the journey may just be beginning for someone else to discover, for me it is now time to follow the flow of the river and make room for the universe to bring me another set of spirits who have been patiently waiting their turn in the wings to be found…to be named…to be brought back to family and friends…to find whatever peace and closure can be achieved from the other side of the veil.

To all those who helped with their information, their support and their patience in this elongated and amazing project…thank you. No one person carries the emotional weight, ferrets out all the clues, follows the leads or feels the pain of those they are trying to help alone; the journey is always shared amonst those the universe has chosen to cast together. We each play a part in the collective healing…each having our own Karma to reap, debts to pay or cosmic lessons to learn.

I would like to thank the five women who have made this journey with me; may they feel the same pride and sense of accomplishment this epic adventure required. Through their efforts and energies, each one brought to the table their part of the puzzle and even though not one was physically at my side night after night, while typing and crafting such a hefty tome during these long four years…they were woven in spirit into every paragraph and page and properly cited for  their contributions.

Lords of the Harvest: A True Crime Investigative Memoir is about the discovery of these cases and these five women and their dedication to the truth. It is about the victims and their assailants and the laws that either confined them, protected them or foolishly set them free.

In truth, even though this journey began with the Stocking Strangler in Columbus, Georgia, it soon left its borders behind. Evidence and information took us to Boston for another set of infamous serial killings and then onto California for the Zodiac kills, the Black Dahlia and more…but it was the lesser known cases that dotted this nation’s map, like the West Memphis Three, the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children, the abduction of Johnny Gosh and the Lawrence King Scandal, along with the Oakland County Child Killings  and the murders of countless other women and children along the way that helped plug the nagging holes in my theory about the red key, which ultimately helped define and confirm the patterned evidence and behaviors that now confidently points to their signature guilt and their horrific trail of generational kills.

Thank you to Renate, McKensie, Spencer, Ginny  and Joyce for your dedication to truth and your tireless pursuit of justice for those both wrongfully accused and those still roaming the streets, whose guilt is known and for whom a greater jury now awaits.

May each of you find peace within your part of the process and peace with its final outcome…and may the outcome honor the victims and our collective efforts. And great thanks for the recent 2017 Discovery and History Channels’ true crime investigative series, which focussed respectively on intensive investigations into both the identity and patterned MO’s of the American Jack the Ripper and the mysteries of the Zodiac kills and ciphers; thereby, providing additional substantive support, directly validating and confirming the chronicled evidence patterns and suppositions already copyrighted in the book, LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIE MEMOIR.


Post Script:

The final appeal for Carlton Gary continues…and may the Supreme Court do their due dilligence in this case and note the lack of responsible counsel by the Prosecution and the inequitable distribution of resourcing in regards to exculpatory evidence* for the Defense.

Bite mold evidence

Shoe mold evidence


(Odontologist; expert witness testimony)

(Secretor and Non-secretor)

(Original witness statements and testimonials identifying a third party as primePOI not included on the documented suspect list.)


*(Exculpatory evidence is evidence favorable to the defendant in a criminal trial that exonerates or tends to exonerate the defendant of guilt.[1] It is the opposite of inculpatory evidence, which tends to prove guilt.
In many countries, including the United States, police and prosecutors are required to disclose to the defendant exculpatory evidence they possess before the defendant enters a plea (guilty or not guilty).[2]
Per the Brady v. Maryland decision, prosecutors have a duty to disclose exculpatory evidence even if not requested to do so. While the prosecution is not required to search for exculpatory evidence and must disclose only the evidence in its possession, custody, or control, the prosecution’s duty is to disclose all information known to any member of its team, e.g., police, investigators, crime labs, et cetera. In Brady v. Maryland, the U.S. Supreme Court held that such a requirement follows from constitutional due process and is consistent with the prosecutor’s duty to seek justice.[3])
Retrieved 12/18/2017 from;








The alleged Stocking Strangler appeals again…

November 20, 2017


The alleged Columbus Stocking Strangler appeals again…

Yes, I know he has been convicted and sentenced to death, so ‘alleged’ is technically incorrect–even a bit naive–but that’s because the original jury members were sans all the facts and all evidence. In fact, the last several hearings have been glaringly without exculpatory full disclosure.

You want full disclosure Columbus?



Because several years ago, when invited by a former Columbus resident to investigate the idiosyncrasies of this particular case, the author was introduced to several other anomalies, which they then followed to their shocking conclusion. Not by led by geographical bias and/or political or personal persuasion–but by direct and physical evidence and rationale deductive reasoning and forensic benchmark.

The Columbus Stocking Strangler case does not stand alone or apart from other cases in Columbus in the 1970’s and 1980’s either. In truth, it’s collective (the killer(s) are also connected to the Mary Sue Ogletree murder case (not Michael Finn)…and the Curry family murder case (not Michael Curry), and to several other Georgia tragedies, including the infamous victims of the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children. Yes—even to those victims; tied by an eyewitness testimony and personal identification just updated in the October release of this epic novel.

So, before you put another man to death, believing he is the true killer(s)…read this book and then make up your own mind. Remember, the book is written as an investigative memoir for literary affect; not to distract, but to act as powerful vehicle for the overwhelming evidence that has been pulled from eye witness testimonies, FBI and police files.

So do yourself a favor…don’t get your information from the local paper; get your information and evidence from somebody outside the inner sanctum of generational and local prejudice. Someone who follows evidence and linear thinking, not politics and/or personal vendetta?

Wake up Columbus! This truth is stranger than the fiction they wish you to believe.

The first question you need to ask is about the bite-mold! Why was it hidden from the Defense for so many years? Why have they refused to try and match it to Carlton Gary’s lower bite? And why have they refused to call on the expert Odonatologist (Forensics Dentist) from Atlanta, who can tell you the truth as to whether the bite mold evidence from the Stocking Strangler victims matches Carlton Gary lower bite?

Why? Because it won’t match and they can’t make the dog fly without lies and prejudicial innuendo.

The second question is about the shoe-mold! How do you shove a size 13-1/2 or a 14 foot into a size 8-1/2 shoe? Why do they think Kermit the Frog and Big Foot share the same bipedal template?

They don’t and you shouldn’t either. Carlton Gary does not wear a size 8-1/2-9 size shoe, but one of the real suspects did and does wear that size shoe! Yes, a suspect that matched the FBI PROFILE… a suspect that was mentioned a hundred times in witness statements hidden away from sight for years… a suspect that was suddenly declared legally dead in another state just 2 weeks after he found out DNA results in the Strangler cases was about to be made public. This same suspect, who though pronounced dead on paper in 2010, is still alive and living quite nicely in another state–watching from afar and laughing at the charade of your justice. And guess what?

The FBI and your law enforcement knows this!

How do we know?

They told us so…

Ask them about that, before you punish one man for another man’s sins!? Now, I’m not saying Carlton Gary was a saint… a two bit thief and drug dealer yes… but a serial killer? Don’t we owe ourselves and the nation the option to hear and see everything the Prosecution has…everything the Defense should have been given access to? Everything the original investigators, who quickly moved up the ladder into the DA’s office may have found and/or hid from your prying eyes?

So let’s lay the cards out on the table…and for those in the know… the Tarot cards out on the table.

How do you discover hundreds of pages of eye witness statements that talk about this particular POI and his two toned car being seen almost everywhere a victim was murdered and yet– his name is never surrendered as a Prime Suspect by your police or your court officials?

Good question, huh?

Answer: Either this man was on the original list and somebody or somebodies removed his name to protect or deflect attention away from others potentially involved in the execution and cover up of these crimes to prevent situations of disclosure or blackmail…or your officials were completely inept and forgot to put it on the list?

Either choice does not reflect well upon your little burg and its system of justice and those who manage and manipulate it.

And here’s another oldie, but goody…

How do you suddenly misplace or run out of exemplar DNA? And even if you have it correct–why is the one case you claim you have DNA for, not one of the cases you convict your suspect on? And how does DNA from a Columbus victim in the 1970’s end up a years later (Thurmond) in a case in Atlanta years later by transference from within the pocket of an Army Flak jacket that was allegedly donated from this dead-not dead man’s estate?

Great trick, huh?

And what about fingerprints? The endless violation of Chain of Custody procedures alone makes me laugh and how do you call 7-9 points a positive match? Even first year Forensics’ students and CSI aficionados know you have to have multiple times that count (points) to even make it a quantifiable candidate!

Columbus…you need to get this one right. Because if you put this man to death, without exposing the whole truth…his death is on you. And just keeping him in the limbo of appeals–keeping folks quiet–keeping case files closed– hoping he rots to death before the truth gets out, is not a solid plan for success either. Nor, does it speak well to your sense of equality under the law.

This book lets you know where the real evidence leads, before the final appeal is lost… before the die is cast. You have an obligation to the victims in this case to get this right! Columbus founding families…take an interest! Coca-Cola founders… are you listening? Woodruff Art Center officers…are you listening? One of yours was murdered…wouldn’t you like to know the truth about why Kathleen Woodruff died? Why the killer chose a RED scarf?? Why she was chosen to die?

There’s a reason why your local paper hasn’t mentioned this book…  its contents will let the light shine where darkness and corruption has been allowed to dwell untested for decades. Be brave… buy the book…share its truth!


by T. A. Powell

Available on

The Columbus Stocking Strangler…

October 5, 2017


Today is October 5th…the number 5 being the numerical symbol of change.

Last night after a fruitful rehearsal, I stopped at a local gas station and as I went inside to pay for my gas, the car that had been in front of me pulled out and then traveled up to the storefront, where it met another car just pulling in—thus, delaying my speedy advance.

Now, I have been doing this a long time and those of you who have followed in my journeys understand that everything is divinely orchestrated…nothing, and I mean nothing is left to chance. So, taking this subliminal nod into conscious consideration, I looked at the two cars now blocking my pathway. One tag number included the numbers, 555 and the other, 999. For those of you who do numerology and/or angel numbers, you understand that the 5’s represent both warning and that huge changes are about to unfold. The 9’s are not only a call to action, but with three 9’s in a row—a signal from the universe that a chapter in your life is ending and that a new one is about to begin. Having hung on the cusp of change for quite some time and frustrated with the calendar of the universe, I took this as a positive stroke for my concerns and current anxieties.

Tonight is a full moon…it will shine its light into corners we often avoid or seek to keep hidden. For over 4 years now I have buried myself in this current series of cases and as promised you, have with the help of others, unearthed some pretty spectacular information…the most recent being officially added into the October 10th re-release of, “LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR”, available through Amazon in both paper and Kindle format. This special edition is even tagged in the opening pages as having additional evidence and resource verification’s through October 2017, for your identification purposes.

Now why is this important?

Because everyone has been informed and another life is now at stake.

The Columbus Strangler case has reached an eerie peak, where now all the discovered clandestine information has the opportunity of either sliding down into a dark valley of deceit and corruption…or rising to the heights of the justice mountaintop for all the world to see and it is up to the citizens of Columbus, Georgia to decide how they wish to live the remainder of their time in the city of fountains.

Do you wish to stroll through the streets of your little burg and value its architectural, as well as openly declare its moral esthetics…or do you feign acknowledgement of these deceits and then shamelessly wallow in its veiled quaintness and sip from the Kool-Aid cup of myopic ignorance, your officials wish you to swallow?

The case of the Columbus Stocking Strangler is not the first of its kind…it is not original. Do your research or simply avail yourselves of the research already done on your behalf. It’s patterned characteristics and MO’s are identical to another celebrated killing spree… the Boston Strangling’s. And no… Albert De Salvo is not the legendary “Strangler” you believe him to be; quite the contrary. See why and who in Columbus had connections to his case! And that’s just the tiny tip of your Southern homicidal ice berg! It has fingerlings that reach to Colorado and Texas…the Florida keys and the lighthouses of Maine and Michigan.

Want to know who in your town killed those women…who helped him (them) do it and how… who really died and who is still alive and laughing behind your backs? Or, about how this case has a direct and very debauched link to the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children cases, the abduction of Johnny Gosh and the Oakland County Child Killings?

Why, I’m shocked you say! How could this be true and not have law enforcement and attorneys fumbling all over themselves to get to the bottom of this diabolical plot? Well…that’s because some of them were once a party to your killer’s festivities! Literally!

Let’s talk about the Sphinxes and the yellow house–the awkward rooms it held. Let’s talk about the artistic endeavors in your town and the salacious confidences it holds. Let’s talk about landscapers and underground tunnels…old women and pillows…comic books and cadavers…the poetic license and the license to kill. Let’s talk about whispered words of pedophilia and sex trafficking. Let’s say the word, FOX and understand what and where that means to your killers.

Let’s talk about the colors of red and green and the tendrils of evil and sanctimonious staging in your courtrooms, your crime scenes and your back alleys. Your government and ours training and experimenting with the early Germanic strains of MK ULTRA and leaving their psychotic leftovers to roam the country, searching for their next ‘Alice in Wonderland’ or ‘Dorothy from Oz’.

If the movie, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” cast an eerie shadow over the city of Savannah…what on earth might the title for your backdrop be? how close to the truth is Netflix’s, “Stranger Things”?

The re-release of “LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR” will explain it all, from corresponding burning barrels in the night, to kill marks in a faded station wagon, to car dealers who traded virtue and trade-ins for cocaine and access and government officials helping to hide and manipulate evidence.

Let’s talk about what really happened in that, “jungle room” and why somebody flew from Columbus to California when they were gifted with a reminder of their evil days on the western coast. Let’s talk about Californian cab drivers and Memphis pyramids…hog jowls and hog ties…naked bodies and river banks…theatre stages and Thelemite altars…butcher knives and bush axes…lady’s stockings and women’s fur coats and how many other men sit in prison for their dealings?

Here’s riddle for you! If so many are part of the preparation and so few of you with your hands on the throttle…if two of you actually die and one of you lies about it…who is left holding the bag?

You hear me out there? Legally, you are the one(s) left standing in the circle…just like in your beloved “ring of roses”!

And speaking of roses…especially the kind that like sunsets and Facebook…your secrets are now a part of literary and legal documentation…want to know how much? I’ll send you both a copy of the book…I have your addresses already!

To be sure–all information and actionable evidence has been responsibly turned over to attorneys and appropriate law enforcement agencies, who can be trusted with its value and merit. If you are one of them, you already know all this and are duty bound to follow through on your mission statements. If you work for one of those agencies and don’t have this information yet…look around at the people you work with and ask yourself why?

Which among you was part of the original secret? Which one of you has blood ties or obligations that bind you to lie? Which of you danced on the edge in the underground parties that preyed on small children…or titillated at the thought of removing elderly matrons and connections and obsessions that bound you to certain obfuscations?

How much longer can you hide from the encroaching truth?

Like I said, the moon tonight is full. It shines light in the dark corners of the histories we avoid- upturns the careful webbings of our secrets. What changes will it bring to Columbus? Who hides in its shadows that will finally be seen for the participants they were and the culpable caveats they continue to be?

In order to serve justice, those in justice must be served…the truth.

Brave enough to read about it

Truth truly is stranger than fiction…buy the book and find out why!

Somebody wants to confess something to you…

September 16, 2017


‘Somebody wants to confess something to you…’

That was the exact subject line in an email I received in my Inbox yesterday. Now, of course the actual email had nothing to do with any of these cases, but the very fact that it had been presented for my viewing and immediately caught my attention, the message gave me great pause.

Was this a sign… a signal from my guides?

Stymied in my enthusiasm by the recent news that the Carlton Gary case process for a new trial had been blocked…I had again begun to question my role in this journey and why my angels and guides had commissioned my involvement in such. After an amazing epiphany the week before that I had been right all along that the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children cases and the Columbus cases were not only connected to one another by the white 1970’s station wagon that had belonged to a certain landscaper in Columbus, Georgia at the time of the horrendous Stocking Strangler murders of which Carlton Gary was convicted… but, by the equally ironic associations and reactions of another convicted felon on a distant late night drive…I was equally concerned that the last 4 years of my efforts and insights had been in vain.

Then yesterday morning, a feather. A huge feather and after that, the email message about a forthcoming confession.

And then it came…the late-night text that changed everything.

For over two years and several months, Ginny and I had parsed information and known of many more connections and had studied several smaller and unheralded pieces of the two cases that did not fit into their proper holes. Call it misinformation, selective memory skills or outright lies…either way, a certain person’s stories were not matching the trail of evidence we had unearthed or the logical and linear trajectories of reasonable thought.

Those of you who know Brownstone Literary Works, LLC website well, and/or know me personally, already know my constant mantra of Occam’s Razor; the theory that all things being equal… the simplest answer to a situation is generally the truth.

Now, I know the earliest version of the book might have left some questions unanswered, as to certain connections and/or levels of involvements by certain parties in the Columbus cases and then by curious extension, those involved in the Atlanta child murders …but the questions and the segues were far too tantalizing to walk away from and even though asked to do so by several folks…we didn’t. At least not Ginny and me.

Questions like…how involved was a specific family from Columbus with the landscaper and his side-kick geriatric, before these cases became part of an unrealized collective history? Questions like, how an incredibly uninformed writer from the UK, was so sure that Carlton was the killer in a New York case, when all the real and patterned physical evidence called for a much more sinister and alternative collaboration in the death of the unfortunate middle-aged barfly that night, with physical evidence that presented a red flag for those of us in the know…and I mean that quite literally!

So, how were these 3…no, actually 6 people connected and what was the thread that bound them all in this tapestry of illusion and death? And why is the one legally declared dead, still posting ‘little piggies’ on his Facebook page, ever so casually and quite comfortably from another state? Could it be, because he’s been given the heads up by those in Columbus that the fix is in? That he’s safe to continue to live off hush money and insurance fraud funds? And why if law enforcement knows this person has suddenly resurrected from the dead… the public and his insurance company does not? After all, if Capone, though known for his murderous rampages, can eventually and successfully be taken in and brought down by tax fraud… why can’t our homicidal, dead-non-dead landscaper be taken in and brought down by insurance fraud?

Oh, my dear readers…the answers will come very soon!

Already, a more detailed ending to the one that currently stands, is written and waiting to go to print. And while the mill-town judge who has recently escaped impeachment wipes his hands–the peachy DA involved in closing out the Gary case in Columbus, will be soon be wringing hers… shuddering in her little black pumps at the overarching implications it will have for the Columbus ‘murder of crows’ and their most ambitious futures. But to understand this waterfall of information and implications, my dear readers– you must become ‘true crime junkies’! You have to dig deep and I’m not talking pseudo-deep or Barnes and Noble coffee-clutching deep…I’m talking get off your cell phones, stop sucking down your soy latte’s and actually read and devour the substantive edifications in the book! Quit asking for the Cliff Notes version—stop skipping to and from your narcissistic whims to hip-hop and slide through the more difficult sections, so you can name drop and page punt on pod casts and Facebook pages! Just do the work and muddle through it. Every word is important…every sentence matters, because every nuance and innuendo was a part of their plan…clues to their cause and methods and manners of kills and without the key to their road map–you are forever lost. Which by the way, is exactly where they want you!

Do the work… the real work it takes to solve crimes and understand the psyche of the players involved. Your little TV sets and iPads can’t teach you in your commercialized CSI haze to figure out the subtle nuances of clues-the motivations and symbolisms of physical evidence. It doesn’t prompt you to think outside the box that hasn’t even been drawn yet. That’s the Gerber baby TV crime stopper drivel; pre-written, pre-determined and commercially perscribed outcomes of wanna-be-flatfoots and writers that live vicariously through their characters. This is true crime- not true crap!

No offense Hollywood…but grow up and begin to tap into the real human experience, which doesn’t come drizzled with caramelized sugary tarts that fill their darts and catchy phrases that sound like gritty police lingo and secret social codes. That’s where Netflix begins to rule the turf. They get it and this is right up their alley.

Let the life of the victims and the motives of the real killers amaze you with the complexity with which they chose and sacrifice others’ lives. Understand the men who walk your streets and run the underbelly of your cities.

I cannot tell you how defeating it is to do so much work, and then to have agents of both law and the courts pooh-pooh one’s efforts, because they didn’t discover the information first. Or that following another thread, easily winds them and they are too feeble of conviction to abide by their sacred oath. Since when did justice become more about the ego of the badge or the ink upon the diploma or their 401 K’s and not about the victims and the legacies of the ghosts left behind to suffer their inabilities to be effectual?

Just read the book… take the time and take it seriously.

So, how where these 6 men connected?

Who lured… who killed… who covered-up?

What evidence was taken…what kept…what destroyed or conveniently lost?

Why is it so important that these old cases be buried by a tiny attorney, whose father was in business at one time with the known POI? Why did they not recuse themselves and why was the POI’s name removed from the suspects’ list, when the witness testimonies and interview statements yelled them from the files?

Why does it take a handful of women who never met before, to unearth and reveal what thousands of police and FBI case workers have somehow overlooked or hidden for decades?

“It’s so simple…” the guides said…”Look– don’t see…look!” and I did and then I saw what was hidden in their crafted clues. So, why didn’t others learn how to look and see in the same manner? And why do the people who beg for such information…the very people whose job it is to hunt and peck… to gather and assimilate such information, feign at the weight of the findings brought to them on a silver platter? What possible strain of insecurity allows these people to myopically push the plate of justice away, because it doesn’t fit into their emotional or mental appetite?

Good questions all…

So how do the Columbus Stocking Stranglings and the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children cases, together with the more than 100 other cases depicted in the epic TRUE CRIME novel… “LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR” fit together?

Oh, my dear readers, even the prison guards don’t know the answers to this one, but in little more than 72 hours… the rest of the world eventually will! Information will be received, paragraphs and pages written and understanding gained.

Until then; here’s a thought to ponder and let roll around inside your head, like a chipped marble…balking and bouncing off your receptors of reason.

What happened to all the hundreds of thousands of dollars that came from both federal accounts and private citizens to the Atlanta government officials that was supposed to be set aside for the person or persons who would eventually solve the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children cases? Where is that money? Who spent it? How was it used?

By law it should still be there. If not…who cashed the checks and who got paid to keep you ignorant?

I ask this, not out of greed, but to establish another pattern.  Because, if what we have discovered rings true and truth indeed rings clear without taint of ego or materialism… this book will give you the answers to who and how those young souls were taken. Why they were chosen and who should really be behind bars awaiting the long final walk to justice.

As for the money, the citizens of Atlanta…YOU need to continue to ask that question, because beyond taking care of the victim’s family themselves first… part of that long lost paycheck should be used to complete the vision of a tasteful memorial to those young souls sacrificed, as well dividends set aside to promote and support further investigations into the questionable actions of those involved and to provide monetary and legal support for the wrongfully convicted and those who have carried the financial burden of this great discovery alone.

You want to complain about racial or criminal justice from the comfort of your couch…you do that.

You want to scream at the television and cry to your friends that the world is unfair… you do that. Just know that nobody is going to listen or go to bat to make you feel more comfortable with your complacency- you must get off your couch and do that for yourself!

You want resolutions and truth…come join us! Buy the book- educate yourself first, so that you can be armed with truth and vetted evidence. Why am I so sure this information is vetted? How can I make such a claim? Because most of it came from the FBI and Atlanta Police Department and ME files! You see, critical files that are aggressively redacted, are still incredible sources of information. Why? Because the files are redacted by those individuals at the time, who decide what they believe is important to share or keep from the public’s view. Thing is…if you don’t know what’s important in the first place…or you assume you are so much cleverer than the average Joe…the truth remains hidden in the open.

Catch my drift?

As the great Southern writer, Anne River Siddons says…
“Perception is everything, my darling!”

So, as Carlton Gary once again mounts his efforts to shoot for another appeal…here is mine:

Wake up Columbus and Atlanta!!!!!

Or, are you too afraid to know the truth about the men who lured and tortured children–strangled your elderly women and traveled the United States on a histrionic killing spree? What about the young African American victims who went missing under your watch Atlanta or the brutal murder of one of Atlanta’s most beneficent families, Columbus… the Coca Cola’s founding family member, Kathleen Woodruff? What about the final legacies and moments of the other children and women in this state, who died at the hands of folks different than you have been told?

If the Coca Cola family attorneys from Columbus or Atlanta are listening close enough… the book is talking their kind of language! I’ll send you a copy free of charge–just read it. Find out who really killed Coca-Cola’s and the Woodruff Arts Center’s fame Kathleen Woodruff!

 Just because they call a case closed… doesn’t mean it should be! Get it right Columbus and Atlanta…get it right. The victims and their survivors deserve the truth.



Available now through

*(Wait just one more week for the new evidence to be updated and included!)

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