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Today I held Charley’s…

December 30, 2012


Today I held Charley’s DEATH CERTIFICATE in my hands. It still registers his manner of death as a suicide; cause of death by self-inflicted wounds.

Starting tomorrow we begin to rewrite history!


Because tomorrow we start to run with the big dogs!

Are you ready Grim?

Who betrayed?

December 27, 2012


Yesterday I heard my angel song and you all know what that means! Someone or something will hopefully be coming through to me today. For this, I shall give my gratitude in advance as Charley seldom sends the messenger without a message.

As it were…

All last night I kept dreaming about the gun. You know, the one they say Charley shot himself with. In my head I kept hearing the word “evidence” being spoken. Over and over the word, “evidence.” And then I would see Hazel’s familiar face; the jet black hair, the stoic smile- the level eyes. She was telling me to look in her journal. She talked about the week of Charley’s burial when “they” came to his mamma’s house and showed her all the weapons they had taken from her house the night of Charley’s murder. They asked her to identify them… and do you know what? She was able to identify every single shotgun and handgun…every one of them, but the gun Charley supposedly shot himself with. Isn’t that something? She was married to the man for just shy of 20 years…did they really think she was that stupid?

They claimed that was his “issued” weapon and that was the gun he was shot with. Still, Hazel told them she had never seen the gun before. When she asked where it had been all this time- they told her Charley had given it to G for protection. Protection from what? A man she filed for divorce from almost a year earlier… a man who never moved out of her house until the week of Charley’s murder? A man she married three weeks after Charley’s death?

Now what would a Federal Revenue agent be doing giving his alleged mistress a government issued weapon to protect herself from a man she didn’t have the _______ to stay divorced from? Further more, where was this gun in the meantime? In Charley’s house? Naw…Hazel never saw it before. In his office? Naw…because it was never Charley’s to begin with! Neither was the porn tape that came from California a full month after Charley was buried. That was another “bright boy” move by the 4 in flannel and their fearless leader the king of LowndesCounty. You know, fake an affair- plant a porn tape- switch a gun…You say potato, I say potatoes!

The devil is in the details kids!!! But that’s what happens when you let a couple of chuckleheads run the show. First they try to cover things up- then they try to cover-up the cover-up. It’s a snowball of idiocy! Body after body must be disposed. And yet this incredible ball of lies has stood for 46 years! Why? Because nobody had the ________ to ask the right questions before. Nobody cared enough to do the right thing. Nobody involved had the morals to be a real man. These fools thought as long as they came attached to a ________, it meant they were men. Wrong- it meant they were a ___________, somehow attached to a man’s body. (You fill in the blanks. Ought to be real easy!) Please remember; ferrets, weasels and dogs have them too! Doesn’t make them exactly rocket scientists now- does it? They still lick their asses and eat one another’s poop!

So now that we know the “Einstein’s” involved didn’t cover all their bases…how many do you think remain uncovered? Oh, you just have no idea and neither do they. Why? Because they forget about the dead… they forget about those still alive…they forget about frail allegiances and forgotten alibis. They forget that nobody gives a rat’s ass about how they once were the reigning few in this county. How people feared their selective powers. Now they are small minded men who shit in their diapers and drool from their crusted lips and babble into the night- When will they come for me? How do they know? Who betrayed- who broke the “FRATERNAL PROTECTION” code? And finally… who gives a shit about their broken code?

One word baby–OSTRICH!

Too bad these men thought they were invincible- that nobody could ever figure that out.

Wanna know how I know what it really means?

Great… buy the book. It will be out within the year!


I took these last two days…

December 26, 2012


Hope you and yours had a very Merry… I took these last two days to live outside of the case and back inside my life. While it was good for the heart to live in the present and presence, I must confess– I missed you all.

Hope they celebrate the holidays in heaven! Eternal love to my parents, Charley, Jessica, Roxanne and the MOT. I promise this will be your year. Okay, even you G. Maybe this will be the year you realize that in order for everyone to move forward… you must too. Help me finish the story G. Make it your gift to yourself and to the others who sufferred at your hands.

As for you Grim? Think about the coming days. Soon the calendar will roll over into another year and even though you are still technically free– your gut is tied up in a milion little knots. You know I know and you know others will soon know too. I’m a Taurus my man and we Bulls do not let go of the ring; we bear the yoke and plow the fields…we continue to rush the gates until we break them down.

You have been a  bit of a challenge, but ultimately you will fail to stand tall as the ground beneath you will turn to sand. With every passing hour you know you are getting older- closer to death…closer to meeting your maker. What will His first words be to you Grim? Forgiveness? Doubtful my dear. One must be filled with remorse before one can be forgiven. Emotion is not the key to your survival- confession is.

Faith will always prevail and I have absolute faith that Charley is trying to save you from yourself.

Let this be the year you truly are born again… this time through truth.

I will return later in the day.

Sometimes when you turn…

December 22, 2012


Sometimes when you turn over a stone, all you find is worms. Worms that have short memories and long reasons for forgetting. Yesterday was filled with sudden epiphanies and lingering suspicions. I thought I had really hit on something and I may have…I will have to wait to see how it all turns out. Also, I thought I had finally hit some pay dirt in another direction. Frustrated with the pace, R reminded me that only gratitude will help pave the way and provide the answers. Humbled, I returned to my studies and thanked the powers that be for the work they have already done on my behalf.

Still concentrating on the MOT… I am still worried that his DEATH CERTIFICATE may not have held the correct information. But in order to get to the bottom of this- calls will have to be made and they will have to be told why I need the information. This will open a can of worms the size of TEXAS. Grim? At some point soon I have to go public and you and Mr. Boots and the others will just have to suffer the consequences of your community’s suspicion.

This is happening… so deal with it.

As to yesterday’s folly? Why is it that I can remember the smell of jar paste from kindergarten… the feel of chalk in between my fingers and someone else cannot remember playing golf with a man who was then beaten to death a few weeks after? The time is in between these events and now is about the same- actually even longer. So how can I recall the death of my pet at eight- (1966) and yet you folks out there cannot remember events of death as well? How can you know the father, but not that his daughter went missing? Or, how can you swing a club with a man who then got clubbed?

Nonetheless, the seeds have been planted. If these people knew nothing before- they remain ignorant in the now and I bear no ill will. If they knew more and shared less- shame upon them.

Jessica? Whatever you have to say… say it now baby girl. I will listen. And Roxanne… if that was your family’s business that I found? Just tell me.

So…who is R. C. who received letters from G at _____________Turnbridge, ___________?

Need some old timers and old golfers to step to the plate and help me with a few other unanswered questions I have about the MOT. Who played in the golf tournaments at VCC back in 1965 and 1966?

What men were on the greens back then?

Contact me…I have homework for you!

Go to the CONTACT section and drop me a line.

Holy crap!

December 21, 2012




If you are reading this… we are all still here.


Ok, just a bit of humor. Seriously, do you think I would have busted my butt and worked so hard and so long on this case and this book if I thought I would become some toasty marshmallow on this date?


12/21/12 is about CHANGE. It is about VIBRATION and EVOLUTION of your higher self. Actually, it is about many of you just learning that you have a higher self. For those of you who understand 444 and 11:11…it is now our time. For those of you still in the dark…try to find one of us and follow our lead.


So, today is another day I have spent between the covers of this book and what ride it has been. And of course, just when I think I am done another clue comes forward and begs to be solved. The good thing is that the process of publication allows for the input of information right up till the final print. I like that and will use it to my advantage. Now, on about the case…

Charley knows I have another case I need to start on soon and I am hopeful that he will continue to guide from afar on that as well. Jessica has been all about me of late which tells me there is something she wishes to impart. Also as I went through part of the manuscript this morning I found something very telling. On 12/12/10 I was faxed a copy of the MOT’s DEATH CERTIFICATE. Now, over a year ago R received information that G had her little paws all over that document. So? Shall we look closer at this man- our infamous MOT?

They say he was from Tifton, although his body was found beaten in the DanielAshleyHotel on October 15th, 1966. Seeing as I have the official document from the funeral home- this information already exists in the public domain. I know that this man was rather heavy set- that he liked to play golf with his insurance buddy at the Valdosta Country Club. When he died, they took his body to the hospital morgue- then to the funeral home and then transferred his body to a funeral home in Augusta. He was discovered dead, transferred across the state and buried all within 72 hours. Sounds kinda fishy don’t you think? It did to me too.

Ok Valdosta- your turn.

His documented initials are: RWC.

Valdosta- if you know who this guy was- contact me. Holy Crap… I think I just answered my own question!

I gotta go make a very important phone call!!!!!!!!!


After a night of silence…

December 20, 2012


This morning I woke to gray skies. After a night of silence from my guides, I should have been well rested- but felt more restless than naught. Something is brewing; I can feel it in the air…palpable as the wind and the rain.

I put a pot of coffee on and took the dogs out for their morning constitution. Fog hung above the lake and the air was thick to breathe. The weather has changed its mind. What was sun and warmth is now gray and dreary. I look to the shoreline where the otter played the night before- but the water is minus his playful angst and lies flat like glass beneath the solemn sky. Up the hill, birds called to me. Red and black they chattered and danced in the middle of the drive baiting me. They were Cardinals; one male, one female. It was a sign from my parents that they are with me this day, still I cannot seem to shake the uneasiness in my soul.

What is on tap for the cosmos today, I wonder? Jessica has been busy of late. I see her name everywhere I go. Numbers continue to haunt my nights. Numbers 588 and 999 are the latest in their litany. Something is coming… someone is transitioning…something is ending.

Does G have more to tell? Will some one finally cave? Will someone die before they speak?

I am reminded of the black roses shown R and the conversation of the small child in the Covington restaurant who asked about the Grim Reaper back in the spring. I am reminded as well that I am often shown or told something that will happen in the future. Could this be it? They tell of a male energy who is married- he is part of this association. He will be the first to die. They show black roses and a long black car, followed by others. It is a funeral…They say his wife does not know. How surprised she will be… how sad that her life has become a lie as well. And what of the children and grandchildren?

The cosmos whispers in my ear…’The sins of the father are visited upon his children’

I cannot salvage what you have so blindly failed to save, Grim.

I will pray for your eternal soul… right after I prosecute your sorry ass!

The next Christmas Clue:


Legal documents


Page 2

Frightened? You should be!

The message was…

December 19, 2012


Again last night a message was imparted. As an audio-voyant I must say they are becoming more and more often and more and more intriguing. I can tell you the rubberband of tension is at an all time high, but release is coming. No…that was not the message. That was my analysis of the current status of this case.

The message was:

“Even the tiny hairs on his back will rise in fear and amazement at the outcome.”

Yeah, when you figure that one out…call me!

Technically I could end this whole thing with one word and Grim would know his Armageddon had arrived. It goes hand in hand with the message, “The little guy will be the one to take them down” and the name of a street sign I passed yesterday when I thought about the man who flew in that night from Atlanta. Well, actually the last thing I mentioned would just be gravy confirmation, but hey! It’s the holidays and who wants Christmas turkey without the gravy?

I could print it here, but since Grim is already having issues with his heart- it just doesn’t seem fair.

My Christmas present to you, dear Grim will be to allow you the opportunity of confession. I hear it’s good for the soul and maybe this will be the manliest thing you will ever do. C’mon Grim. They show you are already boxed in a corner. Give your children and your grandchildren something to be proud of- after all, you’ve left them so little thus far–they just don’t know it yet. Altruism aside, your “man in Atlanta” can no longer be of any protection for you. I understand the attorney/client relationship is protected and scared…but I think that only counts if both parties are alive.

Wow…that kinda sucks for you, huh?

Bizarre as it may seem…

December 17, 2012


Happy to report that I finally understand the locution of the other morning…

“The little guy  will be the one to take them down.”

Bizarre as it may have sounded at the time- it makes perfect sense to me now!

Thank you Charley.


Today does not require another clue- you already know too much!

In the wake of…

December 16, 2012


In the wake of the Newtown massacre…I will be brief.

Let the parents, the surviving families and spouses of Newtown know that in the midst of their pain and sorrow-their loved ones are now celebrating in a place of joy and understanding. Those who have shortened their time upon this earth, do so that others left behind might learn from their sacrifice. Let the children of this world see that there is both good and evil in this life, but that good will always outweigh the bad. I ask them not to be frightened of life, but to know there is a right and a wrong to live it. Those that were lost were not guilty of a crime… not punished for some unseen error.  Sometimes we are the lesson by which others must learn a great truth. Honor is theirs.

To those left behind…Know that we each play a part in the reconstruction of our humanity. So let it begin with a prayer that those who have suffered will teach us from afar the ways of love and sacrifice. And to those that do evil, may they come to know that God will treat them with an even and firm hand on the other side of the veil.

It is not our place to judge or avenge… it is our place to understand and correct the wrongs we can on this side of the veil and know that God will take care of the rest.

Have faith.

In the throes of…

December 15, 2012


Today is the first day since the summer that I do not have work or homework to be done…Finals over as of 9:23 last night and I am grateful. This morning I woke early, but happy knowing that little more than a hot cup of coffee and a grand view of the lake awaited me…and then I thought…no.

Charley is waiting for me.

Dear Readers, I cannot tell you what transpired on 12/12/12 as it is not ready to be shared. Know this though…it has changed the course of things dramatically. I can tell you that my education in forensics is paying off- even this early in the process and I have Charley to thank. He is the person who told me I should go back to school.

Even more odd… I need to thank G.

The dream I had the other day was actually witnessing a soul in the process of transition. I believe it to have been her. Caught between ghost and spirit- she continues to try and adjust her evolution Karmically. G, I will listen if you have more to share. If your goal is to help rectify what you have wrought…I am here.

Take care of your health Grim. I need you to live long enough to know that justice delayed is not justice denied.




Red fingernails scraping upon his back in the throes of…

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