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Just know that justice has a plan…

December 27, 2014


Merry Christmas and a prospective Happy New Year to all my followers…

As promised, I have spent hours upon hours at both my desk, interspersed with those at the shooting range and continue to make great strides in both. Why do I advertise such? Because it pays for all adversaries to know they walk upon common ground. That being said, I embark on another mission in a few days and will be glad for the information it promises. As always, I am being led and have complete trust in the messenger. In the meantime I make the best use of already garnered evidence, follow my leads and reach out to those who have yet to give up their ghosts.

Pages once blank are filled now with information garnered through less than orthodox means and provide real traction for the final report which will be made to corresponding authorities. It may seem a slow haul, but I am methodical in my approach and do not rush to either garner fame or frustration…that is left for others more impatient who have different needs. Real justice, I have learned through Charley’s case, takes time and one must be careful to dot all their i’s and cross their t’s. To reveal a thing prematurely is to endanger those that have gifted it.

Timing is of the essence…patience not a virtue, but a must.

Christmas was bittersweet this year. Each year, each child gets older and their collective lives become less flexible than years before. Lovers and jobs eat away precious moments, decorations get older and their meaning becomes sweeter with each calendar passing and yet… if they are seldom viewed…what is the point?

Last night I lay awake, watching the lights twinkle from the rails…colored rays dancing beneath the stars…reminding me of childhood miracles and I began to wonder. When do attics full of yesterdays memories begin to collect the dust of middle age? When does believing become passe?  As I look out upon the lake, I worry that the magic of the holidays becomes thinner each year as the workload becomes greater to carry them off… and then I see the smiles of my children and it all feels worth it again.

So today, with all the rush behind us- I will just enjoy the moments left, the twinkling lights, the soggy Christmas cookies and the forensics of the holidays. I shall forget about the plastic bins that tomorrow will haul it all away and the scholastics that await me just weeks from now.

But today? Today I am free of chores and work goes on and as I wait for where spirit will lead us all next.

The book’s title has changed from its working title, The Harvest to what must now become its publishable moniker…The Law of the Harvest, as too many victims now crowd the pages. What once began as a local tragedy has morphed into a collective scream. No longer is this a single harvest, but  a series of generational harvests.

Be patient my dear readers, for I cannot share even as I am wont to do so. Unlike the killers, I can keep my ego in check and hold my secrets without contempt for those who are wont to pry them lose. Again, timing is of the essence…patience not a virtue, but a must.

Just know that justice has a plan and that the book and the path chosen by spirit while writing it  will amaze you.

Merry Christmas…



This day I reach out and ask that members of those families…

December 23, 2014


Today, 23 years ago God gave me the best Christmas present ever…my youngest child.

Bearing that in mind, today will be a day of celebration filled with laughter and hugs. For those who have lost their children to senseless murder…these days are lost to them and my heart breaks for you.

This is why I do what I do.

I can never bring your child, your brother, your sister or your mother or father back in this space and time, but my efforts might  help  you navigate the details of their death and find meaning within the lessons they gifted in their passing. Together perhaps, we can  hopefully replace pain with understanding and acceptance…for this is what they gift me as they lead.

Take for instance the 8th victim of the Columbus Strangler, Mary Sue Ogletree…odds are we would never have crossed paths in this lifetime…but her introduction to this case has been priceless. As to the 7th victim of the Boston Strangler, Sophie Clark who comes through with passion and sarcasm? If we had met in this space would we have connected? Probably not, though I would have enjoyed her witty and salty banter.

And what of the 11th victim of the Atlanta child murders? Do you honestly think that little Earl Terrell and I would have shared a conversation on the streets of the inner city? And what of those victims who have yet to even be categorized, like Lisa Sanders? Having not been invited to the party that cold December night, we would never have met and yet…here we are…partners in a most awkward adventure.

Still, even as fate has kept us all apart in life it has provided segue in death and spirit has forged a common cause between us all…to find and name their killers.

And this is why spirit is so necessary. It fills the gaps between fact and fiction, truth and supposition. Divine intervention reminds us of the divinity of the souls that have been lost…harvested, if you will in this case of bizarre and unholy liaisons.

This case, which really is comprised of many cases continues to flood my days and haunt my nights…but it is in those hours that I am granted the observations of patterns and irregularities that over time become bread crumbs to the killers doorsteps.

The bread crumbs come in many forms; interviews, files, photographs, visions, hard and anecdotal evidence…intuition and sessions with my friend and colleague, Spencer.

This day I reach out and ask that members of those families…if they find this blog, reach out and contact me. Apart we sufferer the ills of doubt unnecessarily…together we move this forward to fruition.

I am here waiting…always waiting.

Those of you familiar with my others books…

December 19, 2014

‘Tis the season…

I am a firm believer that God places those people in our paths at the exact moment of our necessity and in perfect alignment with our divine purpose. This day I have been given a great gift and in gratitude will do my best to honor said alignment. Those of you familiar with my others books or directly with me, know that my approach to an investigation employs both secular and divine guidance. Does one outweigh the other or belittle or degrade the other?


God asks of each of us to use our talents and our gifts; when we deny or minimize them we leave a precious miracle on the table meant to help not only ourselves, but others as well, to evolve into  wiser souls and to follow more fulfilling directions our creator granted.

Does this sound too religious? Not really. What gritty cops call “a gut feeling”, I call intuition and spirit guidance. Do we reach the same conclusions? Most of the time…no. Why? Because spirit brings another element to intuition that ego often forgoes…faith.

For several weeks information surrounding this case has been generous and the research most fruitful. In fact, two days ago I heard my angel song and those of you who read the previous book knows that whenever that happens, evidence and/or information unseen and unknown before becomes available to me through guidance and patience.

Did it?


Can I share it with you?


Will I share it with you?



Spirit isn’t finished yet.

We are now in the phase that plagues so many wanna-be investigators. The phase where there is both enough and not enough and where others have walked away…faith bids me stay. Just like water seeks its own level, so justice seeks its own timing and its own path to fruition.

Today another path has been presented…tomorrow I follow its lead and the day after that, and the day after that, and…

To that someone who posted on a national site: “Yesterday was the anniversary of my sister’s…praying for a miracle…please contact…”

Answer the call. Read the email. Accept the request, but be prepared.

As Betty Davis once said, “Hold on tight…It’s going to be a bumpy ride!”

Last night they showed me…

December 10, 2014


Last night they showed me an open paint can filled with red paint.

This morning they showed me a license plate with the numbers 3, 6 and 7 on it. When I looked in my angel number book for the corresponding number and verse, a red wrapper from a wayward Tootsie Pop was there as a marker. Now why do I collect Tootsie Pop wrappers?

I don’t… at least not all of them. But I do collect the ones that have Indians on them. Why? Because when I was  a child, if you got one with an Indian on it- you could go to the local grocer to exchange it and  get a free one in return! (BTW’s… I’m just saying Tootsie Pops should go back to that!!!)

And why is all this important? What do an open paint can and a Tootsie Pop wrapper have in common with a set of serial killings?

First of all…because they were both RED ! Secondly, because the Indian had a bow and arrow in his hands… an Indian is a hunter. And why is that important?

If you know why… then you understand, so do I and that places us at extreme odds. Only difference? I have law enforcement on my side…just waiting.

I know that you might feel I have not been as attentive to writing this blog since working on this new case…but it seems as though the Columbus Strangler was just the introduction to the real scope of this case, which is so voluminous that I have yet to reach the final parameters of its tentacles. And even though it has metastasized into this monstrous beast… I have to thank the first victim that came through for her gift…Mary Sue.

Why her and what was her gift, you ask? Her very introduction to me– through another researcher last March– held a greater clue than I could have ever imagined possible, which led me to another set of clues.

So here’s to Columbus and Mary Sue… and R!

And where did Columbus’s set of serial killings lead me to?


So what do I want for Christmas this year?

More time at the shooting range and more time to write!

BTW… don’t come down the chimney this year Santa. It would be much safer for you to just to ring the doorbell–stand back from the door and into the light so we can see your face…clearly!

I’m just saying…they have a sketch of you already so I’m fairly certain they will recognize you and they have waited a long time to be introduced to you!

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