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One year ago…

June 29, 2012


I woke in the wee hours thinking about fairytales and how people always assume everyone else has the perfect life. The fairytale life! And then I thought of Grim and laughed at the irony of coining the phrase, ‘a Grimm’s fairytale!’ Why? Whether you spell it Grim or Grimm…Somebody always dies! Some fairytale, huh?

One year ago many impressions came through that now have passed. Clues and details which felt odd and disconnected then, now shine as true and relevant. The woman with the injured foot finally talked and then passed away. The farmer in the dell suffered from something that began with the letter A; exactly as foretold. And pages of a calendar began to flip in the summer breeze…month after month…until it stopped on the month of July. Marked in red, the letters:







There are only five people who know the date. NONE of them are the four in flannel.

Something big is coming.

You can feel it in the air.

Yesterday I saw a feather on the beach and we all know what that means!

On the other side…

June 24, 2012


On the other side of this fence there is the business end of writing and publishing this kind of a book. So today I step up my game and start pandering for literary representation and a solid contract. Any agents out their brave enough to take on this TRUE CRIME rascal? Just so you have something to go by…here are some of the buzz words used within the book.

murder (generic)

MURDER (Charley’s)

MURDERS (Jessica, Roxanne, the MOT and the man who was double-crossed, and…)

secret (generic)

SECRET (Grim’s)

SECRETS (The 4 in flannel, the high ranking officials, the other conspirators)

prostitute (generic)


PROSTITUTES (Jessica and Roxanne)

PORNOGRAPHY (The really icky kind. We will save the names for later!)

O-S-T-R-I-C-H (Kudos to Grim! This one was actually pretty clever….just not clever enough!)

law enforcement (generic)

LAW ENFORCEMENT (Shall we name names?)


Not to mention other wonderful and descriptive words such as: gun-running-counterfeit money-drugs-moonshine-Bolitas-railroad tracks-terror-love shacks- red sports cars-red truck-dogs-suicide-homicide-betrayal-hush money-lose women-lose diamonds-politics-New Hampshire-bakery-cheese cutter-swimming pool, fishing, kicking, biting, muddy boots, news papers, RAIN-NO RAIN, wedding ring, torn hats, lost teeth, tattoos, Buicks, etc… Oh yeah! And the most important word of all that brings us to the climax of the book????




Then of course there are other words I like, but I don’t wish to show off. Ok, here goes; bones, bodies, dead, psychic, justice, corroboration, suspicion, evidence, photos and my most favorite three little words?


Maybe even in that order!!! Ok agents…you know how to find me.

Just whistle!

And then there were two little pigs…

June 20, 2012


Forty-six years ago citizens of the tiny burg of Valdosta slept through the night, while the law manipulated everything but the weather. The 4 in flannel took matters into their own hands. Now forty-six years hence…Charley has taken this matter into his!

That’s what I call poetic justice!

It kinda reminds me of a favorite old nursery story about the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf! Now, since one of the 4 in flannel has already passed, that leaves us with just Three Little Pigs! Or rather, Three BIG Pigs!

Grim, the Pipe-smoker and Mr. Einstein! (Not to mention their trusted friend, the Farmer in the dell!)

Let’s have a sing-a-long!

“Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf… the big bad wolf…the big bad wolf? Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf…tra-la-la-la-la!”

If I were you, Grim?

I would be! Why? Because he’ll huff and  he’ll puff and he’ll put you in jail!

So how does the rest of that song go?


And then there were two little pigs!

Ok…sing with me Valdosta!

“Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf… the big bad wolf…the big bad wolf! Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf…tra-la-la-la-la!”

Patience…patience, dear readers.

All will be explained in the book!

I’ll just take mine plain…

June 16, 2012



This is a turning point…

Information continues to pour in and amazingly impressions and clues that came through last summer are beginning to take shape this summer. I am awed that the universe continues to reveal itself, one layer at a time and I am excited that now the road begins to level out before me.

Charley has been constant of late; my father and mother as well. The air is filled with the scent of Gardenias (my mother’s favorite) and my father’s face seems to smile at me from every portrait in my purview.  I am smiling more these days too, with each written page of the book; I climb my way down from the emotional high of discovery to disclosure.

Oh dear readers, you should know that this book is not just about murder and delayed justice- but eventual redemption and forgiveness.  But that- they will have to get from God-not me. The 4 in flannel will be asked to pay a price. Even those not bright enough to know they are already damned, like you Mr. Farmer… who now sits with withered hand and feeble legs. Or you, the  Man Who Stood at the Shoreline with monogrammed cuffs and silver lighter. And what of you, Mr. Einstein? You walk among the crowds and think that all see you as …well adjusted and honorable.  OK, well let’s face it. Nobody really looks at you and thinks honorable anyway-disgusting, maybe-but not honorable. And I know that it seems ironic to use Einstein as your moniker because it implies intelligence…but then that’s not why I use that name. Miss M gave you that name as a way of confirming who you are. Apparently, Mr. Muddy Boots was too long of a name for her to mime from afar. Bet you readers wonder why his boots were muddy, right? Not to worry- the book will explain!

And Grim? You have lived such a privileged life of misplaced honor. What will they say when they learn of your miss-deeds? Yes… I know I wrote miss-deeds. Which actually is implies singular and not plural-and that is incorrect because there was more than one little miss-deed in your life. In fact there were a few little misses. Pity your wife will find she was not the apple of your eye. But hey…on the flip side? She’s not dead either- so maybe you did like her better than the rest in the end! After all, you once told me. “She’s the only person you would ever trust.” Pity shame she won’t feel the same about you when she learns what you have done.

I have always told you… you can run, but you cannot hide. Does she know how much you like bonfires? July is right around the corner! Maybe you could take her to one? You could cook hot dogs, hamburgers… make ‘Smores and explain why you have lied to her for all these years???  July is a perfect time of year to burn things! Bridges…people … Or just parts of people? I get so confused! I’d call your attorney to get it straight, but so sad. He’s dead, isn’t he? He’s dead… and he cannot protect you anymore-can he? No more attorney-client privileges.

Wow… Karma really is a bitch!

Soooo… let’s just live large until the end. Maybe have a glass of wine and light a bonfire baby!

Cook a hot dog for me, will ya Grim?  Bet you like yours with the works, huh? Mustard, ketchup, relish, onions…prison? Oh sorry….my bad!

As for me? I’ll just take mine plain, Grim- hold the bodies!


To those of you in the know…

June 10, 2012


It is raining today and I am most grateful for the detour. Rain affords me the luxury to stay inside, stay in my pj’s or comfy lounging pants and just write the day away. With fog on the lake, soft music on the headphones and hot coffee in my cup… I am indeed at peace. On May 25th I began my 77 day Transit and while it has and will prove to be challenging- it has already provided hope for a brighter future. So while things have been rather tight both emotionally and financialy these last few years, these trials have brought great personal growth and understanding. Sometimes the trade doesn’t seem fair, but then my Charley has made the difficult journey worth it. I am indebted to him forever.

Better days are ahead for us all. So convinced am I, that today I spurlged and used my last single bag of Maxwell House Coffee.  (I cannot seem to find a store down here that carries them! ARGH!)

To those of you in the know, you already understand that Charley and I both like Maxwell House coffee for various reasons.  I even have a  blue Maxwell House coffee cup on my writing desk!

But do you know what I love most about Maxwwell House coffee… besides it’s awesome taste? Oh, let’s just say I could write them a new commercial, with a new tag line.

Maxwell House coffee… Good to the last confession!

You have a good day, Grim!


June 9, 2012


You know how when something wonderful happens you either rush to tell everyone or you sit quietly on a couch, speechless…pondering the wonders of the universe and smiling from deep inside?

The other day I was finaly able to keep a promise I had once made to a six year old child.

I am speechless!

Dear Valdosta,

June 5, 2012


Dear Valdosta,

Ahhh…you liked that post! You must have because readership skyrocketed today. Could that be because you have started to figure out who the players are? Or maybe because they players have figured out whom they are?


Exciting, huh?

Today was full of 7’s. Everywhere I turned I saw 7’s in all kinds of combinations. Double 7’s, triple 7’s and quads…the parade of 7’s was endless. Even my email bank registered 7777 emails saved. Do you know what that means? It means you are on the right path in every area of your life.

It means I am on the right path in this case too!

So many people talking…so many guessing and asking questions. Isn’t it great, Grim? You wanted to be a star and now you are! So many just want to look at you- check out the scar. You now- the one that Roxanne gave you that night by the tree.

Don’t be shy! The camera loves you!

Just smile and say…

“I’m ready for my close-up Mr. Deville!”

(Insert maniacal laugh here)


Say cheese! Oh wait… that’s for the farmer to say. Only he is supposed to say, “Cheese-cutter!”

God I love my job!



How many more?

June 5, 2012


Yesterday I saw a feather…

More information came through today. They talk again about the African American who was murdered because he knew too much. Not my words-theirs. We know of whom they speak. He is the one who Grim double-crossed. Charley says he is sorry that it happened. It was not right.

Jessica and Roxanne come forward too. They have much to say, but what is this? Someone other than Roxanne is under water too? Someone whose name starts with an “L?”

Who can this be?

Is this the Lisbon that Charley kept talking about? Or is there another name I have yet to find?

‘How many more? How many more?’ I ask and wait for the stars to bring the answers. R once asked; were there any other young girls reported missing at the time?

Good question, seeing as the two we already know about lay hidden under lies and innuendos all those years- it is possible there were others Miss M never even got around to mentioning.

Perhaps you might tell me, Grim. Who else got in your way? Who else refused to keep your secrets?

Mr. Einstein? Any-bodies come to mind?

Yes…that is a play on words!

But seriously…

How many more,Valdosta? How many more?

200th anniversary…

June 2, 2012


Today is the 200th anniversary since Benedict Arnold was slapped on the wrist for his betrayal.

Today I received word from another independent source who channeled Charley that our beloved night club owner was murdered because he knew too much. He was betrayed too-by Grim.

This source also corroborated that Justice is coming! Gentlemen… you really need to confess before this gets further out of hand. Think that your silence keeps things hidden? Guess again. Roxanne came through as well, with hands about her throat. Want to know what else I know???

Funny… so does someone else. He carries a badge too!

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