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Guess what the storm brought up…

April 28, 2011

Guess what the storm brought up?
The storm brought up many things to the beach the other day, and while I am usually a big fan of all the trinkets that nature finds a way of bestowing on me… one thing in particular caught my eye.
Bobbing in the water next to pine branches and Styrofoam waste was a rubber glove. Just an ordinary glove… heavier than most…black with brown trim and a thin thread of yellow at the wrist.
Odd how before Charley… it would have meant nothing but garbage to me. Now… after Charley… after the 4 in flannel… after the continual mention of rubber boots…by the lake…no water in the lungs…and bruising all over a body, tantamount to that of a car crash-but not!!!

Funny how things just tend to feel more sinister to me.
I wonder what last night’s storm will bring to me today. Hmmmmm…

By the way… what were you doing on the night of September 17, 1966 my dear, Grim?

Bet it involved a rubber glove too!

Sucks for you!

April 27, 2011

Dear Readers,
It is time to get back to the story of Charley! Final exams finished, I can move back into my efforts to gather more facts to match the clues and intuitions garnered since January. So much to do, so little time before all things must be laid out for fresh and educated eyes to review! Are you ready, Grim? Can you handle the pressure???
Let’s review. Roxanne has finally decided to come forward and talk to me. She says she likes the clock in my office. Hey… me too! She tells me she hates pipe smoke. Hmmmm… “Could that be mint tobacco you hate?” I casually ask. She says- most emphatically, I might add- “Why yes. How did you know?” “Well…” says I. “Is it because one of the 4 in flannel liked to smoke it and we all know what they did?” And do you know what she said???
She said, “!**!@3??!!*?!!*?##!!**”
I’m not sure what that means in “crossed over,” but I know what it means here. It means, “Oh Hell, we sure do!” Course it was hard for her to speak with her neck all twisted and such… but she made herself perfectly clear! Then she added something else.
“What was that, Roxanne?”
“Uh-huh… where are they located? “
“Wow! Bet they’d sure like to know what happened to you… wouldn’t they?”
And do you know what she said?
She said…”!!*??#@*#!!*??&%!@#**!!”
Now… I’m not certain what it means in “crossed over”… but here in Georgia it means they’re located in, “!*??#@*#!!*??&%!@#**!!”
Don’t you just love that we speak the same language??
Sorry, Grim. Sucks for you!

Easter Sunday…

April 27, 2011

For Mary…
Yes. According to daddy, “It’s all about the PEEPS!”

I am sensing a pattern…

April 22, 2011


Today has been a day of…
Today has been a day of numbers and odd happenings. It began with the Cardinal in the backyard who sang sweetly and proceeded to follow me as I walked the dogs. Next, I got ready for work and while doing so whispered hello to my mother and father in a bedside photo. They smiled as always and so I bent to give them each a kiss. When I stood up, I smiled back at them and the photo frame fell forward onto the nightstand and then came completely apart. I picked it up and gently put it back together and then began to laugh. Why, you might ask?
Well…because many, many years ago, I had made a pact with my mother before she died. I asked that if there was a way she could communicate with me after she passed, that she would make a picture of her fall- for no reason. That way I would know that she was able to remember me and send me a sign that she was with me.
Next… six or seven Cardinals littered the road in front of my car as I tried to drive to work and would not fly away till made to. When that was over, my tachometer decided to have fun with me too. As I drove, my phone would occasionally ring and startle me. Each time it did, I had to look at the dashboard where my phone rests and noticed the digital gas gauge. Each time I did, it was double digits!
Miles till empty…
And then when I got to work and was calculating numbers for a report, my calculator joined the fray and jammed on this …
I am sensing a pattern here, how about you?
In the mean time, Roxanne is talking and I have much to follow up on. Can you tell someone who has passed that you are grateful? Yes… oh yes, indeed you can and you should.
Thank you, Roxanne. I will follow the leads and promise to investigate your other information just as soon I finished my papers and take my final exams!
Until then… keep talking!
I’m listening.

The universe has brought her back to me…

April 20, 2011

You know when things happen… things like meetings get postponed, or people you wanted to see are suddenly unavailable and you get disappointed and discouraged, but you think to yourself—Hmmm….
Is it something I have done? Or haven’t done? Or maybe…
Could there be another reason why?
Why in the scheme of things after such hard work, would this happen?
So you calm yourself and rationalize by saying, there must be a reason why. And so you begin to search the heavens-thinking of all the possible reasons the universe would go out of its way to forestall such an important thing??
Then you stand back, take a deep breath and say to yourself… What was I trying to achieve in the first place? What have I asked of the universe that has not been shown to me yet? And so you begin to ponder the many holes that still need to be plugged, and then… The universe smiles upon you and miraculously you see the divine intention!
The delay was for a specific reason!!
It was because something else needed to happen first! Maybe something that you really hoped would happen before, but didn’t. Maybe some information that you tried to get, but for some reason were prevented from retrieving. Or, a sense that someone you desired to hear from would reach out to you with information they had held back before? So you open to the universe and say- send me a sign! The universe responds… be patient… be patient.

And so you wait…patient and confident that the universe knows best.

Well, I have waited. And indeed, my intuition was right.
The universe knew what was missing and the universe has now done its best to provide it.
Each day on my long ride to work, I must pass at least 1000 cows and horses grazing in pastures, embroidered by fences of every kind. However, there is one particular pasture that has begun to stand out from all the others. And it stood out one day because of two things; a horse that reminded me of my dear Cheyenne and a memorial sign for someone who must have died in a car crash recently.
So there, with the vision of my old horse and a photo stapled to a fence post… I found myself captivated by the irony. The night before I had been going through old files of this case.The reason this photo caught my eye was because, she is a young female- pretty, long blonde hair, blue eyes and a genuine smile. But it was more than just because she was a girl and the implication tragic. There was something about her that felt familiar. I knew we had never met, as I do not know a single soul in the area. Still… it was clear she was reaching out to me, as if we knew one another. Odd as this may sound, it wasn’t a here and now kind of recognition. There was something in her smile and the way the eyes followed me as I passed by. I whispered I was sorry for her loss and in doing so… it hit me. It was that look. A look of pleading- a longing… a sense of helplessness that hid just behind the glint of the cheerleader smile that said- “I need to talk to you. I have a message for you. ”

Again it bothered me that I have naught the gift of R to speak with the dead, but just the same… I promised I would listen to her story, if indeed she wished to make contact somehow. Her look made me mentally rummage through recent files, emails… and in my reverie, I connected her to another young, beautiful, well appointed blonde who met with early death… Roxanne.
I cannot tell you the countless times I have asked both she and Jessica to share more information with me. I know that their hearts are heavy with loss and their souls uneasy with the means by which they were silenced. The “4 in flannel” know how… but they are not the only ones now.

For a while I was certain of 3 of the 4 and questioned the definitive identity of the 4th.
But the universe brought her back to me for a reason.
She of long, blonde hair and Southern style.
She with the small white dog and the eyes of blue.
She with the necklace in a V.
She who drown, without water in her lungs…
“How is that possible,” you say?

Getting uneasy, Grim? I would be. Roxanne has finally found her voice!

Let’s revisit…

April 12, 2011

R: She confirms – talks about the________ exchange again- shows G giving ________to 2 men.
T: I tell her I have discovered that __________had a brother who played tennis, was a red head, member of the country club, same knick-name of Red, but that he was taller at 6’ 2” and sold insurance. I worry I have the wrong Red ________- she confirms that the __________energy- sign painter energy is the right one- the go to guy- the cover up guy at the_____ exchange with female energy- G and younger male energy _________ still feels correct.
R: She redirects to focus on the __________; they give her a 4 in the address.
Imagery about a postal worker- someone who worked in the post office for a long time- local dude- he will know.
T: I ask of the energy goes to property in _________or in ___________where _________died eventually years later.
R: She says they both have energy- slight pull to ____________.
R: (Continues to push for more clarification.)
She asks about ___________- scar or dimple on cheek- says she is given the age of 51. She asks who is 51?
T: Red ________would have been about that age- __________ would have been 37 at the time.
RS: Ask about person who does taxidermy.
T: I try to remember info on __________ and recall a comment about taxidermy being attached to ________in that conversation.
R: A question– When you say _____________- Sears Roebuck, I see a watch. Does this make sense- a watch? Did he work in the jewelry department? He is our potential MOT – they are showing me images of him being roughed up- intimidated- threats- he has a __________still living- a name that starts with ___, I believe- there is possible info for you there.
(She redirects)
R: Do you understand a person who was a runner- a son-promising young athlete? Look at list of people involved in this- male- a high school and/or a college student- track star. Talk to him- he is totally on the up and up- naïve.
T: I give her the last two male names of _________.
R: I cannot pull to either one- the track star- he is your young athlete- talk to him.
Redirects: Who do you know who would have had a boat? A small fishing boat- a johnboat? The lake- feels like the____________ lake –they are showing me a man in a boat- the only one out there- by himself. He is knowledgeable- he saw things, heard things- they will talk to you.
(She tells me not to worry about this self-imposed deadline I am pressuring myself with. I explain that I am worried that I may be asking too many questions. I keep feeling like it is getting too close… like time is running out.
R: They show her, “Is it?”
TA: I tell her I don’t understand.
R: They continue to say-“Is it? Is time running out?” she says they are trying to let me know things are still okay to discover- they show her only 2 people know about the_____________. The person who did it and the person he disclosed everything to- only 2 people know- the shooter and 1 other.
T: I ask if the other is still living.
R: They say too much time- too much time has passed. They feel __________is still there.
(She asks that I trust the information and try not to be so hard on myself- that trust is the most important thing in this process. She redirects and says let’s just see what comes through.)
She tells me about a fire truck? Fire truck – who would have driven a fire truck? Who used to drive the fire truck knows everyone and everything- (T:-dead or alive?) Can’t say- ask who this was- there is information for you there- significant.

Dead men who will not shut up …

April 5, 2011

I have read and re-read so many notes… too many articles… seen too many pictures, till all I can think and see is Charley. Charley dead. Charley manipulated. Charley silenced. Charley in a long sleeve shirt and lacerated arms beneath. Cheese cutters that became weapons. Children that became liars at their father’s hands. Crime photos missing. Crime photos manipulated. Charley with a gun. Charley with grass and sand on his pants, but not on his shirt. Charley with coagulated blood and wet pavement… but no dissolution of blood. Hats and flashlights that no one remembers. Rubber boots and bloody shovels. Witnesses who lie and back one another. Dead men who will not shut up and live men who will not speak up…

The pendulum of justice swings and begins to make its way back towards the center to cross its original mark.
Your hours are numbered, Grim… count them down with me one at a time.
Tick… tick… tick… tick…

Do you know …

April 4, 2011


Just as an aside- check the angel numerology on the date. The numbers 44 and 11.

“…ask them for help with everything, and listen to their guidence through your intuition…”

“…Stay positive! Your thoughts are materializing rapidly…”

11 is also a Master number.

Listening brought me this…
Not everything I receive information-wise has an immediate recognition factor. For instance, I am still working on some of the older clues, such as the clue-“the 7 of spades.” I used to think it was about the illegal gambling and the poker games that the great actors, Omar Shariff and Jack Palatin used to fly from Hollywood into Valdosta for, or maybe that it was pointing me towards a known card player, but then I thought…
Holy s_____!

Hard as it is to believe- I just figured what this clue actually means while I am typing this out. You know, sometimes I can be so focused on things– that I miss what’s right in front of me. If I would only just back up an inch or two, I could learn to see with Charley’s eyes. I’ll be damned… and probably will, but the clue has a direct correlation to the information about Jessica’s murder! The 7 is either for the plot number where her body is buried under, the universal number signifying I am on the right track and get this–the “spades” has nothing to do with cards, but everything to do with shovels! Understand? A spade is a shovel! Man, the longer I do this the more I come to realize that I should not keep wrenching myself up into a tight ball of frustration while trying to figure these things out- I just need to relax and try to look at things with a fresh approach.

Life lesson here folks! Now that I have that one… let’s look at some others I have missed. Most recent is the mention of an attorney who lives and works in Georgetown. Now what this has to do with me currently is a mystery. Could it be that I will either be working with or suffering under the due diligence efforts of such an attorney? And what of the green paint- the number 4 and fingernails filed with dirt? Oh my dear readers, do not assume that I give you all my dirty little secrets! Who would buy the book if it was all contained here in these snippets of stream of conscience writings? Just for chumming the waters though…

Grim? You still out there? Some one saw you the other day. Was that make-up under your left eye trying to keep the scar from Roxanne’s fingernails a secret too? Or do you think your glasses hide the tiny line of guilt that still runs beneath your bottom eye lid? Hmmmm…. does your wife know how you got that scar? I’ll bet she has wondered about that since 1966.

Just tell her you got it fishing… she’ll buy that line, won’t she?
You like fishing.
I like fishing too.
And here’s the kicker… we both like fishing for the same thing!

Your victims!


April 1, 2011


When I looked to my Recent Documents file and saw nothing but homework assignments and not this file… it told me that I have been separated from my divine purpose for far too many days. Clearly this is not a religious site as you can see from what I am writing about, but there is a divine purpose to what it is I am trying to accomplish. Each one of us has a specific mission in this life and not all are the same, or even sometimes what we first think they might be. Look at my path. I owned a horse farm, worked at a theatre and kept journals. I have always wanted to be a writer- knew that was my destiny, but ignored it as I became older, because I had a family and real life obligations I thought more important. My natural curiosity and infatuation with the paranormal, sciences, history and justice continued to grow- but was always slanted towards filler moments for when my chores were done. There was no possible way I could have fit them all together into one project and/or mission and been confident that they would not only mesh- but would actually compliment one another. And yet… there in that bucolic setting, I found a creative outlet through a nearby theatre that prompted the change. In a twist of fate, I was forced into writing a play to replace one I had chosen blindly that turned out to be a bust. That turned into several more- a publisher and then one day a play that was too large to be anything but a book. That book started a series of 7 or 8 other manuscripts- that led me to hone my craft while being poised to receive information that would change my life forever. In the midst of hay, horse s_____, chaos and curtain calls- God brought me to run a theatre. That brought me to my costumer. She brought me to Moores Ford Bridge. That brought me to writing a book. My writing and my association with drama brought me to hire a child- who brought me to Julie. Julie brought me to a conversation about my book and that conversation brought me to her father, Charley. And Charley… brought me to the University of Maryland to study Investigative Forensics, then to this place and now to you.

I know this has little to do with the case and that your real intrigue lies there, but stop today and think about the curious paths your life has taken to bring you to where you are today. Can you see the twists and turns now as calculated and not random? Take a minute to see the connections- to glimpse the silver threads between us. How did you find me? What has this blog meant to your life? Are you related to the victims? Are you related to the killers? Or… are you simply fascinated at the incredible adventure that this has taken me on?

You are reading this today because there is a commonality between us. Take that then and extrapolate further…

Is there someone on the other side you are trying to reach? Is there someone on the other side trying to reach you? A question you want to ask them? An answer they are trying to send you? A divine purpose you feel you are being called to?

I am soon to be 53 and if someone had told me 20 years ago I would be a successful theatre director, back in college studying Investigative Forensics and talking with the dead…do you know what I would have said?


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