When I looked to my Recent Documents file and saw nothing but homework assignments and not this file… it told me that I have been separated from my divine purpose for far too many days. Clearly this is not a religious site as you can see from what I am writing about, but there is a divine purpose to what it is I am trying to accomplish. Each one of us has a specific mission in this life and not all are the same, or even sometimes what we first think they might be. Look at my path. I owned a horse farm, worked at a theatre and kept journals. I have always wanted to be a writer- knew that was my destiny, but ignored it as I became older, because I had a family and real life obligations I thought more important. My natural curiosity and infatuation with the paranormal, sciences, history and justice continued to grow- but was always slanted towards filler moments for when my chores were done. There was no possible way I could have fit them all together into one project and/or mission and been confident that they would not only mesh- but would actually compliment one another. And yet… there in that bucolic setting, I found a creative outlet through a nearby theatre that prompted the change. In a twist of fate, I was forced into writing a play to replace one I had chosen blindly that turned out to be a bust. That turned into several more- a publisher and then one day a play that was too large to be anything but a book. That book started a series of 7 or 8 other manuscripts- that led me to hone my craft while being poised to receive information that would change my life forever. In the midst of hay, horse s_____, chaos and curtain calls- God brought me to run a theatre. That brought me to my costumer. She brought me to Moores Ford Bridge. That brought me to writing a book. My writing and my association with drama brought me to hire a child- who brought me to Julie. Julie brought me to a conversation about my book and that conversation brought me to her father, Charley. And Charley… brought me to the University of Maryland to study Investigative Forensics, then to this place and now to you.

I know this has little to do with the case and that your real intrigue lies there, but stop today and think about the curious paths your life has taken to bring you to where you are today. Can you see the twists and turns now as calculated and not random? Take a minute to see the connections- to glimpse the silver threads between us. How did you find me? What has this blog meant to your life? Are you related to the victims? Are you related to the killers? Or… are you simply fascinated at the incredible adventure that this has taken me on?

You are reading this today because there is a commonality between us. Take that then and extrapolate further…

Is there someone on the other side you are trying to reach? Is there someone on the other side trying to reach you? A question you want to ask them? An answer they are trying to send you? A divine purpose you feel you are being called to?

I am soon to be 53 and if someone had told me 20 years ago I would be a successful theatre director, back in college studying Investigative Forensics and talking with the dead…do you know what I would have said?


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