When I ask that he check page #7 …


It has been a ridiculously long set of hours in between my posts and I do apologize, but such is life and the nature of what I do here. Charley is still at my side, but he tends to wander off to do whatever it is they do on the other side. My parents too have found their own rhythm and I… in this plane struggle to find my own with as much grace as they.

Though there are still fragments of this case that evade me, there are a great many that have not and I am both cautious and eager to see where this all will lead. Another Spring has befallen us and the skies have wreaked havoc over most of Georgia this last eve and I find myself settled and unsettled in the evergreen and ever gray that has followed. In between raindrops, I can hear the breeching of tires as they cross the bridge towards destinations unknown. It is a far away call that reminds me that I must finish homework and bolster myself for the heavy week ahead. It is odd this year, this relocation of both heart and soul and yet perhaps just what was necessary to find the small constant hum of who I once was. Death can be a profound tool for the employment of chaos in one’s life and while none are recent… the echo of such losses, ring for years after– creating a ripple of voids and chasms that must be crossed. Here in this place, the horizon and lack of proximity provide salve, with water and sky marginalized by encroaching pines. I am joyed at its healing elements and grateful for those who so lovingly aligned.

I know it is not easy to pace yourself like this, dear readers… You expect things to happen and so do I, but there is timing built into this for a reason. Details await me. Confessions simmer and come to the surface, then retract themselves again, only to boil and crest again. It will come… it will come, they tell me… all in due time. All those involved will begin in unison to shudder and then the dam will break and a flood of information will crest the city walls and Valdosta will be cleansed of its corrupt and distant past. No more shall false pillars stand erect and take credit for meritorious deeds that never happened. Those who have passed will be given a new legacy and those that are still alive, another mantel of shame to bear.
He reminds me not to let the man with the mint tobacco to escape- that all must know his part in this! When I ask that he recheck page #7, he replies… “It is A-ok!” When I ask if I can move forward now–they give me the green light. I ask if he will help me with other cases, he confirms with a smile. But what is most touching is when I ask if he will stay…
His answer, with enfolded wings is, “We are forvere- you and I.”

Fear not faithful readers… if the exploration of this case by others more skilled than I does not get them to speak the truth… the book will!

Thank you Charley…

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