Do you know …


Just as an aside- check the angel numerology on the date. The numbers 44 and 11.

“…ask them for help with everything, and listen to their guidence through your intuition…”

“…Stay positive! Your thoughts are materializing rapidly…”

11 is also a Master number.

Listening brought me this…
Not everything I receive information-wise has an immediate recognition factor. For instance, I am still working on some of the older clues, such as the clue-“the 7 of spades.” I used to think it was about the illegal gambling and the poker games that the great actors, Omar Shariff and Jack Palatin used to fly from Hollywood into Valdosta for, or maybe that it was pointing me towards a known card player, but then I thought…
Holy s_____!

Hard as it is to believe- I just figured what this clue actually means while I am typing this out. You know, sometimes I can be so focused on things– that I miss what’s right in front of me. If I would only just back up an inch or two, I could learn to see with Charley’s eyes. I’ll be damned… and probably will, but the clue has a direct correlation to the information about Jessica’s murder! The 7 is either for the plot number where her body is buried under, the universal number signifying I am on the right track and get this–the “spades” has nothing to do with cards, but everything to do with shovels! Understand? A spade is a shovel! Man, the longer I do this the more I come to realize that I should not keep wrenching myself up into a tight ball of frustration while trying to figure these things out- I just need to relax and try to look at things with a fresh approach.

Life lesson here folks! Now that I have that one… let’s look at some others I have missed. Most recent is the mention of an attorney who lives and works in Georgetown. Now what this has to do with me currently is a mystery. Could it be that I will either be working with or suffering under the due diligence efforts of such an attorney? And what of the green paint- the number 4 and fingernails filed with dirt? Oh my dear readers, do not assume that I give you all my dirty little secrets! Who would buy the book if it was all contained here in these snippets of stream of conscience writings? Just for chumming the waters though…

Grim? You still out there? Some one saw you the other day. Was that make-up under your left eye trying to keep the scar from Roxanne’s fingernails a secret too? Or do you think your glasses hide the tiny line of guilt that still runs beneath your bottom eye lid? Hmmmm…. does your wife know how you got that scar? I’ll bet she has wondered about that since 1966.

Just tell her you got it fishing… she’ll buy that line, won’t she?
You like fishing.
I like fishing too.
And here’s the kicker… we both like fishing for the same thing!

Your victims!

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