Dead men who will not shut up …

I have read and re-read so many notes… too many articles… seen too many pictures, till all I can think and see is Charley. Charley dead. Charley manipulated. Charley silenced. Charley in a long sleeve shirt and lacerated arms beneath. Cheese cutters that became weapons. Children that became liars at their father’s hands. Crime photos missing. Crime photos manipulated. Charley with a gun. Charley with grass and sand on his pants, but not on his shirt. Charley with coagulated blood and wet pavement… but no dissolution of blood. Hats and flashlights that no one remembers. Rubber boots and bloody shovels. Witnesses who lie and back one another. Dead men who will not shut up and live men who will not speak up…

The pendulum of justice swings and begins to make its way back towards the center to cross its original mark.
Your hours are numbered, Grim… count them down with me one at a time.
Tick… tick… tick… tick…

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