Let’s revisit…

R: She confirms – talks about the________ exchange again- shows G giving ________to 2 men.
T: I tell her I have discovered that __________had a brother who played tennis, was a red head, member of the country club, same knick-name of Red, but that he was taller at 6’ 2” and sold insurance. I worry I have the wrong Red ________- she confirms that the __________energy- sign painter energy is the right one- the go to guy- the cover up guy at the_____ exchange with female energy- G and younger male energy _________ still feels correct.
R: She redirects to focus on the __________; they give her a 4 in the address.
Imagery about a postal worker- someone who worked in the post office for a long time- local dude- he will know.
T: I ask of the energy goes to property in _________or in ___________where _________died eventually years later.
R: She says they both have energy- slight pull to ____________.
R: (Continues to push for more clarification.)
She asks about ___________- scar or dimple on cheek- says she is given the age of 51. She asks who is 51?
T: Red ________would have been about that age- __________ would have been 37 at the time.
RS: Ask about person who does taxidermy.
T: I try to remember info on __________ and recall a comment about taxidermy being attached to ________in that conversation.
R: A question– When you say _____________- Sears Roebuck, I see a watch. Does this make sense- a watch? Did he work in the jewelry department? He is our potential MOT – they are showing me images of him being roughed up- intimidated- threats- he has a __________still living- a name that starts with ___, I believe- there is possible info for you there.
(She redirects)
R: Do you understand a person who was a runner- a son-promising young athlete? Look at list of people involved in this- male- a high school and/or a college student- track star. Talk to him- he is totally on the up and up- naïve.
T: I give her the last two male names of _________.
R: I cannot pull to either one- the track star- he is your young athlete- talk to him.
Redirects: Who do you know who would have had a boat? A small fishing boat- a johnboat? The lake- feels like the____________ lake –they are showing me a man in a boat- the only one out there- by himself. He is knowledgeable- he saw things, heard things- they will talk to you.
(She tells me not to worry about this self-imposed deadline I am pressuring myself with. I explain that I am worried that I may be asking too many questions. I keep feeling like it is getting too close… like time is running out.
R: They show her, “Is it?”
TA: I tell her I don’t understand.
R: They continue to say-“Is it? Is time running out?” she says they are trying to let me know things are still okay to discover- they show her only 2 people know about the_____________. The person who did it and the person he disclosed everything to- only 2 people know- the shooter and 1 other.
T: I ask if the other is still living.
R: They say too much time- too much time has passed. They feel __________is still there.
(She asks that I trust the information and try not to be so hard on myself- that trust is the most important thing in this process. She redirects and says let’s just see what comes through.)
She tells me about a fire truck? Fire truck – who would have driven a fire truck? Who used to drive the fire truck knows everyone and everything- (T:-dead or alive?) Can’t say- ask who this was- there is information for you there- significant.

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