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Happy Anniversary…

August 28, 2012



Today would have been my mother and father’s anniversary.

No….check that. Today IS my mother and father’s anniversary, because even though they have passed they are still together- still playing and still watching out for my _________ as I continue to work this case.

Yes the book is under edit and now I have beyond multiple confirmations of its publication and a possible film. You always wanted to be a star-but I’m betting not quite the way you will be portrayed! Not even Tommy Lee Jones is that good of an actor!

Use this time wisely Grim. If you step forward and confess, it will not wipe the blood from your hands as you were complicate with it all…but you may salvage a shred of dignity if you do so sooner than later. Will your family be any less shattered by your past for doing so? I cannot say for certain. What I can say for certain is, that if you allow the cosmos to drive this bus much longer- You will be run over by it!

Today is my parent’s anniversary. In a few days I will celebrate one of my own. Four years ago would I have thought that possible? No… I am human too. We have been together a long time-30 years. Sometimes good… sometimes not so much. But the most remarkable thing I can say is that regardless what mountain was presented- it got climbed. Regardless the depth of the valley thrown before us- it got crossed.


Was it always love?


Sometimes just strongly believing in your history with one another and a gut instinct that you are supposed to be together can be the glue that holds you stationary long enough to remember why you fell in love in the first place and that can be the first step that binds you back together.


Who do you love? Who do you cherish?


Grim… you have been married a very long time. If you love her- honor her and tell the truth now. Either way you may lose her- but at least give her the dignity she deserves to find out from your lips and not from Barnes and Noble!

QUESTION: If a local hooker…

August 25, 2012


So Charley now has a greater audience and is talking to more than just one psychic…

Can you imagine how much he must have to say if he now needs several options to get information to me? Hmmmm…

So you remember a few blogs ago that he showed R the money trail?

Well guess whose door that  ended at?

Thanks to a very dear friend, I now know. You would know him too. In fact, he is one of the first few that appear early on in this adventure. But that’s not all… if you go way back you may recall that one of the two young women who were snuffed out by the 4 in flannel was suspected of being pregnant—my poor Jessica. Other information now suggests and confirms that was true. So my dear readers- the number of homicides technically now grows by one. Oh, and where do you think they all paid and did, ‘the nasty?’ Well, the trailer park was one place-you know,  the one across from the’fort.’ But there was another place too. Going back two years, another impression showed somewhere that started with the word Red. Now being that this is not really my bailiwick and that I am certainly not native to your little burg, I assumed some seedy hotel/motel with some trashy name. It was a natural assumption… but it was also the wrong assumption! I’m a rookie though, so cut me some slack.

Now, a normal date between a man and a woman that ends in bed should at least come with dinner, movie and chocolates! Maybe even the occassional red rose or two- that’s what Roxanne used to get, but I digress. However; since this isn’t a date between a man and a woman-  but between sweaty young and old, tobacco laden slobbering men and young GIRLS– your money pays for a completely different kind of ticket. So I ask you, what goes better with sex than readily available liquor? Think about it dear readers. Unfortuneatley it was probably more for the girls. (I know I would have to be stone cold drunk to sleep with some of the men I now know where involved. Major yuck factor!)

But that’s not the point. G had much lower standards than I, so maybe she could do them sober… and the two young girls? Hello! They were just that: YOUNG GIRLS! But then maybe that was the attraction for these men. Maybe straight and sober women their own age wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole. Anyway… the point is, these men thought more through their shorts than they did through their… well either way, neither of those two locations held any brains so it is a moot point.

Grim, I’m shocked. Just because everything was all about the jail, didn’t mean you should keep it right in its backyard, silly?That shows lazieness and lack of creativity. Though I will have to give you kudos for the pool thing. Totally brill!

Keeping everything close, made it easier to keep track of things. Things like; dead bodies, money, moonshine, hookers, politicians and skim money…but really, dude. Learn to think outside the box a bit!

But let’s get back to the girls.

Now, the most curious thing about Jessica’s pregnancy? All along there have been rumors and innuendos about who the father might be. I know, because I have tracked them all. I’ve had my suspicions here and there. Local Joe… not local Joe…? It’s a quandry.

So here’s a riddle for you?

QUESTION: If a local hooker gets pregnant by a local John…who needs to kill her?



Because like my dear friend Miss M used to say, ‘Nobody gave a ___________ about those two. Them that didn’t live in that world didn’t know who they were so why would they care if they went missing? Them that done it- why they got away with murder and you ain’t never gonna find anything left of her. They cleaned up their mess. Besides…who ya gonna tell? The law?’ and she laughed.

Do you think Miss M got the joke before me?


Think my dear readers. The stakes had to be high- very high. High enough to make her murder necessary; but higher still to kill three others in order to keep it quiet! You do the math. Who do you think the father was?

There are so few of you left.

But those of you who are? Well if I were you, I would try to…

Don’t you just love a cliff hanger? I do!

On the morrow…

August 24, 2012

On the morrow, dear readers…on the morrow there will be much to tell. Much to read…much to fear!

Sleep tight, Grim.

Oh yes, Grim…quite a bit of it.

August 21, 2012



Now comes the tedious part; the cutting, the gutting, the deciphering, the clarification of play on words and the tempering of correct punctuation. Why? Because even though the book could remain at its 400 plus pages; it needs to have the photos and other hard copy evidence inserted and in order to do that– I must make room.

Hard copy evidence?

Oh yes, Grim…quite a bit of it. In fact, I think you will find this a very interesting read and in the end… I have to thank both you and Mr. Pocket Protector for that. You see  my dear readers; way back in the beginning these two individuals gave me the greatest clue of all. They each asked the same question and it was an odd question to ask at such an early stage in the game.

The question?


“Did they ever prove that both bullets came from the same gun?”


Now, why would you ask that if they already had the two bullets and the gun from under Charley’s chest? Doesn’t that seem really silly to ask, if you supposedly had both weapon and bullets and also tried to convince the world it was suicide?

Well, like I said… I have a lot of editing to do, but this?

Nah… I think I’ll leave this bit in! Like I said Grim, it’s a real good read!

It is here…can you feel it?

August 11, 2012


It is here… can you feel it? The new cycle has slowly begun and the cosmos is waking from its sleepy stage of the 2 year. Knowing that this year was meant to be slower- that it was allowing for the wheels to turn, but not to rut in haste… I am happy now to be on the other side of its frustrations. The book is finished, and while it will continue to undergo some literary evolution here and there- I too will continue to go under some forms of evolution myself to bring it to the place intended.


Soon the days will become a degree or two cooler, the sunshine just a few minutes shorter and the world will begin to roll towards the next major cycle. Jupiter will then reign supreme and we can count on fast moving impressions and confirming resolutions that all the work was worth it. I eagerly await such as I made a promise to Charley last October that he would not suffer the insult of reliving his murder one more anniversary.

This October, someone else will stand in the long stretch of lonely road and find his life turning out  other than he had desired. Could that be you, Grim? Or Mr. Einstein? Or how about you, Mr. Farmer in the dell?

Who will be cornered and who will finally confess?

Already we know that Charley, Jessica, Roxanne and the MOT have begun their ascension to a higher frequency and I am comforted by their transition. So what do we do for those who are left behind? How do I help the shooter, G, the younger male energy of law enforcement and the older farmer who kept quiet while alive- but now chatters up a storm dead? How can I be of service to them? And what of the man in the brown suit who wanders the old 4-way waiting for Grim to come to heel, share the money and tell the truth? Do you think that the cosmos is finished with them?

Trust me… it is not!

Why just the other day I received this  information from R.

‘Ok… so Charley just showed me the money trail, leading to a door with the number_______ on it. Also the door feels hot- like a fire was or is behind it.’

 Tick, tock… tick tock…

Now, since it is no longer a secret to me… I am free to research such things. For you, you must continue to guess, but eventually some of you will tire of the mystery. Some of you may even step forward and plug in the holes yourselves. At that point I will confirm or deny your suspicions. Shall I share some of the book with you? Shall I drop a page here and there, so that you know what a good read this will be? So you see that the blog was just a mere shell of the information received?

Maybe I will and maybe I won’t. Author’s choice, you know.

After all, the remaining 4 in flannel are not behind jail bars…yet!

Should you run? Should you hide? Could you even if those old legs could carry you? Don’t bother. You would only have to walk all the way back to town for trial. What is it they call that? The perp’s walk?

Good question. So how far can that little car carry you, Grim? I see it has already taken you as far as the nearest eye store. Nice new glasses pal. The frames look a little darker- even bigger. Too bad they really don’t hide the scar well enough, though. Especially when you have your face plastered all over the papers like that. Don’t you know they have to enlarge photos to do that?

Silly boy! Gosh, the older you get… the…hmmmm? Would that be the braver you get, or just the more reckless you get?

So think my dear friends… follow the money! Who always talks about the money???!!!

Who always talks about transferring the money? Oh wait… my bad! He doesn’t talk about that. R just sees him doing it a lot. Money here… money there! Hey- maybe the number is a bank vault number? Don’t you just love it when I think out loud??? So how many accounts are there now, Grim?  How many banks now hold your blood money? You can’t take it with you, you know?

What is they say?

‘He has the most toys at the end of the game wins?’

Or is it, he who has the most toys at the end of the game- just gave his hand away!

Have a great day. Grim!

They are numbered you know.

One… two… three… four…. five….

The end…?

August 5, 2012




And so my dear readers, the time has come to dot the lingering i’s and cross the final t’s in this manuscript. It has been an amazing journey from the start to the finish… and the finish is still coming- even as I polish my prose. Perhaps not as soon as we like it, but all in good time. I still have an editing process to go through, a few more clues to flesh out and bleed back in. You see, the beauty of this process is that just because the book is written, doesn’t mean there still isn’t time before it goes to print to add the rest of the things I have just recently figured out, along with the all encompassing epilogue.


You know, the one that will read something like this:


‘On the ___________day of ___________, 2012, in Lowndes County, Georgia; Mr. Grim Reaper, Mr. Albert Einstein, Mr. Farmer in the dell, in addition to the former__________________ and former_____________ were indicted today in the brutal slayings of Federal Treasury Agent, Charles Gordon Covington, twenty-_____ year old Roxanne B________, twenty- _____ year old Jessica S ___________, and 61 year old Robert _______________ and possibly 1 other local business owner, named________________ who were allegedly murdered in and around the Valdosta, Georgia  area between the years, 1966-1968. Others indicted in this conspiracy are as follows:________________, ________________________, ________________________, _________________________, __________________________, __________________, ________________________________. The primary five individuals were charged with several counts of collusion and conspiracy to cover-up these crimes in an effort to evade prosecution  and are charged with 4 counts each of murder in the first degree, along with additional charges of; perjury, falsifying documents, willful and malicious intimidation of witnesses, and obstruction of justice. Because this cover-up included the collusion of individuals employed by several local, state and federal agencies- the scope of this investigation will be handled at the federal level.’


Now, doesn’t that read a whole lot better than just typing…



Get ready…

August 4, 2012


The book is done.

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