The end…?




And so my dear readers, the time has come to dot the lingering i’s and cross the final t’s in this manuscript. It has been an amazing journey from the start to the finish… and the finish is still coming- even as I polish my prose. Perhaps not as soon as we like it, but all in good time. I still have an editing process to go through, a few more clues to flesh out and bleed back in. You see, the beauty of this process is that just because the book is written, doesn’t mean there still isn’t time before it goes to print to add the rest of the things I have just recently figured out, along with the all encompassing epilogue.


You know, the one that will read something like this:


‘On the ___________day of ___________, 2012, in Lowndes County, Georgia; Mr. Grim Reaper, Mr. Albert Einstein, Mr. Farmer in the dell, in addition to the former__________________ and former_____________ were indicted today in the brutal slayings of Federal Treasury Agent, Charles Gordon Covington, twenty-_____ year old Roxanne B________, twenty- _____ year old Jessica S ___________, and 61 year old Robert _______________ and possibly 1 other local business owner, named________________ who were allegedly murdered in and around the Valdosta, Georgia  area between the years, 1966-1968. Others indicted in this conspiracy are as follows:________________, ________________________, ________________________, _________________________, __________________________, __________________, ________________________________. The primary five individuals were charged with several counts of collusion and conspiracy to cover-up these crimes in an effort to evade prosecution  and are charged with 4 counts each of murder in the first degree, along with additional charges of; perjury, falsifying documents, willful and malicious intimidation of witnesses, and obstruction of justice. Because this cover-up included the collusion of individuals employed by several local, state and federal agencies- the scope of this investigation will be handled at the federal level.’


Now, doesn’t that read a whole lot better than just typing…



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