It is here…can you feel it?


It is here… can you feel it? The new cycle has slowly begun and the cosmos is waking from its sleepy stage of the 2 year. Knowing that this year was meant to be slower- that it was allowing for the wheels to turn, but not to rut in haste… I am happy now to be on the other side of its frustrations. The book is finished, and while it will continue to undergo some literary evolution here and there- I too will continue to go under some forms of evolution myself to bring it to the place intended.


Soon the days will become a degree or two cooler, the sunshine just a few minutes shorter and the world will begin to roll towards the next major cycle. Jupiter will then reign supreme and we can count on fast moving impressions and confirming resolutions that all the work was worth it. I eagerly await such as I made a promise to Charley last October that he would not suffer the insult of reliving his murder one more anniversary.

This October, someone else will stand in the long stretch of lonely road and find his life turning out  other than he had desired. Could that be you, Grim? Or Mr. Einstein? Or how about you, Mr. Farmer in the dell?

Who will be cornered and who will finally confess?

Already we know that Charley, Jessica, Roxanne and the MOT have begun their ascension to a higher frequency and I am comforted by their transition. So what do we do for those who are left behind? How do I help the shooter, G, the younger male energy of law enforcement and the older farmer who kept quiet while alive- but now chatters up a storm dead? How can I be of service to them? And what of the man in the brown suit who wanders the old 4-way waiting for Grim to come to heel, share the money and tell the truth? Do you think that the cosmos is finished with them?

Trust me… it is not!

Why just the other day I received this  information from R.

‘Ok… so Charley just showed me the money trail, leading to a door with the number_______ on it. Also the door feels hot- like a fire was or is behind it.’

 Tick, tock… tick tock…

Now, since it is no longer a secret to me… I am free to research such things. For you, you must continue to guess, but eventually some of you will tire of the mystery. Some of you may even step forward and plug in the holes yourselves. At that point I will confirm or deny your suspicions. Shall I share some of the book with you? Shall I drop a page here and there, so that you know what a good read this will be? So you see that the blog was just a mere shell of the information received?

Maybe I will and maybe I won’t. Author’s choice, you know.

After all, the remaining 4 in flannel are not behind jail bars…yet!

Should you run? Should you hide? Could you even if those old legs could carry you? Don’t bother. You would only have to walk all the way back to town for trial. What is it they call that? The perp’s walk?

Good question. So how far can that little car carry you, Grim? I see it has already taken you as far as the nearest eye store. Nice new glasses pal. The frames look a little darker- even bigger. Too bad they really don’t hide the scar well enough, though. Especially when you have your face plastered all over the papers like that. Don’t you know they have to enlarge photos to do that?

Silly boy! Gosh, the older you get… the…hmmmm? Would that be the braver you get, or just the more reckless you get?

So think my dear friends… follow the money! Who always talks about the money???!!!

Who always talks about transferring the money? Oh wait… my bad! He doesn’t talk about that. R just sees him doing it a lot. Money here… money there! Hey- maybe the number is a bank vault number? Don’t you just love it when I think out loud??? So how many accounts are there now, Grim?  How many banks now hold your blood money? You can’t take it with you, you know?

What is they say?

‘He has the most toys at the end of the game wins?’

Or is it, he who has the most toys at the end of the game- just gave his hand away!

Have a great day. Grim!

They are numbered you know.

One… two… three… four…. five….

One Response to “It is here…can you feel it?”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    WOW!!! I can’t wait, TA.

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