Oh yes, Grim…quite a bit of it.



Now comes the tedious part; the cutting, the gutting, the deciphering, the clarification of play on words and the tempering of correct punctuation. Why? Because even though the book could remain at its 400 plus pages; it needs to have the photos and other hard copy evidence inserted and in order to do that– I must make room.

Hard copy evidence?

Oh yes, Grim…quite a bit of it. In fact, I think you will find this a very interesting read and in the end… I have to thank both you and Mr. Pocket Protector for that. You see  my dear readers; way back in the beginning these two individuals gave me the greatest clue of all. They each asked the same question and it was an odd question to ask at such an early stage in the game.

The question?


“Did they ever prove that both bullets came from the same gun?”


Now, why would you ask that if they already had the two bullets and the gun from under Charley’s chest? Doesn’t that seem really silly to ask, if you supposedly had both weapon and bullets and also tried to convince the world it was suicide?

Well, like I said… I have a lot of editing to do, but this?

Nah… I think I’ll leave this bit in! Like I said Grim, it’s a real good read!

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