Happy Anniversary…



Today would have been my mother and father’s anniversary.

No….check that. Today IS my mother and father’s anniversary, because even though they have passed they are still together- still playing and still watching out for my _________ as I continue to work this case.

Yes the book is under edit and now I have beyond multiple confirmations of its publication and a possible film. You always wanted to be a star-but I’m betting not quite the way you will be portrayed! Not even Tommy Lee Jones is that good of an actor!

Use this time wisely Grim. If you step forward and confess, it will not wipe the blood from your hands as you were complicate with it all…but you may salvage a shred of dignity if you do so sooner than later. Will your family be any less shattered by your past for doing so? I cannot say for certain. What I can say for certain is, that if you allow the cosmos to drive this bus much longer- You will be run over by it!

Today is my parent’s anniversary. In a few days I will celebrate one of my own. Four years ago would I have thought that possible? No… I am human too. We have been together a long time-30 years. Sometimes good… sometimes not so much. But the most remarkable thing I can say is that regardless what mountain was presented- it got climbed. Regardless the depth of the valley thrown before us- it got crossed.


Was it always love?


Sometimes just strongly believing in your history with one another and a gut instinct that you are supposed to be together can be the glue that holds you stationary long enough to remember why you fell in love in the first place and that can be the first step that binds you back together.


Who do you love? Who do you cherish?


Grim… you have been married a very long time. If you love her- honor her and tell the truth now. Either way you may lose her- but at least give her the dignity she deserves to find out from your lips and not from Barnes and Noble!

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