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Another feather…

June 29, 2013


Another feather…another dead fish!

Again, feathers signify a message is on its way. The dead fish? Still trying to figure that one out…unless that message was from you Grim.

Gosh, I can hardly wait to hear what this is all about!

I have asked for further information on…

June 28, 2013


The week has been most enlightening… and this morning I got out of my car and found a feather at my feet. Well, if you have been with me a long time, then you know what feathers mean. If not, they mean that an important message is on its way and I must be open to both recognizing and receiving it.

I have asked for further information on something, so I am hopeful that the infamous “they” are willing to comply.

So that you know what has transpired is real, I can tell you now that certain impressions that had sat without segue have now been ceared up for me and for that, I am eternally grateful. I have been able to identify and decipher most of the impressions and/or clues given from the ethereal, but rememeber the constant mention of loose diamonds and a ruby? For the longest time I could not imagine how that could tie to Valdosta or to this case. Now we all klnow the best way to launder money is to transfer it into something else… something, oh let’s say… untraceable. BIngo! Diamonds! And the ruby? Well, let’s just say that sometimes something is not what it seems. Soimetimes a thing can be a name or a…nickname. All that to say recent information has beenof supreme help infurther tying the noose around the neck of this thing. Another impression or clue that evaded me was about a cosmetics employee. Now that one had me confused for a long time. My error was that  it came in about the same time as all the baking references and so I thought it had to do with Rox, but I was wrong. Well, I know now where they were referring and to whom they were referring.

So- yes, I am grateful that people are now becoming more comfortable with stepping forward withinformation. Oh, and  this applies to you Grim. Infact, I am suprised you have not reviewed the book yet and told me what parts I’ve gotten right and what parts I’ve gotten wrong.

If you haven’t had the chance to read it yet… you may want to. I don’t mind being corrected- especially by the master himself. You made that quite clear.

You once told me that you knew a lot more than what you were sharing… guess what?

So did I.

Read the book.

 The Thin Gray Line by T.A.Powell is now available on in both digital and paperback. Please help put to rest one of Valdosta’s most notorious crimes.


Dear Valdosta,

June 26, 2013


Dear Valdosta,

Thank you!

Since the book, THE THIN GRAY LINE  has come out many of you have been reading it and many more of you have begun to contact me about things that confirm for me that I am on the right track. I will not list them here- but what I can tell you is that while many of you seemed shocked at first that ‘those kind of things’ were happeneing back then– many more of you are telling me  I might be surprised how many people have other information about this and are toying with coming forward.  To them I say; even thought he book is out, I will continue to make myself available to any and all who are willing to share information and your efforts will not be in vain. YOu can go to authorities or you can contact me directly.

As stated before, the case will never be over me for me- not until Charley’s Death Certificate is finally changed from Suicide to Homicide and those responsible who are still alive brought to justice.  I also wish to find peace for the two women and the MOT. And my dear readers-with what you have been sharing, along with what’s already in the book- that day may not be too far off! In fact, since so much new information keeps pouring in…  I have decided to dedicate  a chapter or two at the beginning of my next novel: THE DEAD LINE: Confessions of a Dixie Mafia Assassin, to wrapping this case up as so many of its elements lead directly into certain events contained within my next project.

So here is a favor…

As you read the book- jot down things you can remember or people that you knew might have been involved with many of the activities revealed in the book and get the information to me through the web site contact. It is fine if you wish to remain anynonymous. Those of you who have already contacted me or others on my behalf – thank you for stepping forward.  Every piece of information always helps or provides segue to another piece of information.

It’s funny… last night I was speaking with someone who has become a dear friend over the course of this project and they said they imagined the case has remained unsolved for so long because a handful of those who were involved are still alive.

Now, I have been told that by a 100 other people a 100 times, but it wasn’t until last night that I finally realized why it has always sounded so awkward.

True, several of those involved or had knowledge about the events and individuals surrounding Charley’s murder are still alive, but rather than saying,  “This case hasn’t been solved because so many of those involved are still ALIVE…”

We should be saying, “This case needs to be solved because so many of those involved are still DEAD.”


Thank you Valdosta. You keep on talking and I’ll keep on listening!

Are you ready for your close-up, Grim?

June 23, 2013


The super moon has arrived and with it comes the power to recreate your life and decide where it is you want to go. July will be about taking back your power. Owning your life and the directions and the decisions you make. You will be responsible to become the architect of your universe. Let go of the past- stop blaming yourself or others for mistakes. Mistakes are lessons, not licenses to beat up ourselves or others. You are where you are because of the decisions you have made in your life- own that and you can set yourself free. Keep what serves- lose what no longer is in keeping with who you are or where you are headed. Realize that people and places come into your life- sometimes only for a season or as introduction to another lesson. Be prepared to let some of them go. For many it can be about old worn out relationships, or unfulfilled careers…even homes or belief systems are up for the changing winds. Dare to be bold.

I bring this up, because this entire last year has been about bringing things to fruition-this case in particular. Everything for the last four years has been about getting to a place where I can let go and be at peace with what has been discovered. A place where I must learn to trust the universe and hand things back over to you… to allow you to help me redefine what happened to Charley that night. It is our collective privilege to discover what it is that history needs to correct about his death. Charley did not commit suicide, as his Death Certificate reads– Charley was murdered. Some one once said it was about ‘fraternal protection’ and they were right- but whose?

Now I know that the wait for this book was long and that you may have been frustrated with the lengthy process of discovery, but remember…be kind. I am but one person and the journey took me places even I could not have foreseen from the start.  The information and evidence divined in these last 4 years has been in hiding, kept under wraps and buried- both literally and figuratively. People who had information either lied about what they knew or kept it from outside law enforcement, who might have been able to help re-open this case sooner. Now, some of these folks did so out of fear. That is understandable- perhaps even forgivable…but in the end, it contributed to the comfort and calm enjoyed by the four in flannel who slaughtered to protect their way of life- their profits and their power.

Innocent people were murdered and that is not to be forgotten.

Let’s not forget that Charley’s widow spent the remaining years of her life trying to find a way to re-invigorate the investigation, but was blocked at every turn.  Let’s not forget that Charley’s children lived lives without their father and did their best to move this case forward as well, but were up against insurmountable odds to do so. I applaud all their efforts and pray that mine as well have not been in vain.

Why was he killed?

Do not read this book with your 21st century reasoning or expectations- it won’t work. Remember, rural Georgia back in the day was a very different place than it is today.  Great expanses of rural areas were run by the reigning law; governed by ego and greed. Those in power did everything not only to secure that power, but to increase it. They were above the law, because they were the law. Think then about how this story unfolds in that kind of climate. Think about how all these things could have been done and hidden from the public eye under the umbrella of the law. Think about the victims…Charley, Roxanne, Jessica and the MOT.

Now let’s stop for an instant and really take this in. Charley was not the only victim in this case. Somebody out there still remembers the two young girls- the two girls from the American Legion club used as entertainment and bait. Somebody else heard the rumors about the pool. Somebody knows a family who lost a daughter who was never found. Somebody knew about the body in the lake. Can we not help these families claim their dead as well and allow the souls of these two young women to rest in peace?

Buy the book Valdosta…read what I have been able to discern through research and information from you- the citizens of this community. Tell me if I got it right. The actions I have suggested have come from  your collective information, as well as help from outside the normal box of intelligence gathering. Help me not rewrite your history for the sake of hype– but to correct it for the sake of dignity and truth. Charley did not commit suicide, Valdosta- it was homicide and there are many still alive who were there- who know the truth of what happened that night and have refused to step forward and go public with their information.

For them, I have opened the door. I have plowed the first furrows that they may bravely step forward and follow my lead-confirm my suppositions or correct my flaws. I am happy to entertain either. Read the book Valdosta…read and then step forward and tell the rest of what you know to help bring dignity to the services Charley performed on your behalf 47 years ago.

He served you…it is now time to step forward and serve him. Help me change his Death Certificate- right the wrong.

The world is waiting to hear from you.

And to Grim?

You once were overheard saying  that this book should become a movie and that you thought you should get to play a major role in it.

You will; though not the one you wanted.

Ate you ready for your close-up, Grim?


The Thin Gray Line…T.A. Powell

(Available now at in both digital and paperback format. Click the photo cover of The Thin Gray Line on the Brownstone Literary Works, LLC web site on the Home page at: and it will take you directly to the Amazon site.)

The longest day of the year…

June 21, 2013


Happy Summer Solstice…

Last night before I went to sleep I asked for guidance and also a number to help divine it.

I awoke at exactly 5:55 am.

“555: This number means huge changes are rumbling throughout your entire life…stay positive to keep the vibrations at their highest level of good.”

Boy you ain’t just a woofin! Also the number 999 came through which signifies the ending of a chapter in your life.

This is true. It is now time to move on to the next chapter of  my life. I hope many of you decide to follow me in a new journey.

Enjoy the blessings of this day.

Today was…

June 19, 2013


Today was supposed to be the luckiest day of the year…

How did it turn out for you?

Strange things have happened…

June 18, 2013



Strange things have happened since the book was published on Friday…very strange things, but today…there was another biggie for the books! The dead and angels speak in a shorthand that contains symbols, impressions and numbers.

The last several days have been filled with numbers and impressions and feathers, feathers, feathers! Today as I was asked about the book; but specifically about the blog, DEAD FISH and the blog about 11:11 on 11, 11, 2011 and the ordeal that happened that day with the eagle and image of JUSTICE in regards to Charley and this case. Remember, that was the day that G came through and the shooter whose hands were dripping with blood, the girls who were leaving their graves and the MOT who continued to sweat profusely and obsess about his bruises.

 So, after the conversation ends I realized I was already off the clock for over 20 minutes. Desperate to gather my things to leave, I went to my office and shut things down. Anxious to get to my car before the rain broke out again, I ran to the door. Unfortunately another person was trying to get in as I was trying to get out. To be polite, I held the door open for him as he entered. He turned to thank me and it was then that I noticed his tie. I held the door and then asked the man if he could turn around so I could better see. He did and I got a good look at his tie and smiled. The tie was white with the portrait of a man at the very bottom. The top was criss-crossed with various mathematical equations written in brown.

“Oh… you like that huh?” he said and held out his tie for my perusal.

“Well… like is an interesting word for how it makes me feel.”

“You know who it is, right?”

“Yes… I know. But do you?”

“Of course I do” he replied. “It’s Albert Einstein- the famous scientist!”

“Yes…Albert Einstein–the famous fourth in flannel!” I added and left the man and the building shaking my head.

 The universe has a wicked sense of humor, but were actually trying to send me a message- a heads up about my Mr. Einstein. On the way home I called R.  As I told her  about the message, a truck passed me on the road. On the back side of the truck was a painted mural. The mural was of a huge bald eagle in flight with the words on a banner underneath that read: JUSTICE!

Now… using the shorthand of the dead- that means justice is on its way for Einstein!

You know, I always thought that perhaps the case might be solved and the book would came out after the fact. But I was wrong. The case will be solved because the book has come out first.

Enjoy the read, Grim and Einstein. We’ve all waited a long time for this moment… so has Charley!

 Buy the book on today!





Thank you again…

June 16, 2013



Thank you to the hundreds of people who courageously stepped forward with information.  May your bravery be rewarded and not judged.

I read a sign last night that gives me courage this was the right thing to do …

“If you stand up for something you believe in and face the light- the shadows will have to fall behind you.”

May you all one day have the courage to defend what is right and to stand up for something you believe in.

Thank you again.





Copyright 2009



This book was inspired by actual historic events contained in the public record, media archives, Covington familial archives, retrieved from Covington family interviews, and/or legal documents surrounding the death of Federal Treasury Agent, Charles G. Covington. Certain dialogue, events and characters were created or combined for the purpose of dramatization and to veil the identity of those persons still living who requested to remain anonymous until the case is officially solved and/or closed. Similarly, the chronology of some events have been condensed and/or edited for the purpose of clarity. Many of the names and places in this book, even those that have appeared within the public domain, courtroom documents, and/or print media have been altered to protect the innocent related to, and/or once associated with persons of interest. The book is written from the author’s personal perspective and based on her individual experience(s) while researching Mr. Covington’s case, and is in no way meant to reflect and/or represent the collective experience, and/or beliefs of the Covington family.

This text is written in chronological order and the paranormal events that happened to the author and her family in her home while researching and writing of this book were real. Information, anecdotal and/or otherwise received from incorporeal individuals who have provided supportive information to help re-open this case have not been altered and are posted in the manuscript in italics to help distinguish them from literal conversations. Some names and locations proffered have been slightly altered to protect the integrity of any potential future evidence and authorities have been informed as to actual names and locations.  This story reflects the information received from many who wished to bring light to the inconsistencies within the original investigation of this case, the lack of integrity in forensic collection of evidence and documentation, and the blatant disregard for the professional process of discovery.

It is this collective passion for justice that allows me to ask any, and/or all law enforcement to embrace all avenues of information retrieval available in regards to this case; this includes the talents of the psychic/medium detectives whose gifts have been highlighted within this story.

If you have any further information that may help in the ultimate resolution of this case, please contact the local authorities, and/or any and/or all of appropriate state or federal agencies mentioned within this text before tampering or attempting to retrieve any evidence on your own.


T. A. Powell

Book now available in digital format: Kindle and in paperback by June 2oth, 2013 through

The wait is over…

June 15, 2013

For Charley,

 with love…

Book Cover

On the night of October 9, 1966 after a weekend of being placed on standby, Federal Treasury Agent Charley Covington received a call from ATTD higher-ups in Atlanta, Georgia releasing him from his stay in Valdosta, Georgia. According to accounts contained in the widow’s journal, several phone calls came in that day, most of them from people she didn’t know. One of them was from a known felon and snitch who reminded Charley about the illegal and clandestine activities out on the Clyattville-Nankin Road every Sunday night and another from a man about a car. Having spent the better part of the weekend arguing with his wife over a rumored affair, the lure of an evening’s ride away from home may have been just what the doctor ordered to clear his head. Before he left he put his six-year-old daughter to bed, hollered a weak goodbye to his son, and agreed to a cup of conciliatory coffee with his nearly estranged wife. When his wife confessed the pot was empty and that he would have to wait while she made a fresh one, he noted the time and promised he would be back shortly after it was brewed.

                Two and a half hours later he was found lying dead with two bullets to the head just before the Withlacoochee River on the Clyattville-Nankin Road outside of Valdosta. By the time his body was cold, the rumors were hot. For eighteen days federal and local agency officials danced around the purported scandal of the Federal Treasury agent like a herd of long-tailed cats at a Southern lawn party. Eventually they closed the case, declaring his death a suicide and its taint a blight upon their shared profession. Odd as it may seem, if Charley Covington hadn’t lost his life in the middle of the Clyattville-Nankin Road that rainy night in 1966, he could never have come back to save mine forty-four years later. I know this to be true because in the summer of 2009, I began to write his story and several chapters in I stopped.

As a professional writer I have learned that if a story refuses to write itself, there are but two reasons why. Either a story is not yet ready to be told, or a story is not yet ready to be heard. In the case of Charles Gordon Covington, both reasons appeared to ring true.  So I put down my pen and waited for further instructions from the cosmos as to what to do next.

Seven months later the cosmos finally answered…


It is finally here!!!

June 15, 2013


Ok… last night the storms were like crazy around here so I couldn’t get on my computer and tell you about the feather. Yes- a huge feather on the beach, right in front of me! That meant one thing- an important message was coming …and it did! It was wonderful!!

Remember a few weeks ago when I was shown the calendar date of June 14th and was not certain what it meant? Well, R was shown the same date and guess what? It meant that tonight the hour of reckoning has finally come. Are you ready for your close -up Grim?

If this case has meant anything to you at all dear readers… then tune in tomorrow and be prepared with pen and paper to jot a few things down. For those of you who use Kindle…stay tuned. For those of you who wish to order a non-electronic version of this book…it may be another day or two before it becomes available for print on demand- but it will be worth the wait.

I will post the book information in the morning.

Thank you for waiting so long…thank you for your support and thank you for  understanding that this process takes a long time to do things right. Most of all, pray that this books brings justice to those who lost their lives, closure for the families of the victims and forgiveness to those who were foolish to think they would never be discovered for their crimes.

Get up early in the morning…I will post the book cover and the ordering information here!

Bless you and may you help bring things to a peaceful resolution. The more who read- the more who will know and perhaps remember other things that will help us bring them all in! Get ready for a wild ride big V!

Best Regards,

T. A. Powell



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