Dear Valdosta,


Dear Valdosta,

Thank you!

Since the book, THE THIN GRAY LINE  has come out many of you have been reading it and many more of you have begun to contact me about things that confirm for me that I am on the right track. I will not list them here- but what I can tell you is that while many of you seemed shocked at first that ‘those kind of things’ were happeneing back then– many more of you are telling me  I might be surprised how many people have other information about this and are toying with coming forward.  To them I say; even thought he book is out, I will continue to make myself available to any and all who are willing to share information and your efforts will not be in vain. YOu can go to authorities or you can contact me directly.

As stated before, the case will never be over me for me- not until Charley’s Death Certificate is finally changed from Suicide to Homicide and those responsible who are still alive brought to justice.  I also wish to find peace for the two women and the MOT. And my dear readers-with what you have been sharing, along with what’s already in the book- that day may not be too far off! In fact, since so much new information keeps pouring in…  I have decided to dedicate  a chapter or two at the beginning of my next novel: THE DEAD LINE: Confessions of a Dixie Mafia Assassin, to wrapping this case up as so many of its elements lead directly into certain events contained within my next project.

So here is a favor…

As you read the book- jot down things you can remember or people that you knew might have been involved with many of the activities revealed in the book and get the information to me through the web site contact. It is fine if you wish to remain anynonymous. Those of you who have already contacted me or others on my behalf – thank you for stepping forward.  Every piece of information always helps or provides segue to another piece of information.

It’s funny… last night I was speaking with someone who has become a dear friend over the course of this project and they said they imagined the case has remained unsolved for so long because a handful of those who were involved are still alive.

Now, I have been told that by a 100 other people a 100 times, but it wasn’t until last night that I finally realized why it has always sounded so awkward.

True, several of those involved or had knowledge about the events and individuals surrounding Charley’s murder are still alive, but rather than saying,  “This case hasn’t been solved because so many of those involved are still ALIVE…”

We should be saying, “This case needs to be solved because so many of those involved are still DEAD.”


Thank you Valdosta. You keep on talking and I’ll keep on listening!

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