Are you ready for your close-up, Grim?


The super moon has arrived and with it comes the power to recreate your life and decide where it is you want to go. July will be about taking back your power. Owning your life and the directions and the decisions you make. You will be responsible to become the architect of your universe. Let go of the past- stop blaming yourself or others for mistakes. Mistakes are lessons, not licenses to beat up ourselves or others. You are where you are because of the decisions you have made in your life- own that and you can set yourself free. Keep what serves- lose what no longer is in keeping with who you are or where you are headed. Realize that people and places come into your life- sometimes only for a season or as introduction to another lesson. Be prepared to let some of them go. For many it can be about old worn out relationships, or unfulfilled careers…even homes or belief systems are up for the changing winds. Dare to be bold.

I bring this up, because this entire last year has been about bringing things to fruition-this case in particular. Everything for the last four years has been about getting to a place where I can let go and be at peace with what has been discovered. A place where I must learn to trust the universe and hand things back over to you… to allow you to help me redefine what happened to Charley that night. It is our collective privilege to discover what it is that history needs to correct about his death. Charley did not commit suicide, as his Death Certificate reads– Charley was murdered. Some one once said it was about ‘fraternal protection’ and they were right- but whose?

Now I know that the wait for this book was long and that you may have been frustrated with the lengthy process of discovery, but remember…be kind. I am but one person and the journey took me places even I could not have foreseen from the start.  The information and evidence divined in these last 4 years has been in hiding, kept under wraps and buried- both literally and figuratively. People who had information either lied about what they knew or kept it from outside law enforcement, who might have been able to help re-open this case sooner. Now, some of these folks did so out of fear. That is understandable- perhaps even forgivable…but in the end, it contributed to the comfort and calm enjoyed by the four in flannel who slaughtered to protect their way of life- their profits and their power.

Innocent people were murdered and that is not to be forgotten.

Let’s not forget that Charley’s widow spent the remaining years of her life trying to find a way to re-invigorate the investigation, but was blocked at every turn.  Let’s not forget that Charley’s children lived lives without their father and did their best to move this case forward as well, but were up against insurmountable odds to do so. I applaud all their efforts and pray that mine as well have not been in vain.

Why was he killed?

Do not read this book with your 21st century reasoning or expectations- it won’t work. Remember, rural Georgia back in the day was a very different place than it is today.  Great expanses of rural areas were run by the reigning law; governed by ego and greed. Those in power did everything not only to secure that power, but to increase it. They were above the law, because they were the law. Think then about how this story unfolds in that kind of climate. Think about how all these things could have been done and hidden from the public eye under the umbrella of the law. Think about the victims…Charley, Roxanne, Jessica and the MOT.

Now let’s stop for an instant and really take this in. Charley was not the only victim in this case. Somebody out there still remembers the two young girls- the two girls from the American Legion club used as entertainment and bait. Somebody else heard the rumors about the pool. Somebody knows a family who lost a daughter who was never found. Somebody knew about the body in the lake. Can we not help these families claim their dead as well and allow the souls of these two young women to rest in peace?

Buy the book Valdosta…read what I have been able to discern through research and information from you- the citizens of this community. Tell me if I got it right. The actions I have suggested have come from  your collective information, as well as help from outside the normal box of intelligence gathering. Help me not rewrite your history for the sake of hype– but to correct it for the sake of dignity and truth. Charley did not commit suicide, Valdosta- it was homicide and there are many still alive who were there- who know the truth of what happened that night and have refused to step forward and go public with their information.

For them, I have opened the door. I have plowed the first furrows that they may bravely step forward and follow my lead-confirm my suppositions or correct my flaws. I am happy to entertain either. Read the book Valdosta…read and then step forward and tell the rest of what you know to help bring dignity to the services Charley performed on your behalf 47 years ago.

He served you…it is now time to step forward and serve him. Help me change his Death Certificate- right the wrong.

The world is waiting to hear from you.

And to Grim?

You once were overheard saying  that this book should become a movie and that you thought you should get to play a major role in it.

You will; though not the one you wanted.

Ate you ready for your close-up, Grim?


The Thin Gray Line…T.A. Powell

(Available now at in both digital and paperback format. Click the photo cover of The Thin Gray Line on the Brownstone Literary Works, LLC web site on the Home page at: and it will take you directly to the Amazon site.)

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