I have asked for further information on…


The week has been most enlightening… and this morning I got out of my car and found a feather at my feet. Well, if you have been with me a long time, then you know what feathers mean. If not, they mean that an important message is on its way and I must be open to both recognizing and receiving it.

I have asked for further information on something, so I am hopeful that the infamous “they” are willing to comply.

So that you know what has transpired is real, I can tell you now that certain impressions that had sat without segue have now been ceared up for me and for that, I am eternally grateful. I have been able to identify and decipher most of the impressions and/or clues given from the ethereal, but rememeber the constant mention of loose diamonds and a ruby? For the longest time I could not imagine how that could tie to Valdosta or to this case. Now we all klnow the best way to launder money is to transfer it into something else… something, oh let’s say… untraceable. BIngo! Diamonds! And the ruby? Well, let’s just say that sometimes something is not what it seems. Soimetimes a thing can be a name or a…nickname. All that to say recent information has beenof supreme help infurther tying the noose around the neck of this thing. Another impression or clue that evaded me was about a cosmetics employee. Now that one had me confused for a long time. My error was that  it came in about the same time as all the baking references and so I thought it had to do with Rox, but I was wrong. Well, I know now where they were referring and to whom they were referring.

So- yes, I am grateful that people are now becoming more comfortable with stepping forward withinformation. Oh, and  this applies to you Grim. Infact, I am suprised you have not reviewed the book yet and told me what parts I’ve gotten right and what parts I’ve gotten wrong.

If you haven’t had the chance to read it yet… you may want to. I don’t mind being corrected- especially by the master himself. You made that quite clear.

You once told me that you knew a lot more than what you were sharing… guess what?

So did I.

Read the book.

 The Thin Gray Line by T.A.Powell is now available on Amazon.com in both digital and paperback. Please help put to rest one of Valdosta’s most notorious crimes.


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