It is finally here!!!


Ok… last night the storms were like crazy around here so I couldn’t get on my computer and tell you about the feather. Yes- a huge feather on the beach, right in front of me! That meant one thing- an important message was coming …and it did! It was wonderful!!

Remember a few weeks ago when I was shown the calendar date of June 14th and was not certain what it meant? Well, R was shown the same date and guess what? It meant that tonight the hour of reckoning has finally come. Are you ready for your close -up Grim?

If this case has meant anything to you at all dear readers… then tune in tomorrow and be prepared with pen and paper to jot a few things down. For those of you who use Kindle…stay tuned. For those of you who wish to order a non-electronic version of this book…it may be another day or two before it becomes available for print on demand- but it will be worth the wait.

I will post the book information in the morning.

Thank you for waiting so long…thank you for your support and thank you for  understanding that this process takes a long time to do things right. Most of all, pray that this books brings justice to those who lost their lives, closure for the families of the victims and forgiveness to those who were foolish to think they would never be discovered for their crimes.

Get up early in the morning…I will post the book cover and the ordering information here!

Bless you and may you help bring things to a peaceful resolution. The more who read- the more who will know and perhaps remember other things that will help us bring them all in! Get ready for a wild ride big V!

Best Regards,

T. A. Powell



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