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It’s coming…it’s coming!

December 8, 2016


It’s coming…it’s coming!!

TA Powell’s next epic, non-fiction thriller in the author’s True Crime Investigative Memoir series…


Set to be released via in January, 2017!


Book will be publicly released on January 13, 2017 in both paperback and Kindle format. Be sure to mark your calendars and use full title and author’s name to order your copy. It was a rather large and costly undertaking, but I promise you–you will not want to miss even one page of this monumental tome! After years of collective research and hundreds of interviews, information contained within its pages will not only astound you, but promises to rewrite America’s homicidal history!

It’s true what they say…’Dead men tell no tales!’ Unfortunately for them though, their victims do and indeed they did!

The book is written in real time progressive revelation, which means you the reader will understand what I, the author and investigator understood…as I understood it…clue by clue, epiphany by epiphany…victim by victim. I am a spiritually motivated forensic investigator and work with both active and retired law enforcement, as well as a physic medium detective to translate the shorthand of the dead, unearth previously hidden evidence and tie it all together, in an attempt to bring these killers to justice.

So whatever you were thinking about the 1945 Chicago Lipstick Murders and the Black Dahlia, or the 1960’s Boston Stranglings, the 1970’s Columbus Stocking Stranglings, the 1970’s Californian Zodiac killings and the 1980’s Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children cases…it’s all wrong. 

For over half a century, these killers have gotten away with murder…until now!

TA Powell


Brownstone Literary Works, LLC

(*All appropriate law enforcement agencies were made privy to this information ahead of the release of this book.)




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