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Forgive my absence…

November 25, 2014


Forgive my absence.

I cannot tell you where I have been, nor all the things discovered for many reasons. There is a new level to this case; another level that has been breached. A level that exceeds every known and unknown scenario…every plausible outcome…every wild, untested supposition. The Columbus Stocking Strangler was just a gateway to the secrets of Boston, California, and the Florida Keys.

To you who wears the ascot, smokes the occasional pipe and wears his cowboy boots to gather his paper… I know who you are and so do others now. Soon the whole world will know and here are just some of the reasons why:

8 shots

red socks

rock quarry

the river


two keys

Star of Thelema





turkey knife

the falcon

the trinity

the opera bags

the dog hair

the fibers

the 408 cipher

18 letters



pine trees

blue holes

no name… your name

You figure it out!

THE HARVEST…coming to publication soon!

I cannot be the delay that keeps them from…

November 2, 2014


Have I hit a brick wall?

Outside the water has slowed its churned schedule to a dull lullaby of rolling breaks, in the wake of yesterday’s storms. Rarely has a Halloween been so weathered and wild as this year’s and yet with the eruption of dispersive and divisive activities, generated by the chaos of temporized change just hours before it…how could it have been any other way? The winds whipped, the water churned and the waves of discontent slammed upon the shores of my proverbial calm with a violence not seen in years…and I am not just talking about waves upon my beach. The universe has demanded change of those who did not give of it willingly and did so without regret or compassion. I was merely caught within the undertow of their metamorphosis.

Momentum recently created by other escalating events I am unable to discuss right now, suddenly have hit a wall as well…or at east it feels that way. It is a perverse reverse and I am paused to ask if the universe is preparing me for something else?

The dream spoken of in the last blog was real and and as implied its location as well. I understood its connection immediately to other murders suspected of being connected to this new square which has erupted from the fledgling  triangle begun by the killers from Columbus… but something I read earlier today has left me questioning the power of my additional segue.

Sometimes discerning what it is spirit wants you  to discover for yourself  gets confused with the information already provided as thread and I find myself doubting if the additional segue is real or manufactured. The triangle of murders that bring our dynamic duo out of the shadows of Columbus and into the lights of Boston and San Fransisco were elongated to include Florida and yet, opinion vets another understanding of events and outcomes. Therefore, the victims of those murders must step forward and do a better job of granting access to the details of their demise. I need more information…more guidance from them to help make the connections stick. The gauntlet must then be thrown down.

I wish I could share more with you, but if you knew what I was talking about…you would decline further involvement and I need you to stay with me as I walk this thing through. The universe is not finished with this case in the same way it is not yet finished with Charley’s either and I cannot move forward on either without further assistance from the cosmos.

October brought many challenges… but the veil has thinned and I must take advantage of what the other side is now graciously trying to offer. Victims must have a vested interest in their own ethereal evolution for all to move forward.

I cannot be the delay that keeps them from their appointed date with justice and so for that reason, I ask that hidden evidence and information be brought forth and soon.  I have but a few weeks before I must return to the structures of scholarly pursuit and my time will then be abridged once more and my availability for discovery eclipsed.

For Charley, for Jessica, for Roxanne, for Mary Sue, for Sophie and now for Sherry too…time flies!

Find Spencer!

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