Forgive my absence…


Forgive my absence.

I cannot tell you where I have been, nor all the things discovered for many reasons. There is a new level to this case; another level that has been breached. A level that exceeds every known and unknown scenario…every plausible outcome…every wild, untested supposition. The Columbus Stocking Strangler was just a gateway to the secrets of Boston, California, and the Florida Keys.

To you who wears the ascot, smokes the occasional pipe and wears his cowboy boots to gather his paper… I know who you are and so do others now. Soon the whole world will know and here are just some of the reasons why:

8 shots

red socks

rock quarry

the river


two keys

Star of Thelema





turkey knife

the falcon

the trinity

the opera bags

the dog hair

the fibers

the 408 cipher

18 letters



pine trees

blue holes

no name… your name

You figure it out!

THE HARVEST…coming to publication soon!

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