Last night they showed me…


Last night they showed me an open paint can filled with red paint.

This morning they showed me a license plate with the numbers 3, 6 and 7 on it. When I looked in my angel number book for the corresponding number and verse, a red wrapper from a wayward Tootsie Pop was there as a marker. Now why do I collect Tootsie Pop wrappers?

I don’t… at least not all of them. But I do collect the ones that have Indians on them. Why? Because when I was  a child, if you got one with an Indian on it- you could go to the local grocer to exchange it and  get a free one in return! (BTW’s… I’m just saying Tootsie Pops should go back to that!!!)

And why is all this important? What do an open paint can and a Tootsie Pop wrapper have in common with a set of serial killings?

First of all…because they were both RED ! Secondly, because the Indian had a bow and arrow in his hands… an Indian is a hunter. And why is that important?

If you know why… then you understand, so do I and that places us at extreme odds. Only difference? I have law enforcement on my side…just waiting.

I know that you might feel I have not been as attentive to writing this blog since working on this new case…but it seems as though the Columbus Strangler was just the introduction to the real scope of this case, which is so voluminous that I have yet to reach the final parameters of its tentacles. And even though it has metastasized into this monstrous beast… I have to thank the first victim that came through for her gift…Mary Sue.

Why her and what was her gift, you ask? Her very introduction to me– through another researcher last March– held a greater clue than I could have ever imagined possible, which led me to another set of clues.

So here’s to Columbus and Mary Sue… and R!

And where did Columbus’s set of serial killings lead me to?


So what do I want for Christmas this year?

More time at the shooting range and more time to write!

BTW… don’t come down the chimney this year Santa. It would be much safer for you to just to ring the doorbell–stand back from the door and into the light so we can see your face…clearly!

I’m just saying…they have a sketch of you already so I’m fairly certain they will recognize you and they have waited a long time to be introduced to you!

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