Those of you familiar with my others books…


‘Tis the season…

I am a firm believer that God places those people in our paths at the exact moment of our necessity and in perfect alignment with our divine purpose. This day I have been given a great gift and in gratitude will do my best to honor said alignment. Those of you familiar with my others books or directly with me, know that my approach to an investigation employs both secular and divine guidance. Does one outweigh the other or belittle or degrade the other?


God asks of each of us to use our talents and our gifts; when we deny or minimize them we leave a precious miracle on the table meant to help not only ourselves, but others as well, to evolve into  wiser souls and to follow more fulfilling directions our creator granted.

Does this sound too religious? Not really. What gritty cops call “a gut feeling”, I call intuition and spirit guidance. Do we reach the same conclusions? Most of the time…no. Why? Because spirit brings another element to intuition that ego often forgoes…faith.

For several weeks information surrounding this case has been generous and the research most fruitful. In fact, two days ago I heard my angel song and those of you who read the previous book knows that whenever that happens, evidence and/or information unseen and unknown before becomes available to me through guidance and patience.

Did it?


Can I share it with you?


Will I share it with you?



Spirit isn’t finished yet.

We are now in the phase that plagues so many wanna-be investigators. The phase where there is both enough and not enough and where others have walked away…faith bids me stay. Just like water seeks its own level, so justice seeks its own timing and its own path to fruition.

Today another path has been presented…tomorrow I follow its lead and the day after that, and the day after that, and…

To that someone who posted on a national site: “Yesterday was the anniversary of my sister’s…praying for a miracle…please contact…”

Answer the call. Read the email. Accept the request, but be prepared.

As Betty Davis once said, “Hold on tight…It’s going to be a bumpy ride!”

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