This day I reach out and ask that members of those families…


Today, 23 years ago God gave me the best Christmas present ever…my youngest child.

Bearing that in mind, today will be a day of celebration filled with laughter and hugs. For those who have lost their children to senseless murder…these days are lost to them and my heart breaks for you.

This is why I do what I do.

I can never bring your child, your brother, your sister or your mother or father back in this space and time, but my efforts might  help  you navigate the details of their death and find meaning within the lessons they gifted in their passing. Together perhaps, we can  hopefully replace pain with understanding and acceptance…for this is what they gift me as they lead.

Take for instance the 8th victim of the Columbus Strangler, Mary Sue Ogletree…odds are we would never have crossed paths in this lifetime…but her introduction to this case has been priceless. As to the 7th victim of the Boston Strangler, Sophie Clark who comes through with passion and sarcasm? If we had met in this space would we have connected? Probably not, though I would have enjoyed her witty and salty banter.

And what of the 11th victim of the Atlanta child murders? Do you honestly think that little Earl Terrell and I would have shared a conversation on the streets of the inner city? And what of those victims who have yet to even be categorized, like Lisa Sanders? Having not been invited to the party that cold December night, we would never have met and yet…here we are…partners in a most awkward adventure.

Still, even as fate has kept us all apart in life it has provided segue in death and spirit has forged a common cause between us all…to find and name their killers.

And this is why spirit is so necessary. It fills the gaps between fact and fiction, truth and supposition. Divine intervention reminds us of the divinity of the souls that have been lost…harvested, if you will in this case of bizarre and unholy liaisons.

This case, which really is comprised of many cases continues to flood my days and haunt my nights…but it is in those hours that I am granted the observations of patterns and irregularities that over time become bread crumbs to the killers doorsteps.

The bread crumbs come in many forms; interviews, files, photographs, visions, hard and anecdotal evidence…intuition and sessions with my friend and colleague, Spencer.

This day I reach out and ask that members of those families…if they find this blog, reach out and contact me. Apart we sufferer the ills of doubt unnecessarily…together we move this forward to fruition.

I am here waiting…always waiting.

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