Just know that justice has a plan…


Merry Christmas and a prospective Happy New Year to all my followers…

As promised, I have spent hours upon hours at both my desk, interspersed with those at the shooting range and continue to make great strides in both. Why do I advertise such? Because it pays for all adversaries to know they walk upon common ground. That being said, I embark on another mission in a few days and will be glad for the information it promises. As always, I am being led and have complete trust in the messenger. In the meantime I make the best use of already garnered evidence, follow my leads and reach out to those who have yet to give up their ghosts.

Pages once blank are filled now with information garnered through less than orthodox means and provide real traction for the final report which will be made to corresponding authorities. It may seem a slow haul, but I am methodical in my approach and do not rush to either garner fame or frustration…that is left for others more impatient who have different needs. Real justice, I have learned through Charley’s case, takes time and one must be careful to dot all their i’s and cross their t’s. To reveal a thing prematurely is to endanger those that have gifted it.

Timing is of the essence…patience not a virtue, but a must.

Christmas was bittersweet this year. Each year, each child gets older and their collective lives become less flexible than years before. Lovers and jobs eat away precious moments, decorations get older and their meaning becomes sweeter with each calendar passing and yet… if they are seldom viewed…what is the point?

Last night I lay awake, watching the lights twinkle from the rails…colored rays dancing beneath the stars…reminding me of childhood miracles and I began to wonder. When do attics full of yesterdays memories begin to collect the dust of middle age? When does believing become passe?  As I look out upon the lake, I worry that the magic of the holidays becomes thinner each year as the workload becomes greater to carry them off… and then I see the smiles of my children and it all feels worth it again.

So today, with all the rush behind us- I will just enjoy the moments left, the twinkling lights, the soggy Christmas cookies and the forensics of the holidays. I shall forget about the plastic bins that tomorrow will haul it all away and the scholastics that await me just weeks from now.

But today? Today I am free of chores and work goes on and as I wait for where spirit will lead us all next.

The book’s title has changed from its working title, The Harvest to what must now become its publishable moniker…The Law of the Harvest, as too many victims now crowd the pages. What once began as a local tragedy has morphed into a collective scream. No longer is this a single harvest, but  a series of generational harvests.

Be patient my dear readers, for I cannot share even as I am wont to do so. Unlike the killers, I can keep my ego in check and hold my secrets without contempt for those who are wont to pry them lose. Again, timing is of the essence…patience not a virtue, but a must.

Just know that justice has a plan and that the book and the path chosen by spirit while writing it  will amaze you.

Merry Christmas…



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