Brownstone Literary Works favors the genre of historical fiction and believes that often the facts of an event reflect less than the collective truth of those who experienced it.

Historical fiction

Historical fiction is a sub-genre of fiction that often portrays fictional accounts or dramatization of historical figures or events. Writers of stories in this genre, while penning fiction, nominally attempt to capture the spirit, manners, and social conditions of the persons or time(s) presented in the story, with due attention paid to period detail and fidelity.

Historical fiction presents readers with a story that takes place during a notable period in history, and usually during a significant event in that period. Historical fiction often presents actual events from the point of view of people living in that time period.

In some historical fiction, famous events appear from points of view not recorded in history, showing historical figures dealing with actual events while depicting them in a way that is not recorded in history. Other times, the historical event complements a story’s narrative, occurring in the background while characters deal with events (personal or otherwise) wholly unrelated to recorded history. Sometimes, the names of people and places have been in some way altered. As this is fiction, artistic license is permitted in regard to presentation and subject matter, so long as it does not deviate in significant ways from established history. If events should deviate significantly, the story may then fall into the genre of alternate history, which is known for speculating on what could have happened if a significant historical event had gone differently. On a similar note, events occurring in historical fiction must adhere to the laws of physics. Stories that extend into the magical or fantastic are often considered a historical fantasy.

BLW’s authors find the rigorous process of research as rewarding as challenging and the authors of BLW find their niche. Please review our list of manuscripts. The most recent publication, The Danburg Diary by TA Powell deals with the FBI’s unsolved murders of Moores Ford Bridge, and the heated gubernatorial race surrounding the events in Georgia during the summer of 1946.

 Brownstone Literary Works was founded on the principle that every narrative has a right to find its voice. Brownstone Literary Works is proud to share a working relationship with C.C.I.R.I. (Cold Case Investigative Research Institute of Atlanta/ Bauder College) and continues to strive to give voice to those whose stories have not yet been heard. If you have an unsolved murder or a historical event that has left you with more questions than answers, please contact us and tell us about it.

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