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What do these dates have in common?

November 30, 2012


Today is an odd day…

I apologize for not being able to keep each day filled with clues and games, but in between all this I have homework to do, a job and a family that must be served as well.

Again, I can feel a sense of great change in the air. For two days now I have felt something odd and oppressive. It is a bit of a departure for me and I am curious about its meaning. Last night, I had strange dreams that involved many… how shall I out this? Beings- human in form, but not…human. They were all dressed in white and it was as if we were having conversations about things to come or things that had happened that I could not understand. No…do not get carried away- these were not aliens, silly. It was more as if they were simply higher in vibration than me. I am not prepared to call them angels, though I suspect they may have been.  Yesterday morning on the way in I heard my angel song, but by the end of the day had little to show for it. I was disappointed. The numbers were all over the place- but they did little to lift my spirits. Why? Did I expect to win the Power Ball? No…why? Because even though I had bought one ticket for each of the girls, the angels made it very clear that I was barking up the wrong tree. I bought the tickets and immediately after I got in the car I saw the numbers 666 on a license plate in front of me. Do not get carried away you fools. This does not denote Satan – these are numbers that relate to carbon- in other words- it means you are too tied to the material and earthly. Immediately I knew I had done little more than add to the Hope Scholarship program. (Not my original intention! LOLZ) Besides, the angel song always has something to do with this case. I spent my whole day thinking there would be something about this case that might come through and got nothing. Disappointed, I went to bed confused and still waiting.

For nights I have been reminded of the impression of an opening door…nothing else- just an opening door.

The night before, I had a flash of bright light inside my mind and then felt as though I could barely breathe. I thought it might have something to do with my new client. I have been asked to help with another cold case and it has been on my mind quite a bit. Perhaps I am getting some internal feedback on it…it too is tragic and I am intrigued by the reversal in roles. In Charley’s case I am being asked to solve the murder of a parent by a child. In this case, I am being asked by a parent to solve the murder of a child.

I know I have promised to move from Charley into my next book about the Dixie Mafia and I will. In truth, that book is already under outline… but this other project is pulling strong. In a way, it is almost too current for me and I fear it may take a greater toll upon my sensibilities. I have postponed looking at things, so that I might better serve Charley for the remainder until I have a few more things answered for me.

Ok Valdosta…this is where you come into play. Today the homework is for you.

The MOT was beaten in the Daniel Ashleigh Hotel in October of 1966. Anybody still out there who worked there then??? The MOT knew Charley and played golf and knew the usual gang of characters in this charade. I have his name- though since G was involved in producing the death certificate- who can trust the info? Nonetheless- a body was pulled from the hotel 6 days after Charley’s murder. So let’s cut to the chase, as they say in the movies. Our MOT attended the American Legion club- quite often. Rumor had it he worked for SEARS. He knew Jessica and Roxanne, and of course the wonderful parade of uniformed men who knew them as well. He also had a connection to a certain woman with a broken chandelier and a shattered palm tree plate. (I am not guessing.) She was the woman who was interrogated by 3 of the, 4 in flannel one day about… “it.” What was the, “it” they were so insistent about?  That’s easy to discern if you have followed the blog all along. Ok, so why would they go see her? What was her connection  to the MOT?

I’m pretty sure I have that down, but am curious to see what all of you think.

More importantly…what connection did she have to Roxanne? Was she the aunt that Rox went to live with after she got kicked out of her house? They say there is a tight connection between Grim and Rox. Boyfriend/girlfriend? Blood relation? Curious, isn’t it… since Grim was married. Wonder if his wife knows how they were connected? Wonder if she is reading this blog? Wonder how many DEPENDS Grim is up to each day now???

C’mon, Valdosta. I have done the lion’s share of work in this so… belly up to the bar, kids and plug the last few holes for me. December 12th is coming. Both G and Charley said it is significant. What will happen that day? Who will crack and finally give up the ghost… no pun intended!

There is still the matter of the black roses, the T-Bird, the missing T, the fire in July and the man with the anchor tattoo to be dealt with…even the man who kept something hidden in his silver lunchbox the day Charley was murdered. His son may have seen it…did not understand what his father was doing with it.  He could not ask his father, because he was not supposed to see it. Maybe a closer look at him can help. Maybe now that everyone is older and closer to death,  he will finally tell the truth.

So Valdosta…I know you are reading this. I can check the numbers everyday and there are quite a few of you. Hell, that’s an understatement. Most of the city is now hot on this thing and I grow weary of your silence on this matter. Many have stepped forward thus far and I am grateful- but you and I both know you know more. So, ok… I have homework to do and need to get on about it, so here is your clue for today.


Significant dates:


What do these dates have in common?

July 11th, 1966

October 7th, 1966

October 9th, 1966

October 12th, 1966

October 15, 1966

Care to answer  the question for them, Grim?

What does the black widow …

November 27, 2012


Sorry to have missed yesterday… I had some “fishing” to do.

Anyway, back to the Christmas Clues.

Here’s one for our other participant in this maniacal little charade.



Deadly animals.

Clue: What does the black widow and the letter g have in common?

I know…. it almost wasn’t worth writing it was so easy!  So let’s add to that one.

Clue: What does the letter g, the red ruby, the loose diamonds, the Presidential Primary, the letters L,T, S&K , the state capital and a cradle sythe all have in common?

Think about that one kids!

Hope somebody inherited that stone…it has quite a story behind it!

Special request…

November 25, 2012


My, my…I have had some lovely and very enthusiastic responses to this game, so I will keep it up through Christmas. Thanks Valdosta!

Ok, so let’s see if we can’t spread a little Christmas cheer around.  I know, how about one for another of the 4 in flannel. And oh by the way, in case you just tuned in?  The ‘4 in flannel’ are the 4 lovely gentlemen who thought it would be awesome to form a club- a club who got to watch porn, make porn and then kill the women they slept with! Isn’t that awesome? And not just that…they thought it would be cool to kill a few others too. You know; the ones who helped them broker the deal until they went soft- then they had to be removed from the equation as well.

Boy those boys really know their math.

4 in flannel +2 young women = DEAD


Now, I don’t know if that kind of math will hold up in court, but hey… that’s not my decision now, is it? LOLZ

Ok- so they take out the girls and then they move on to the MOT. Oh and then there was Charley…Charley who heard the rumors about the ____________and the__________ and felt he had to do something. Maybe we’ll play a game with G tomorrow. She was very bitchy the last time she came through- but she sure had a lot to say!! Something about the big boxy car- missing a T. Maybe in a name or maybe on that silver T-bird she keeps talking about. You know I’d like to tell you more, but like they say… this is all about the scared “fraternal protection.” Right Mr. Einstein?

Now where have I heard that before? Hmmmm…..let’s use some of my forensic homework today. What is the difference between the Cause of death and Manner of death. Gotta love that, huh boys?

Ok, so this clue is about 1 of the 4 in flannel. Ready?


Manner of Death


Clue: How do you become black and blue and red all over when he’s through?


(This one is too easy, so let me make it just a bit harder for you.)


Clue: Who wears muddy boots and likes the colors black, blue and blood red?

Wow… still too easy.


Ok… this should help you!

Clue: Who likes seafood, the theory of relativity and pretty young blondes?


Now that’s much better- ought to keep you busy for a while! Brings back some fond memories doesn’t it #3 in flannel? Out there by the tree, under the moonlight. How romantic. Did you carve your name while you where there? You know… just before you…


So sad… a lover’s quarrel over another girl. Ahhh, tsk, tsk.


You have yourself a nice day, ya hear? This was a special request by one of my favorite readers who thinks they have the 4 figured out!

Another day, another clue…

November 25, 2012


Ok… for some of you who can’t count, the  “25 Clues to Christmas” doesn’t really start until December 1st. Get it? Twenty five clues…December 25th?

Ok, but since you bothered to tune in today the least I can do is throw another clue your way to keep you coming back. Let’s see, what shall I toss out today? First of all, know that some very  interesting folks are watching and reading this. Why do I say that? Mostly so that Grim knows that he has fans. Not necessarily the kind he’d like these days, but then…I have no control over that at this point anymore.

Now- back to a clue.

Ahhhhhhhh, here’s one.



Clue question: How many weapons does it take the bad guys to take out one good guy?*

(* WOW- trick question, huh? I guess if you know the answer to this one- you were probably there that night! If not…no fair reading the GBI Crime Lab Report- the ORIGINAL one, I mean. That would be cheating!)

Oh, BTW’s…I’m wrapping your present, Grim. I’ll send it soon!

The 25 days of Christmas Clues!

November 23, 2012


Yesterday was Thanksgiving and besides all the cliché things we always say we are grateful for…I am grateful for a dead man named, Charley.

I am grateful to Charley because four years ago life was very different for me. Lost internally I had no real compass to guide me. Devoid of true joy and wavering in my faith I plowed through my days like a work horse doing my job, raising my kids and keeping the family glued together. Was it enough? No. Was it plugging the holes in my soul? No…nothing seemed to be able to put me back on track after the loss of my parents.

Then I found Charley…or rather my mother brought Charley to me. In his death I have found new life… my faith and my joy again. How all this from one little dead guy? Because Charley is my shepherd- my gatekeeper, my guardian angel. Charley saved me by allowing me to see his mistakes, his trials, his miseries and his joys. Charley allowed my life to benefit from his death, by allowing me to learn from his mistakes and to spend my hours worrying about someone other than me. He gave me the chance to put someone else first- not in a trite way, but really put somebody ahead of me. In using every talent and brain cell to work on this case, I was able to walk away from my hurt and concentrate on his. It became his loss- not mine- his angst- not mine. Charley died before his children knew him, before his wife could forgive him. I realised my trials were small- my losses- while difficult-a most naural progession of  our journey here. My parents died according to a heavenly plan. They lived wonderful, full  lives and gave great love as they came and went in their sojourn.

There is no greater gift than a man laying down his life for a friend…Charley’s life was taken that another’s might flourish. It was a gift that waited 44 years to find me. For such a gift I am grateful. Through working on his murder I have been bequeathed with honorable friendships, deep abiding love and appreciaition for this thing we call family, a new apprailsal of marriage and being an honorable spouse. He gave me  a sense of realism; that none of us  come to the altar perfect and that we rise each day to write a new ending to our lives. Apart from all this- the fellow has a keen sense of humor that I enjoy- a compassionate heart and a determination to clean the slates of everyone involved in this conspiracy. Yes- everyone, Grim.

My dearest friend- without doubt you are one of the truest blessings in my life- my daily grace. I cannot tell you how dear you are to me. With you… I breathe easier- with you I think better, love better, try harder, cherish more and no longer fear where I am headed. With all this- I thank you. Now that we’ve taken care of that, let’s get back to business and get out there and kick some leftover turkey butt! I want somebody giving it all up before Christmas and I’m going to make them all as uncomfortable as possible until they do!

Let’s call it…The 25 days of Christmas Clues! Ha! I love it.

OK, let’s start.  Now remember… there are 4 in flannel and a whole host of perpheral folk who helped pull this all off. Think beyond Grim. Remember  the victims…Charley, Jessica, Roxanne, the MOT and maybe Mr. Bugman too.

Ready? Here goes.



Choose one of the 4 in flannel



Clue #1: When writing a letter, it is traditional to sign off with your signature. If you have an afterthought you wish to add… it is called a what?

Got it?

Now, abbreviate that and then reverse it.

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick…time is running out. Only 24 more clues- 24 more days of clues.

Hey Valdosta… how do you feel about KINDLE? Then anybody can down load Grim’s butt for a few lousy dollars. There will be no place to hide…no place to shop, or eat, or pray. Everyone will know who you are and what you have done. I am thinking about it, but still holding out for the book/movie deal. You always wanted to be in a movie, right Grim? That’s what you told folks.

Go down with dignity man- call me before it’s too late and you can’t control how any of this gets out. You know my number.

Happy Turkey

Happy Birthday mom…

November 22, 2012


Today was my mother’s Birthday…

Miss you mom.

What is it that is about to happen?

November 19, 2012


The days have been crazy lately filled with nostalgia and impromptu visits from my mother and Charley and I have been ever so grateful. Again… much is afoot within the cosmos as I have once again heard my angel song; once on Saturday and again this morning. I know that my mother’s Birthday is in two days- that Thanksgiving is just after and the Birthday of my Cosmic Twin just after that… but it’s more than the sum of all three.  It’s something else that is in the air. So why the heads up? Why play that song for me? What is it they are asking me to take note of? Watch for… listen to? What is it that is about to happen?

The angel song means something. Do you remember it? It is the Adam Lambert song, ‘What Do You Want From Me?”

I have come a long way from the first time I heard it. No longer do I scream at the sky, “What do you want from me?”  I know what they want of me and it is no less than I want from myself. I want to call Charley’s killers out by name. I want the book ready for publishing and I want those still alive to know the shame of what they have done and for those who are dead– to know that their names and reputations will now rot along with them. I want those who have spent their lives in fear of them to sing from the rafters like beautiful uncaged canaries!

Tell your story Valdosta! Tell these men who used young women as bait that you will not stand for their disgrace… tell them that the lives that they took meant something to somebody. Tell them that the truth refuses to die with their victims. Tell them that you want the world to know who they are and what they have done. And as for the woman? Tell her that Charley was not hers to take. Charley had a family…Charley had a life and a future. Tell her that she led those young girls down a road she had no right to. Tell her that a woman’s bedroom should be kept as sacred as her heart.

Tell them or tell me…either way I will listen and applaud your efforts.

Charley has given me the four fingers, which means I have nailed my 4 in flannel. I know the who… the when… the why and the how of what happened that night on October 9, 1966. Oh dear readers, you are in for a treat!  Let’s just say the book opens with coffee drinking at the Plaza Café and ends with…

Now, you didn’t really think I would tell you, did you? Don’t be silly! I want you to buy the book!!! And besides… I know Grim is just dying to find out how it ends. Let me give you a hint.

Roxanne knows.

Jessica knows.

The MOT knows.

The Bug man knows.

Charley knows… and so do I!

Trust me Grim… it’s a real page turner. It took you 46 years to cover it up…but it only took me 4 to unravel it! So what am I grateful for this Thanksgiving besides family? My closest friends; some of which are theatre rats just like me, some fellow forensic students and other writers, some are lawyers and retired law enforcement…and then of course there are my 6 favorites:




Bug Man


And most of all…R!

Blessings for you all!

And then came the light…

November 14, 2012


And then came the light…

I had a magnificient tale to tell you tonight. A tale full of mystery and intrigue. A tale about a man who was murdered on the Clyattville -Nankin Raod and the 4 men who sought to silence all those before and after him.

A tale about…


The Shooter

The man with the muddy boots

And finally…the 4th in flannel who has now been revealed and confirmed! Infact when I said his name- Charley held up 4 fingers which gave me the nod I needed. It was just like Charley said- to find the 4th- look in the car!

Want a bigger clue?

Just so you know who I am talking about Grim?

Let’s just say- “See the world…drive a  BUICK!” He was with you and the Shooter at the lake with Roxanne, remember? He wore the gold cufflinks- the monogrammed shirt and the camel colored coat. Yea… that guy! Real tall too. It was difficult for Roxanne to look up so far from under water- specially with her neck all twisted and broke like that, but she did. And so did the little girl with the long straight brown hair and barefeet. She saw it all. Did you know? She came out of the woods when the lights were twirling, but you were all too busy to notice her.

She has much to say too!

If you haven’t bought your pair of DEPNDS yet, you better get your sorry ass to the store quick, Grim- because the ______ is about to hit the fan!

(P.S. I would have written more but a German Shepherd puppy decided to have a play date with a skunk tonight. She is not hapy and I am not happy with her! Just how much tomatoe juice does it take??? ARGH!!)

By the way…Charley said to look inside his wallet, go to the third piece of paper and look  at the second name. Then he circled it.

I could tell you whose it is, but that wouldn’t be fair.

What can I say? So many clues… so little time. By the way –what does the “puppet-master,” the burning door #432 , a pretty red sports car, two dead hookers, a dead revenue agent, a dead golfer, a dead night club owner and the end of the money trail all have in common? Oh- besides Valdosta and Grim, of course?

An apartment building with a pool: #___________ to be exact!

Good night Grim- sleep tight!

Just checking in to make sure…

November 8, 2012



Ok… so I had my little hissy fit, now down to work!

There is much afoot in the cosmos. Why do I say that, you might want to know? Because things are happening and there are signs everywhere. Charley saw me break my lipstick… his picture fell on my desk…a Cardinal flew in my driveway… a woman called Bird called my husband… and I have heard my angel song three times already in the last 4 days!

Now… if I was headed out of Valdosta and was travelling in a northwesterly direction and had a boatload of hooch to transport… how would I do it and where would I send it?


Have a nice day Grim.

Just checking in to make sure- YOU’RE checking in!

Pardon me…

November 8, 2012


It’s bad enough when you must deal with the chaos and budgetary strangulation of something you love by local governements, but when you must watch the myopic vision of the masses eclipse the potential of change on the national stage…it tends to break my heart.

So, pardon me while I take a day or two to mourn the loss of my childhood’s country–I was terribly fond of it. You remember it? The land of the free and the home of the brave? A place where the term ‘welfare’ meant how you were feeling- not how you were leaching.  I saw a glimpse of it yesterday and then just around 11:00 PM it was snuffed out. Such a shame…such a shame.

So much for “progressive” politics.

Let’s get back to murder. Your thoughts, Grim?

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