What do these dates have in common?


Today is an odd day…

I apologize for not being able to keep each day filled with clues and games, but in between all this I have homework to do, a job and a family that must be served as well.

Again, I can feel a sense of great change in the air. For two days now I have felt something odd and oppressive. It is a bit of a departure for me and I am curious about its meaning. Last night, I had strange dreams that involved many… how shall I out this? Beings- human in form, but not…human. They were all dressed in white and it was as if we were having conversations about things to come or things that had happened that I could not understand. No…do not get carried away- these were not aliens, silly. It was more as if they were simply higher in vibration than me. I am not prepared to call them angels, though I suspect they may have been.  Yesterday morning on the way in I heard my angel song, but by the end of the day had little to show for it. I was disappointed. The numbers were all over the place- but they did little to lift my spirits. Why? Did I expect to win the Power Ball? No…why? Because even though I had bought one ticket for each of the girls, the angels made it very clear that I was barking up the wrong tree. I bought the tickets and immediately after I got in the car I saw the numbers 666 on a license plate in front of me. Do not get carried away you fools. This does not denote Satan – these are numbers that relate to carbon- in other words- it means you are too tied to the material and earthly. Immediately I knew I had done little more than add to the Hope Scholarship program. (Not my original intention! LOLZ) Besides, the angel song always has something to do with this case. I spent my whole day thinking there would be something about this case that might come through and got nothing. Disappointed, I went to bed confused and still waiting.

For nights I have been reminded of the impression of an opening door…nothing else- just an opening door.

The night before, I had a flash of bright light inside my mind and then felt as though I could barely breathe. I thought it might have something to do with my new client. I have been asked to help with another cold case and it has been on my mind quite a bit. Perhaps I am getting some internal feedback on it…it too is tragic and I am intrigued by the reversal in roles. In Charley’s case I am being asked to solve the murder of a parent by a child. In this case, I am being asked by a parent to solve the murder of a child.

I know I have promised to move from Charley into my next book about the Dixie Mafia and I will. In truth, that book is already under outline… but this other project is pulling strong. In a way, it is almost too current for me and I fear it may take a greater toll upon my sensibilities. I have postponed looking at things, so that I might better serve Charley for the remainder until I have a few more things answered for me.

Ok Valdosta…this is where you come into play. Today the homework is for you.

The MOT was beaten in the Daniel Ashleigh Hotel in October of 1966. Anybody still out there who worked there then??? The MOT knew Charley and played golf and knew the usual gang of characters in this charade. I have his name- though since G was involved in producing the death certificate- who can trust the info? Nonetheless- a body was pulled from the hotel 6 days after Charley’s murder. So let’s cut to the chase, as they say in the movies. Our MOT attended the American Legion club- quite often. Rumor had it he worked for SEARS. He knew Jessica and Roxanne, and of course the wonderful parade of uniformed men who knew them as well. He also had a connection to a certain woman with a broken chandelier and a shattered palm tree plate. (I am not guessing.) She was the woman who was interrogated by 3 of the, 4 in flannel one day about… “it.” What was the, “it” they were so insistent about?  That’s easy to discern if you have followed the blog all along. Ok, so why would they go see her? What was her connection  to the MOT?

I’m pretty sure I have that down, but am curious to see what all of you think.

More importantly…what connection did she have to Roxanne? Was she the aunt that Rox went to live with after she got kicked out of her house? They say there is a tight connection between Grim and Rox. Boyfriend/girlfriend? Blood relation? Curious, isn’t it… since Grim was married. Wonder if his wife knows how they were connected? Wonder if she is reading this blog? Wonder how many DEPENDS Grim is up to each day now???

C’mon, Valdosta. I have done the lion’s share of work in this so… belly up to the bar, kids and plug the last few holes for me. December 12th is coming. Both G and Charley said it is significant. What will happen that day? Who will crack and finally give up the ghost… no pun intended!

There is still the matter of the black roses, the T-Bird, the missing T, the fire in July and the man with the anchor tattoo to be dealt with…even the man who kept something hidden in his silver lunchbox the day Charley was murdered. His son may have seen it…did not understand what his father was doing with it.  He could not ask his father, because he was not supposed to see it. Maybe a closer look at him can help. Maybe now that everyone is older and closer to death,  he will finally tell the truth.

So Valdosta…I know you are reading this. I can check the numbers everyday and there are quite a few of you. Hell, that’s an understatement. Most of the city is now hot on this thing and I grow weary of your silence on this matter. Many have stepped forward thus far and I am grateful- but you and I both know you know more. So, ok… I have homework to do and need to get on about it, so here is your clue for today.


Significant dates:


What do these dates have in common?

July 11th, 1966

October 7th, 1966

October 9th, 1966

October 12th, 1966

October 15, 1966

Care to answer  the question for them, Grim?

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