Tell her now, Grim…


And so it begins…

Yesterday the universe was relentless in that it kept sending the message of 999. This signifies that a chapter in our life is ending and a new one beginning. It means that all things that have passed have become just that-past. They are over and we must process them and keep them in the proper perspective.

We are now on the verge of something different- something wonderful in the sense that it is a new adventure and we must attune ourselves to looking forward and not back. You may take the next few weeks to mull over the importance of where you have been, but do not let it be your entire focus. A car can not move forward if the driver is constantly looking on the rear view mirror. Let go of what has not served well and reach for something new.

Charley is helping me bring things to a close and I realized yesterday that I need not wait for others to catch up- I must go ahead and plow the last few fertile rows myself. Therefore Valdosta, if you have anything to be said… say so now. Also, I wish to apologize up front to those innocent related to the guilty. It was not my intent to ever make your lives less than what they are- you did not commit the crimes. You did not try to hide the truth either and so I wanted you to now that I do not cast a shadow upon all- only those that have hid in the dark of their deeds.

To the 4 in flannel: Those of you still alive… Take this holiday to explain to your loved ones what you have done and why. They should hear it from your lips first- not mine. To the victims families? I am sorry the law did not come to your aid when they should have. I am sorry that the oath of “fraternal protection” outweighed the morals of their consciences. A friend of mine once told me that murder is always about one of three things:

1) a woman

2) money

3) and a woman.

They were right.

This is huge Valdosta- do not think for one instance that this was just some backwoods debacles where a couple of good ole boys got their jollies and moved on– this was huge. These men got their jollies, stole money, violated every sacred trust of their sworn oath to uphold the law, swindled, skimmed, screwed women and ___________ and________________and then told countless lies to hide what they had done. Guess that’s why, “it” was so important to kill over. How many people were involved? Dear God- I have a score sheet the size of Texas in my notebook- just to keep all the name changes straight!

To  hundreds of faceless individuals… I am sorry that the loves of your lives have turned out to be someone  and something they were not. It will be your decisions as to whether you can forgive them or not- not mine. Mine was just to tell the story of what they have done. It is for the rest of you and the law to decide what best is to be done with them.

Only 12 more days till 12/12/12.

Today’s clue:


Wild animals (double entendre)


What does Grim and an O.S.T.R.I.C.H. have in common, other than hiding their heads in the sand and hoping that this all goes away?

Tell her now, Grim. I would hate to have to do it for you.

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