Call me Charley…


Oh, by the way. I talked to R the other day and she thought you might enjoy this:

As the season  gets underway, many of you will be going to special holiday festivities. I went to one already and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was the lighting of something special in the wonderful little downtown square of my favorite little city-Covington, Ga.. Guess what it was? Think hard. No-not a tree. Can you guess?

It was the COURT HOUSE!

I thought that particularly fitting in light of this year with the book being done and all! You would have loved it, Grim!

Aside from that…

Seems I am not the only one seeing bright lights and figures dressed in white…maybe there is something to this 12/12/12 number. (Which by the way means God’s completion-the coming of a MIRACLE.)

Anyway, I am not in the mood for clues tonight. I just wanted to drop in and wish you well and tell you that I am working hard on my studies and preparing for what ever it is that is about to happen.  I will say that I am in need of a sign; something that speaks to me. I am hoping that Charley is listening and that he has something he wishes to impart. I know- I am spoiled. The man speaks all the time- but that’s just it. It is like a dear friend who one day stops calling and you can’t help but wonder why.

Call me Charley. I miss your words.

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